Hello, I am Zhor Angel tarot reader.

I do tarot reading using my Angel Wisdom deck, I love to connect with the joyful energy of Angels.

The readings are uplifting and motivational, giving you some insight into your life and support in becoming the best version of yourself.

I am also a Reiki master therefore I mix some healing with the tarot card so that people can feel uplifted and positive toward their life and challenges.

I enjoy giving readings at events where the energy builds up and the positive vibration can be felt.

Since I was young I was attracted to Egyptian culture and felt that there is more than life, instead of having toys I was getting books about Egypt and I was drawing symbols and Pharaoh on my books and my room.

Growing up a lady used to come to our home and do tarot readings for all the adults and I was so fascinated seeing her giving insights to my family. I always had vivid dreams since I was young and was fascinated by the messages and the people that were coming into my dreams.

I like to put people at ease because I feel that the connection gets stronger and that allows me to tap better into their energy and have a stronger connection.

Reading can be about different areas of life and people coming with their questions at times are surprised that as soon as they pull cards their questions or concerns appear straight away in the reading.

Starting to do tarot was like a celebration to me because I finally found a connection with the joyful energy of the angels. Some people said I turn child-like while I am doing readings as my energy becomes light and joyful, that is a way to channel some angels healing energy too.

I attended workshops and events around London and sat in a spiritual circle that helped strengthen the connection.

I began ten years ago when I did some healing for my manager, she enjoyed it so much and went straight to HR, so we created a weekly event with tarot and healing as a staff benefit. It became very popular.

Having done different events and parties in London where I enjoyed the atmosphere, the smile and the happiness of the people attending.

I always left those events buzzing and full of joyful energy.

I like to work in busy environments as well as in 1-to-1 readings.

Video-call readings are good as well as people can be in the comfort of their homes.

I have some regular customers and they are coming from different paths and walk of life, from waiters to chef, tv star and singers, housewives, and spiritual people.

It is so nice to see that despite all the challenges and difficulties we are facing in life we always have support from the Angels and our loved ones on the other side.

I am always happy to help and bring some light energy in your life if you allow me to.

Zhor Angel tarot reader is available for themed psychic event, tarot parties or fortune teller parties in and around London, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire with towns including Bedford Hitchin Letchworth Baldock Stevenage.

And also he can come to your wedding or hen party in Cheshunt, Harlow, Ware, Hertford, Broxbourne Hoddesdon, Shefford, Royston, Sandy, St Neots!

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