Astrologer Starry Night’s Dream offers you an in-depth look into your life!

Winner of the Most Popular Astrologer 2023!

Whether you are planning a private or corporate party/ event, wedding, hen do, festival, etc, her astrological readings will always make for some marvelous, unique entertainment.

Starry Night’s Dream is a very experienced certified psychological astrologer. She has been studying this fascinating subject since she was 16 years old and has developed a profound interest in psychology and the hidden patterns in everyone’s character.


After passing the exam, she obtained a certificate issued by the Association of Astrologers. In addition, this also means she’s bound to comply with the organization’s ethical code for all counselors.

She has worked giving astrology sessions for Swarovski Away Day and at the National History Museum for our clients. 

This is how an astrological reading works:

Astrologer Starry Night’s astro chart party london

Based on the individual date, time, and place of birth, I first calculate the chart.

She uses her tab to study your charts.

Then I use my analytical and psychological skills as well as high intuition to reveal information. This can be about the individual character, potential, and life plan as depicted in the birth chart.

I’ll start the chat by finding out if people have questions on their minds relating to any area of their lives. If not we’ll just let the chart guide us and look at what is currently in the cosmic center of attention and take it from there. It’ll be an exciting, eye-opening journey of self-discovery for sure!

No matter the topic, she will endeavor to act as a mirror of the soul and help people get to know themselves better. Thereby being encouraging and concentrating on the positives and opportunities shown. Never will guests be urged to talk about any personal issues they are not comfortable with.

These short readings at parties and events last about 15 minutes per person. Therefore allowing as many guests as possible the chance to get an astrology reading done. Couples together are welcome!

She can do the readings anywhere at Summer garden parties, festivals, clubs and hotel events, and corporate entertainment.She can dress up too!

Stary nights dream astrologer

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We did have good feedback from the guests and those that had Astrology readings seemed engaged and interested in what she was saying so that's good. She was at a corporate event for staff. @swarovski