What is Mediumship?

What is Mediumship?

The basic meaning off Mediumship is that a person who is a called a “Medium” or “Spirit Medium”.

A person who has the gift of connecting to the spirit world.

They can pass on any messages or signs of proof from spirit to a living human.

Each Medium has their own way of how to connect and get relevant messages from spirits.

Spirits can use signs or signals to try and get messages across to the Medium.

Spirits can talk or show clips (like a little movie) to the Medium about something that happened to them, or the person in front of them.

The Medium can then talk about what is being shown to them.

Some Mediums can only smell or feel spirits around them.

So they will pass on any emotions relating to that spirit or even feel how that spirit died to prove to the person who they are.

How does the Medium connect to spirit?

By using the energy of the person who wants the reading and the Medium’s energy to connect to the spirit.

Spirit Mediums control their energy and direct it to spirits to connect quickly.

This can be done through mediation, which is why most Mediums will have to do a short meditation before connecting to give a reading.

Some Mediums can connect faster than others but once the energy is right the spirit and the Medium can start communicating.

It’s very important to be as open as possible when going for a Mediumship reading.

As your energy is being used to connect to the higher spiritual level.

If a person is closed it can take longer to connect.

When a Medium asks you a question or tells you what they are seeing always be clear with a yes or no or maybe answer.

Usually a person cannot understand everything in a reading.

But on their way home or a few hours later they will think oh my god that was my auntie or neighbour etc…

I totally understand now…

It  is normal to understand things a little later, as the whole experience can be very daunting at first, with so much information coming through.

You may even have to ask family members who this spirit was they were talking about as you.

Since you were too young to remember.

Always ask someone in the family to find out as they usually know who it was.

Spirits are always around you!

Which is why it’s important to listen to the Medium’s messages. Because they will be relevant in some way to you!

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