4th generation intuitive, Pixie Wilde is a tarot reader who has a natural a deep connection with the cards.

Pixie Wilde is a tarot reader, having traveled all over the world with her tarot cards, she is also clairvoyant who can see into the future.

She learned about the beautiful art of tarot reading from her mother and grandmother.

Additionally, Pixie Wilde has been mentored by multiple coaches, healers and teachers over the years.

Her  fun and fabulous personality weaves into the readings inspiring clients to go into gorgeous new adventures.

The readings help people into unfold in their best selves, get more in touch with their own intuition and guide them through their own healing processes.

Pixie Wilde’s mission is to help you to be the real YOU.

The whole you. The readings help you break through from the limitations that don’t let you be fully and madly in love with you and your life!

By using Tarot cards, Leomard cards and special Latvian Luck cards Pixie gives readings that inspire clients to go after their dreams and tune into their true desires.

She is known for her love for cats and leaving a glitter trail everywhere where she goes.

If Pixie’s style of reading is something that calls out for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
There is a card in her deck .

Just waiting for you!

Pixie Wilde is a tarot card available for corporate events, hotel, pub bookings, plus private birthdays or hen parties in London to Manchester by train.

Contact us to book her for your psychic entertainment.

She loves doing readings at hen and psychic parties too!

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I really thought that my love life was dead to the water, but after watching my video reading. I am so surprised that I am going to meet someone who looks like that. Because I actually know who you are talking about, and I never thought they liked me like that. I will let you know asap!!



Please thank Pixie for giving us all such hope for the future with her positive tarot readings today.

My work colleagues really had a lot of fun at our virtual corporate event.
We will be back to book her again!

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Pixie Wilde Tarot reader at event in Carnaby Street, London for Halloween. Yes all good thanks! She was fab. K

welcome to spiritual events

Ms Kertsikoff

Tarot card readings private event. @Thames Rowing Club in Putney.


Everything went amazing! with your Clairvoyant reader. Thank you so much! @G, Nickelodeon