Meet Tarot & Psychic reader Sorceress 13

Sorceress 13 aura psychic tarot reader at spiritualevents uk

Meet reader Sorceress 13

I have always been an intuitive person and trust my instincts. I have been a spiritual light worker for over 14 years now and have enjoyed being on this magnificent journey.

I believe that the Universe regularly sends messages and tries to communicate with us. Through my journey and divination tools I have been able to expand this intuitive energy, connect with the loving and wise knowledge of the universe, understand the messages for myself and others, and to follow the divine guidance.

Meet reader Sorceress 13

This, however, is not always easy. Many times we know we need to walk a certain path but there are hindrances on the way. These ( known or hidden) blockages disrupt the flow of energy in our bodies, create hindrances in our lives causing delays in achieving our goals and manifesting our desires. In my sessions, I help bring these blocks into the client’s awareness and facilitate clearing them which helps in the restoration of flow of energy in the mind, body and soul.

Meet tarot reader Sorceress 13 london manchester

I have been a professional intuitive healer since 2009 and it’s been a journey of learning, joy, giving and receiving. I firmly believe that those who cross paths are destined not only to meet each other but also teach and learn from each other. I would like to welcome you all to be a part of this beautiful journey with me.

Towns I can travel to are as follows London, Bedford, Cambridge, Luton, Coventry, and Nottingham.

Plus Wolverhampton, Leicester,  Oxford,  Leeds, Birmingham, and Manchester!

Services Include:

  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Crystal Healing and clearings
  • Aura Reading and clearings

parties, Hen Do’s, Wedding receptions, Corporate events across the UK.

Sorceress 13 is available to give fortune telling or tarot card readings for parties, Hen Do’s, Wedding receptions, Corporate events across the UK.

Contact us here to book her!

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