Meet Havana Psychic, and watch her video. She is currently only doing online readings.

I love everything spiritual and I use my gift to help people gain clarity in their life, to channel positive energy, and to guide people through any challenges, or decisions they may be facing.

My purpose as a Psychic is to address any concerns and questions you may have.

She believes that each person getting a psychic tarot card reading or any other spiritual service should feel happy, healed, uplifted and positive about moving forward in life after having a reading done.

Havana Psychic also believes that the spiritual world is one from which we can all benefit.

I also like to help people connect with their spiritual guide for those that are further along on their spiritual journey.

Through mediumship I connect with people’s loved ones who have passed over, I hope to uplift the client and give them closure in a medium session.

My gift allows me to tap into and pass on the abundant wealth of information, insight, and positivity that exists within the spiritual realm, and it is my very great pleasure to share this with my clients.

Havana Psychic can travel to in summer 2023

  • Kensington
  • Streatham
  • West Norwood
  • Dulwich
  • Brixton
  • Clapham
  • Battersea
  • Chelsea
  • Mayfair
  • Balham
  • Knightsbridge
  • City of Westminster

She is available for hire around the country too! She has PLI.

Havana Psychic loves to give readings at weddings, fashion press launches, VIP or corporate events and She can even come to your wedding to give all your guests a wonderful psychic experience.

Contact us today to book her for your entertainment!


Havana was so lovely, soon as I heard her speak she felt so gentle and considerate.

And I feel like hope has lifted my spirits again.

I would recommend this lady and I actually hope I could do a full reading with her at some point.

Thank you, Havana
Booked tarot reading by voice note reading in July.

Holy moly!! That was actually amazing!! I would LOVE a longer reading and would love to know how to book in for that. Unbelievably spot on. Catherine. June
Booked a clairvoyance future reading voice note with Living Social IRE.

Beautiful clairvoyance voice note reading from a lady who sounds beautiful.  Wry helpful and guiding, I will definitely be back 🙂 Lisey. June

Hi, I loved the reading. It was great, it exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much A June

I’ve had a short question/clairvoyance reading with Havana phychic with living social offer which was great but I like to obtain a more in-depth clairvoyance reading, please Thanks Sheila in April.

Thank you, It has been a very insightful clairvoyance reading and had given me a lot to think about. A lot of things Havana mentioned resonate with me and it has helped me to have a much more positive outlook on the future. I will very likely recommend her to my friends. Kind regards, Natalia 

Booked online clairvoyance voice recorded reading in May


Hi Havanna Psychic you did an excellent mediumship reading this morning for my Grandmother's photo her name was Jane which was very accurate!

Booked online mediumship reading by photo. Feb


Thanks for such a quick turnaround.

Booked 1 question reading here, with Havana Psychic in Feb.


Good afternoon Claire. Thank you to you and Havana for working together to provide me with a reading to my two questions.

Havanas reading was absolutely spot on. Her reading was clear, concise but in depth at the same time and was able to provide a potential timeline of when he could inform her.
And yes Havana could be right about me feeling more settled in March/April time as I am hoping to purchase my first apartment by then so at the moment I am in a constant state of limbo.
I will definitely be in touch again in the next few months for another reading with Havana.
Emily xx
Booked an online two-question reading with Havana psychic.
Thank you very much!
Please could you pass on to Havanna that she is amazing
There are so many things she picks up that are right,  on the current situation and my focus etc, she is truly fabulous!
Thank you

Lovely, adore it! Thanks so much!

Adriana, bought an online tarot reading with Havana Psychic.
Thank you so much. This was very helpful.
Kind regards,
Spiritual Message, with Havana in January
Thank you so much for my spirit reading. Most of it was extremely spot on, and has also answered many questions that I had.
This reading has now put my mind at rest in regard to each question and I feel shes very happy in heaven!
Thank you so very much again.
Kind Regards,

Oh my word. This was so spot on and accurate. Absolutely amazing reading.
Booked a voice note 1 clairvoyance reading with Havana Psychic online

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