Natural Spirit Medium Star.

She was born speaking to spirits and doesn’t know life without them.

When you get a Mediumship reading you may get messages about your future.

So this means you might not fully understand the message until, around the time frame given.

She says no medium can summon a certain spirit but if you say a little prayer when you send off your reading they could well hear it and come through in the reading.

Clairvoyance means visions of the future at that moment in time. Which is something she can offer. You always have the will to change your path.

Natural Spirit Medium Star, says she just needs a

A photo of  YOU no one else.

And your first name.

You can ask 1 or 2 questions per reading.

Or she will just say what she sees for you and what they hear.

Your Spirit Message will be sent to you, via voice-recorded message and then sent to your email.

Spiritual Events offers this service on our website all year!

Your spirit guide may come through too to offer guidance.

We don’t do readings about up-and-coming deaths, health, or finances it’s against the law.

Readings are for over 18s by law.

Star only does online readings.

Natural Spirit Medium Star

Thank you for coming to my birthday party in Marbella.

Everyone loved your readings and how did you know about the new dog?

Amazing feedback from my international VIP guests.

Jackie & Quinn

Thank you for coming to our wedding in Marbella to give our guests readings they were all shocked at how direct and correct just from looking at them.

We are so grateful you could come to our special day.


Thank you so much for a super reading, so much now to look forward to!!!!!😄 x

Booked a Mediumship reading online. Jan


I'm literally over the moon after listening to the voice-recorded message. My heart is filled with joy, happiness, and warmth. I am so thankful for this record. I think I needed to hear it because it helped me to clarify some things 🙂


Thank you for the mediumship reading it was informative and right on several points.

Booked a spirit message voice recorded reading. April


Morning Claire

Thank you so much for the lovely reading....sorry for the list of questions! The first bit was spot on with how I partner says I'm like a whirlwind, always doing things to help others even when I'm already juggling so much (he says he's never seen anyone multi-task like I do)...he too says it's a way of me avoiding deep emotions.

I'll take on board what you said about making time for me. My youngest daughter is struggling with depression and is at the point where she's looking at career options and is looking at doing veterinary mentioned she should be doing something where she's on the move and with animals.

Thanks again for the great reading!



Thank you so much. I will be having more mediumship online readings in the future. It was really lovely and uplifting. Thank you again


This is amazing thankyou so much you answers everything and got me xxxx

You don't know wot this means thankyou so much.

Mediumship reading online. Dec


Thank you very much, it gave me chills thank you thank you xx Chelsea

Booked a Clairvoyance Mediumship reading online. Jan

Can you please thanks to Claire you are a Star so much for her message it is something I really needed to hear and deep down I think I knew about my energy and will definitely let you both know how I get on in the future. Thank you so much!! Xxx
Online Clairvoyance reading. Nov

I just wanted to come back and leave a review for you, 6 months after I had a clairvoyance future reading.

What you said came true all of it!! I will book another reading next month.

Thanks again James. March


Thank you for this, that was most insightful.

Booked a spirit mediumship message voice reading. Dec


I am sat crying happy tears after listening to that. Thank you, I know exactly who they all were. x

Review from a Mediumship spirit messages voice recoded by email. June



Thank you so so so much!

Spirit Mediumship reading Voice note. Nov


Thank you ever so much for my lovely online mediumship reading. Sending love and all the best for the new year.


I wish you did face-to-face readings because every time I have a clairvoyance future reading by you, I just want to say thank you to you.

Bless you! you are the real deal.



Many times I have had a reading by this lady over the years and I am always happy with my readings.

Dx May


I wanted to know about a certain situation and I got my true answer.

Thank you Andrew

Clairvoyance online reading. April


When I asked my questions i didn't think i would get so much details. You are very gifted reader.

Mediumship clairvoyance online reading. Nov