Willow Tarot Online Reader who is also clairvoyant who can see into the future with visions.

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Willow Tarot online reader

Hi all, my name Willow Tarot and I work with spirit and spirit guides when reading. I read Tarot, Lenormand & Cartomancy. I also use pendulums and scrying mirrors during readings.

Willow Tarot Reader Online is a natural intuitive and empath and her readings often take the tone of healing and guidance.

I believe I am here to help guide people in areas of healing and finding their life purpose. I’m a reiki master so I always send healing along with any reading I do.

When I work I get messages, signs and symbols from spirit and I use tools such as the cards to deepen the message and gain a clearer view of what spirit wants you to know.

I picked up Tarot from a very young age and have since held workshops teaching it to others.

I’m passionate about sharing my gift and helping others develop theirs, I love to see people benefit from a good reading and leave feeling inspired and reassured.

I like to keep things simple so my readings are always honest and to the point.

I’m straight-talking and will always tell it like it is and give you the message you need to hear.
I have done many in-person readings over the years as well as phone and email readings.

If you feel drawn to have a reading with my then I welcome you and thank you for choosing me.

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willow tarot spiritualevents.co.uk

You can book Willow Tarot to come to your Tarot party, Wedding reception or party / event in Northern Ireland.

Willow Tarot reader can do online readings or at your home work plcae! She is great fun, friendly and genuine tarot card reader!

Willow Tarot for hire Northern Ireland Belfast spiritualevents.co.uk

She can travel to Belfast, Dunmurry, Bangor, Antrim, Larne, Londonderry, Lisburn, Ardglass and every town in Northern Ireland. Or you can fly her to come to the UK.

Willow Tarot reader is avilable online and face to face!

For hen parties, birthdays corporate events, Christmans and Helloween themed event at pubs and hotels etc.

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My review for Willow Tarot is as follows:
"I have been using Willow Tarot recently for my tarot card readings voice note and I can highly recommend her.
Absolutely brilliant service and highly accurate for each reading I have received so far.
I will definitely be using Willow Tarot again in future.
Thank you to Willow Tarot and Spiritual Events!
Thank you willow, I think you are spot on with the reading, I will certainly try and listen to myself more.
Kind regards
2 tarot monthly subscription voice message reading. Nov
That's great, thank you very much. And I hope you have a fabulous day also.
Your voice is very easy to understand I almost left connected. Stay safe and thanks once more.
Tarot voice note reading with Willow Tarot.
Thank you so much Spiritual Events and Thanks to Willow Tarot as well.
I have listed to her reading and it makes sense.
Thank you for arranging this reading
Love and Light
Groupon Tarot voice message reading. June
I’m very happy with my clairvoyance voice reading and I will like to leave a review of 5 stars
Thanking you
Booked in May
Hi, I would like to provide a review as follows:
Wow, this was excellent. Informative, clear, and helpful. Thank you for my reading Willow
Online Aura Reading by voice message May
I’d like to first thank Willow for my reading, it was very informative and it resonated with me deeply.
Willow spoke at a pace that was very calming and understandable which helped me follow along with ease.
This is a wonderful service and I will definitely be returning for future readings.
Thank you so much Willow
Basic Aura reading as a voice note.
Thank you so much! I’d love to leave a review.
Willow Tarot spoke with such kindness and knowledge about my tarot cards and how they applied to my questions. I was blown away but her guidance and offerings and didn’t want the audio file to end!
I’m so thankful for her reading and will most likely be coming back to her skills as my life enters into different chapters of frustration.
Online tarot reading April

Hello Spiritual Events,

Thank you very much for the reading. It was direct and had many useful advices on how should I direct my mind towards things I desire. I do appreciate your time and would definitely come back for more. Thank you very much.
Groupon Tarot voice note April
Thank you Willow Tarot for your reading. I feel like what she had to say really resonated with me in many ways. She takes her time and speaks clearly and explains things in good depth. I would definitely come back in the future for another reading.
Wowcher voice recorded 6 months of clairvoyance reading in Feb

Thank you willow tarot for my voice-recorded clairvoyance reading, it was scarily accurate, I will definitely be having more readings.



Hi! Thank you so much for this

Yes please do add a review for Willow:
'Thank you so much for your reading Willow, very good advice and reassurance for this new year. Ana'
Thank you
Kind regards.
Online voice note reading in January
I have just recieved my e mail reading from Willow Tarot. 4th Jan 2023
It is superb, she answered my questions fully and gave good insight into the next 12 months. It has put my mind at rest and has given me a year to look forward to.
Thank you so much Willow for an awesome reading.
Best wishes
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Thank you, I really am blown away by what Willow Tarot told me and in only 10 minutes. I have a quiet confidence now that I’m on the right path. Thank you Willow 💕 Adele

wowcher Dec 2022

Hi Claire
Review for Willow Tarot.
I opted for a future reading & Willow was incredible I cannot praise this reader enough, she has a lovely soothing voice & you can hear the sincerity.
Firstly Willow answered my 2 questions then was I happy for the rest to be what Willow wanted to bring forward. First question was work Willow picked up about changes & I am looking at improving my work, I am on a sabbatical at present. (I should be working for myself) Second question was love life & Willow picked up this really well, I think both are the same person who is on the peripheral as he is a little younger but is wise too an old soul, however, I could be wrong.
In the 2nd part of the reading Willow talked about my aura which was a lovely surprise.
Willow picked up a course & I have one booked in mid January. Self care is needed & to watch my sleep pattern totally correct it's why I'm on a sabbatical but as yet not looking after me. Willow then did a 6 month tarot reading although this is future I could understand quite a lot of this too as it touched on things I want for next year. My intuition was brought up & I agree I need to hone in on this more.
This reader is phenomenal her talents are multi functional amazing, book a reading & you will not be disappointed.
Claire seriously I took Willow's advice & listened a few times this is why feedback is late, however I am still blown away at her accuracy. I hope she stays around as I would like to buy myself another reading next year. I send in a photo that was from end of September but I will send a more current one next time.
Kindest regards

Thank you Willow for this reading, I will happily use this for guidance 🙏🏽.

Kindest Regards,

wowcher 12 months reading by Willow Tarot Dec 6th


Thank you Willow Tarot for your clairvoyance voice recorded reading it does make sense all the best . V

Groupon customer

Willow Tarot was amazing, the reading was detailed and accurate, it resonated completely with my situation to date.
She gave me the clarity, confidence and confirmation that I needed.
I now know for certain that I can look forward to my future knowing that it will be a successful and happy one and how I can ensure it remains that way.

Groupon customer

Thank you so much

Absolutely amazing reading, definitely feel the reading was spot on and Very happy with the outcome, definitely recommend thank you!
Booked a voice-recorded clairvoyance reading online with Willow Tarot
Janette clairvoyance review online

Hi Willow Tarot,
I just listened to the readings you've done for me. I am very happy with my voice recorded clairvoyance readings!

It's straightforward.

All my questions were answered right. Some of it happened already.

You're real deal, genuine..I am looking forward for my future.

Thank you very much. You have a very lovely voice too. I will definitely have readings from you soon and I will recommend you to all my friends. Please keep safe always.

Kindest regards,


Thank you for your swift response, I very much appreciate it!

Best regards,


Oct 2022 . 30 mins voice clairvoyance future reading with Willow

Thank you to Willow for the reading, it made a lot of sense and was very interesting

Susan booked one of our Wowcher deals 6 minute reading.
Thank you so much I really appreciate that
wowcher clairvoyance reading by Willow Tarot
Thank you Willow for my reading. It was timely and pleasant. We shall see what happens!
Kind regards

Willow taror did a voice recorded reading for me on wowcher and she was very accurate. Thank you


The reading was very good, things I didn't aspect to here.  One question was what, I wanted to here.  I would highly recommend a reading.

Tarot reading on groupon


Thanks willow and clare for having a lovely online tarot card reading.

Greatly appreciated. Have a lovely week ahead



Thank you so much am very pleased with the tarot reading xxx

By Willow Tarot Online reader.


From the first card, scarily accurate.

Tarot reading by voice recorded with Willow Tarot

Absolutely brilliant reading from Willow Tarot, so clear and precise... I now know where I am going in life !! Thank you so much, I have fantastic things to look forward to... you are a STAR!!!!

Review for Willow Tarot- received a lovely, precise and to the point tarot voice message reading from Willow tarot. She seems a very pleasant girl. Thank you !


Thank you for the reading, it made a lot of sense. It was an interesting read. Thank you very much, is very helpful.

Booked a voice message reading with Willow Tarot July 2022

Thanks for the reading it's very accurate, this is my second reading with Willow  Tarot and she reads exactly as it is .
I'm happy that she confirmed through the reading my situation perfectly
Booked a clairvoyance future voice message reading
I love Willows accent, hopefully everything she says will come true. In any way she was a booster for my self esteem! Much ❤️

Thank you so much.
That was great.


Booked a wowcher 4 tarot card voice message reading with Willow Tarot

Thanks so much for that willow tarot is excellent and I enjoyed hearing my tarot voice recorded reading. 
Your company is very prompt and efficient and I’m very impressed by that. 
Kind regards 

Here is the review:

The reading was super fantastic, everything the reader said made sense and it was relatable to me. Would highly recommend it!! Thank you for the amazing reading.
Willow Tarot


Just to say I heard the voice recorded tarot reading by Willow Tarot.
It was fantastic.
I felt she has a lovely energy and spirit.
She was so accurate regarding a few things.
Thank you very much.
Yes please, that would be great!
I can say that I was happy with the reading and I will definitely come back for a longer reading soon! Highly recommend to all.
Willow Tarot did her a voice-recorded tarot card reading May IRELAND groupon.
Willow Tarot thank you so much for been honest and very on point with everything you had to say, thank you for the directions and advice given
Definitely will be coming back to willow for another voice recorded tarot reading.

Thank you Willow Tarot for the online psychic reading. It definitely made sense to me. I would love a longer reading and will book again. Thank you Deirdre


I just wanted to say thank you so much to Willow Tarot, that was a lovely voice message reading and all my questions were answered x May 2022


Hi there,

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Willow Tarot. Really enjoyed the clairvoyance reading!
K @ellemagazine

Willow Tarot also offers Aura readings. In this UK, Elle magazine article the reporter talks about how her Aura reading was by Willow Tarot for anger issues.


Aura Reader Willow Tarot


It’s always a pleasure to have a reading from Willow Tarot. No matter the type of reading we chose, it’s always very detailed and accurate. We can tell that Willow Tarot has a lot of knowledge and that she has an inner gift. Thank you again for this fast reading. Which was very helpful.

Booked Fast Tarot reading by voice recorded. (only available Mon to Thursday)


Hello Claire, Thank you for sending across. I appreciate the reading.

Please find my review of Willow Tarot below:
Willow’s reading anchors on my life situation right now. It insightful and definitely helpful. Though I haven’t spoken with her face to face, I feel the friendliness while she is performing the voice recorded tarot reading.

Thank you! It makes a lot sense. Very happy reading. Thanks to you all ♥️Adriana

Booked 10 tarot question reading by voice recorded.


Thank you for the reading Willow Tarot,

I can't wait for the changes to be happen....just counting the days...
Once again for a voice recorded psychic reading
Kind regards,
Thanks so much to Willow Tarot for a great reading.  It was so accurate and to the point. It was nice to have a vocal tarot reading,  because it sounds more personal than getting a reading on an email.
I will do it again another time.

Thanks so much ❤️

Hi Claire,
Please find below my review for Willow:

I love to do Aura readings and I was looking for a regular person that I can reach out when needed and I’m glad that Willow Tarot had been able to do my reading.

She speaks very slowly and I can understand her completely which is good for a foreigner like myself that does not have English as a native language.

The basic aura reading is little bit short but it gives enough information to work on and gives you clarity on your current situation.

Willow’s Tarot voice is also very reassuring and sweet which gives us more comfort. I love the explanations that she gave at the beginning about aura and everything she said in the reading is very helpful and very true. I will definitely book another Aura reading with her and keep her as a regular.


Have a nice evening


I would like to thank Willow Tarot and yourself for taking the time to do the reading and it's preparation.
The reading gave me a very good insight and I believe it will help me on my decisions. All the questions were answered in detail and to the fullest. The reading was very accurate.

Thank you so much willow tarot,

It made a lot of sense and without sounding weird your voice makes me more at ease, so I'm hopeful for the future.
Thank you so much
You're truly amazing...
Lots of love from Ireland
booked a clairvoyance voice recorded reading via email.
Thank you Willow Tarot for the lovely tarot voice recorded reading. It resonated with me and I found it really helpful. I will definitely seek your guidance again the future.
Blessings to you all ❤

Thanks Claire.

Very impressed with this reading from willow tarot, she’s hit the nail on the head, and she’s given me some clear direction and insight into what I was enquiring about .
Thank you 🙂

I just had a really accurate 6 months voice reading from Willow Tarot I was blown away!

Excellent Thank you again C

That's brilliant, thanks for the quick response and the great voice reading from Willow Tarot!
Many thanks,

Thank you so much for the reading.

I understood everything that was said and it all made sense  to me.


booked a 4 tarot card email reading by voice recording


Thank you willow Tarot, That has helped me have a more positive perspective on my future.

Thanks so much, Samantha

Thank you so  much Willow Tarot (My fave tree) for your reading, it was clear and concise and well read. I got the answers I needed. Looking forward to new beginnings as  you mentioned will definitely be using the service again in the near future.

Cheers Viv

I'd love to leave a review for Willow Tarot. She immediately picked up on key aspects of my situation without knowing many details. She read answers that were direct but still very graceful. It helped me navigate through difficult feelings and brought relief. I'm yet to see what happens in the future but thank you so much already, you are truly gifted x

Booked 30 minute voice reading by email.

My reading was very good I got a lot from it, willow tarot mentioned mental health and I didn’t expect her to know about that. I feel more positive about the future now. Thank you.

Hi, i would like to leave a review.

I am very pleased with the reading. I believed it straight away without having any doubts.  Thank you very much! I'll come back for more! Julia
Booked a clairvoyance future reading voice recodred woth Willow Tarot.
My review for Willow Tarot :
The 6 minute clairvoyant recording covered quite a bit. I felt Willow had an accurate sense of me and it was well worth it.
Best wishes.

Hi Willow Tarot. Thank you so much for my reading. You were spot on with the answers to my questions. I would love to have a longer chat with you next time. As I was very impressed with what you told me.

Thanks again

Thank you so much for my lovely tarot reading online it was lovely to hear and so true to life I would definitely love another reading sometime and thank you again ❤️


Willow has made me feel so much better with her reading and I now know that it’s not selfish and it’s actually important for me to look after myself as well. Thanks again so much and I would totally recommend a reading from willow tarot!!



Thank you Claire and thank you Willow Tarot.
I can say that everything is exactly how Willow Tarot has described. Beautiful reading and straight to the point.Thank you so much
Clairvoyance future reading by voice recording.

Thank you for my reading. It was very encouraging and inspiring. Willow has a lovely, sincere voice which is very calming and has healing qualities. Thank you again.

Booked a online clairvoyance reading

Thank you so much for your reading. It was so good and what I was hoping to hear .
I would love to have longer reading with you another time if possible .
kindest regards

Thank You willow for the reading it really helps me to see I am on the right path and life journey at the moment in spite of the heartache I had over the last year.


Thank you so much Willow, this reading was lovely and really sat right with me.

Lisa 💕

Thank you so much Claire for making this reading worth taking. Im so happy with my readings. I will definitely book for another reading soon.  Keep safe.. 🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼

Booked a 4 tarot question recorded by voice sent via email by willow Tarot.


Amazing thank you ever so much everything was spot on wow! X

Clairvoyance future reading voice recorded sent by email with Willow Tarot.

Hello Claire
Many thanks for this, this was spot on and great. Thank you. Would definitely recommend.
Willow Tarot did a voice recorded clairvoyance reading by email.

Wow! I am going to have to listen through this again and again. Willow was so very, very accurate.

I really am very impressed. Thank you so much Willow 💓

6 months clairvoyance future reading by email.

Hi there,
Willow Tarot, reading was phenomenal. It was accurate, warm, and more than what I needed. I will want a reading from her in the future! Thank you.

My review is for Willow Tarot
May l say how accurate Willow's email tarot reading has been. My reading was late December
So accurate. Worth having a reading.
Look forward to a second reading in a few months.
Thank you Willow

Many thanks for this.
It was really true to form.
Thank you
4 question tarot reading by email by Willow Tarot
I will be definitely getting a full reading the advice willow gave me also resonated with me.
Thank you so much
Willow Tarot gave her a voice clairvoyance reading by email.

"Thank you Willow for the kind words, time and energy you have put into my reading. I could totally resonate with everything you said." Ana

email reading by Willow Tarot.


I felt her reading was very accurate and when she touched on my life purpose I left me in awe as to how exactly she described all my passions although I didn't mention them in my questions! Her advice was loving and made a lot of sense to me. It made me feel lighter, inspired and hopeful and ready for a positive action!

Thank you Willow Tarot.


Review for Willow Tarot:

Thank you very much for my 4 question tarot reading by email, which was very accurate and made perfect sense to me. Kate


Review for Willow Tarot

I was very pleased with my recorded reading sent via email I Will be recommending her to my friends and I will use her in the future. Thanks again.



Great reading by willow tarot today she explained a lot in a short time. Thank you L


Excellent mp3 tarot card reading and to the point.


(Tarot/Medium) Fairly accurate 5 out of 5 stars for my reading Tx