Psychic Penelope is a genuine reader.

Psychic Penelope

Psychic Tools she uses are tarot, other psychic cards, clairvoyant astrology, palmistry, tea or coffee readings. She has worked as a psychic all over the world.

Quote from Psychic Penelope.

When giving a reading I like to make people feel empowered uplifted and positive.

Addressing an issue problem or situation giving solutions and showing people the path way forward is often enough for them to realize that their life is turning a corner.

My readings and timelines are accurate giving people a goal to strive towards.
I enjoy looking at all aspects of life from work direction stability And career to love family and moving forwards
My clients come back over and over again and all my referrals are by word of mouth.

I love working as a psychic and psychic medium it gives me fulfillment and happiness to see people moving their lives forwards. I also like to bring the fun into a reading so that it’s not just about a difficult or stagnant situation but we have a bit of a smile and a giggle along the way.

I still have clients coming back over 30 years later just for reassurance that they are still going in the right direction telling me that I have been an important part of the happiness and contentment they now have.

With over 40 years of experience working to bring people happiness upliftment and that sense of being in control of their own destiny. She can also offer email readings using astrology, numerology and graphology!

Psychic Penelope  

She loves doing tarot readings for parties and events.
She is for hire for Corporate Events, Wedding parties, hen’s, Birthdays, and any special event.

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Here she is doing readings on the Trusty Hogs podcast!

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She is also a master in Tea Leaf readings!

psychic Penelope tea leaf reader england

Tea leaf readings are a great way of spending time with friends and family divining what the future
has to hold.
All you need is a teapot some loose tea and tea cups (and most importantly they must have saucers)
one for each person attending.
Make a nice strong pot of tea and pour. Make sure everybody has a cup – add milk and sugar to taste and let the magic begin!!
psychic penelope tea leaf reader london
To read the leaves the person having the reading must drink from the teacup nearly all the tea
whilst thinking about their life, their situation and what it is they need to know.
Ask them to leave a little bit of tea in the bottom of the cup just enough to cover the loose leaves
Then ask them to swell the cup three times to the left and three times to the right
Up end the cup on the saucer and let the Reading begin.
Having taught tea leaf readings both Singly and in groups I have a training cup which has all the
signs upon it and it teaches people how to find the meaning of the leaves from where they lie.
A ring symbolizing a relationship and anchor symbolizing new roots, a bird on the horizon of the cup
indicating new opportunities coming your way all of that can be read from the leaves.
We can also see in the cup difficulties and situations in the past this is helpful in realizing the
pathway ahead and showing how to overcome a problem or dilemma we are immersed in.
So if you would like to have your own tea leaf reading let me know!



What can I say about Penelope's reading but wow! she had my ex to a "t". Absolutely bang on. Would recommend and buy again.

4 questions tarot reading online, Frances.  Feb
Please thank Penelope for the reading. It has given me a lot to think about and has also given me a sense of peace in my direction.
Jennifer booked an online clairvoyance reading.
Thank you Penelope,
I can feel that you understand my heart...
Thank you for the clarity and recognizing my sensitivity... Mentioning my attributes
Once again, I truly appreciate your reading to me.

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