I am Divinely-Spirited a Heart-Centered International Mystic Soul Whisperer and I use psychic or tarot cards. (Portuguese Lineage) with over 35 years of experience.

My fundamental values are authenticity, integrity, empathy, and insightfulness, and my pursuit of truth and freedom.

An example is one client who dismissed the idea of meeting his soulmate as he had given up on dating. After nearly ten years, he made a trip home to South Africa.

On his second-to-last day, his brothers took him out for a drink, and he met this incredible woman.

They clicked instantly. When he returned to London, he contacted me to tell me he was packing up his life and heading back to South Africa.

Moments like these astound me.

People often resist hearing certain things initially, but later on, their Soul nudges
them into remembering and acknowledging the shifts happening.

I can offer tarot or pendulum readings for psychic or tarot parties around London.

Divinely-Spirited at spiritual events psychic london

To book Divinely-Spirited psychic, tarot reader for your event or party in London or surrounding via train.

Contact us here and ask for her.

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