University Ball party or student event ideas for the UK!

Spiritual Events has been proving fortune-tellers for University events/Balls since 2010!

All over the country see our reviews page to see where.

Offering psychic services for all kinds of student union events and parties.

What we can offer your students, no matter how big or small the group is we can be there.

Choose from the list below which type of fortune-telling reading you would like to book from.

Crystal Ball Readings about your future.

Psychic & Tarot card readings about your life past and present.

The gypsy theme, Fortune Telling.

Palm readings which tell you what is going to happen in your life from reading palms.

Tea leaf readings about your past, present, and future.

Virtual Tarot and Psychic card readers too!

If your party has a theme we can match that and dress up to suit.

All our fortune tellers/psychics have PLI and can offer an RA if you need it.

We have been going to University Events around the UK for 14 years now, so we know how they work and what to expect.

Our Fortune Tellers are ready to entertain your guests.

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Book a fortune teller here!

You can choose your reader from our psychics for hire page or we can choose a reader from our massive database of psychics and fortune tellers to suit your party or event needs.

Maybe you are thinking of having a virtual fortune teller and we can offer readings via webcam linked up to a TV in a corner of the event!!

Spiritual Events booking agent Claire has been helping University student unions since 2010, organize our psychic team for your Balls and events.

She has loads of information and ideas to help you to get things running smoothly.

Contact us here!

Below are some of our past University Balls, Student Events, and Parties that our psychic team was working at.