I have attached some photos hope they're okay. Overall it was a good night that brought in a good crowd for us on a Friday night. The card readings were definitely a fan favourite!

UK Psychic Suppers

Our psychic spiritual mediums are booked for psychic suppers across the UK.

Here are the locations where you can see them in action, and book tickets directly from the hotels.

Butterfly and Pig, Glasgow 13th Sep & 31st Oct Psychic Suppers & 3-course meal!

Get tickets for this Psychic Supper in the Holiday Inn Kenilworth. 18th July 2024

Book tickets for the Psychic Supper Delta Marriott, Milton Keynes. 13th Sep 2024

Halloween Psychic Supper Leigh. Get tickets here 31st Oct 2024.

Halloween Psychic Supper Kenilworth, Warwick 31st Oct 2024. Get tickets now

Spiritual Events has a lot of experience offering shows for hotels, restaurants, and even cafes nationwide.

Go to our Psychic Supper page to see which option would suit your venue.

Our mediumship shows are for any audience size. And you gain all the ticket sales as a host!

Here you can see some photos from past shows. Psychic Suppers UK.

Do you think our Psychic supper would be fun entertainment at your venue?

Yes then get in touch with us today!