Crystal Psychic Tarot Reader, Who also reads Oracle cards, Angel Cards A Lenormand Reader, and Pendulum Reader.

She started reading Tarot when she was 8 and was taught by her grandmother, who was also a coffee cup reader and tea leaf reader.

Crystal brings empowering messages from your spirit guides, tells you about your present and future, and gives advice from the cards regarding choices you have to make.

Crystal offers tarot readings online.

And you can book her for a Virtual Psychic Tarot Party too!

she loves it when people ask her a variety of different questions.

She can do 5-10 minute readings as well as more detailed ones, like 30-45 minutes.

Her readings are straightforward, honest, compassionate, and non-judgmental.

Crystal knows Tarot very well and she has also been teaching it to other people. Always acting professionally for events.

Her readings are uplifting and put the person at ease.

However, the same combination of cards can mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another.

So she uses her psychic and intuitive abilities to interpret the cards and individualize the message for each person.

The types of cards, she uses are Lenormand, Oracle, or Angel cards in order to get additional messages.

On request, she can use a specific deck from her collection or combine them.

Who has always been passionate about metaphysics and life’s mysteries?

And is also holding workshops on spirituality and self-development.

Crystal is available for psychic parties, birthday parties, hen parties, corporate parties….and any event where a psychic is needed for hire in London!

I am available for in-person events in London in February and March 2024. I love to participate in Halloween parties, birthday parties, hen dos, weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, and any other events where they need a psychic reader.

Available to travel across London. 
She is also available for online psychic, tarot readings at the moment.

Contact us to book her for your event or party!


me and my mates just book a webcam sess with crystal she told us many things that had happened and some things that have not yet come about.. So I am definitely looking forward to meeting this girl you were on about.


Crystals tarot reading was excellent!!! Thanks again Pete


Wow, that was a new experience well past one really! I booked a past life session with crystal for 1 hour and I found out a bit about my past life. I was a boy!!! It was relaxing not what I thought it would be.

Thank you for this new experience. SX