Tarot Party

Hire our Tarot readers for your “Tarot Party” at Spiritual Events.

You will receive a FREE reading!

We are available for parties anywhere in Great Britain any day of the week!

Tarot Party with one-to-one Tarot readings.

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Book a tarot reader to come to your party or event here!

At our tarot parties, you and your friends will receive a face-to-face tarot reading.

The tarot readers will give you advice using their tarot cards.
Ask the Tarot or Angel cards your questions and you will get your answers!

Hear about your past present and future from the cards.

Tarot Party for groups.

Spiritual Events also offers you a group Tarot Reading Party.
You and your friends will have Tarot Readings in the same room so everyone can hear the readings.

Tarot Party for large groups or public events.

We also offer a Tarot Party with tarot card readings within the group for any amount of guests. But not everyone will receive a reading this is great entertainment for larger groups.

Contact us to find out more information.

Plus a FREE private Tarot Reading for the hostess!

We also offer Tarot card readings for Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, and private parties or events.

Past Tarot parties across the country!


Psychic Party Review

Psychic party


Just wanted to send a review for Spiritual Events
16th Birthday Party
Thier tarot reader came to my daughter’s 16th birthday party & did tarot readings for all our guests. My daughter was especially pleased with her reading & it really made the day special. Thank you.

Many Thanks



The psychic was really lovely and we had a great evening.

Location Edinburgh

Kate, Joe, Sammie

What a laugh we had this was a new experience for us, which we all really enjoyed.

Who knew I had a psychic gift that was a shock!!

All of us wanted to say THANKS xxxx Kate

5* feedback all round for Osiris, thank you again for helping to organize a great night!
Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos. But would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.
Best wishes,
Tarot Party in New Eltham

Hi, the party went really well, your tarot reader was brilliant.

Everyone really liked her and gained something positive from the readings.

Tarot Party in London 2022

Wine bar London

Just a big THANK YOU from everyone we got amazing feedback from our busy psychic event last night.

Psychic Evening in London.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the psychic party and had come with open minds.
The psychic was a good host and engaged with all of us.
We had a mix result in readings but that's to be expected with group energy.
I think my only recommendation would be to inform the group of how best to interact with the reader as we all had mixed experiences prior to the evening.
My cat was certainly aware of spiritual goings on which was very spooky.
Thank you for the experience

Morning Claire, Big thank you to psychic Luna who has been fantastic on Saturday.

Have a nice day.
She was booked for a 30th Birthday party London, Soho.
Please pass our thanks on to the tarot readers for our Halloween psychic supper party!
We raised a lot of money for charity.
Kind regards Laura for an event at the Hilton, Nr Southampton
Georgie @ corporate event Oxfordshire

Osiris was great!
Everyone wanted some time with him and he was so lovely to speak to! He was giving Tarot/psychic readings.

psychic osiris spiritualevents halloween corporate event oxford


The psychic told me I was pregnant with a girl and her star sign would be gemini.

She was right, I was pregnant with not one but two girls! And because they’re twins they will be gemini!

She was fantastic!


Our top tarot reader was booked to give tarot card readings at one of the ITV staff parties this year.

 The tarot reader was brilliant last night at my psychic party - thanks so much, Carrie, Nottingham.
Fantastic reading with great in-depth advice given.
The whole experience has been A.
Psychic party in York, North Yorkshire.

Thank you for all your help in arranging this psychic tarot card reader so last minute! Corporate event Sheffield @Rank.com



Tarot Reading Party, Birmingham. Great entertainment and every loved my psychic themed hen party, cheers x Joe


The psychic drew four tarot cards for me to answer four questions I had posed. Her interpretations of each card were extremely relevant to what I was asking and made a lot of sense.

They say the answers are inside and the reading brought these to the surface, helping me answer them myself.

They were very pertinent and helpful. In fact, that night I had a dream that provided a fuller picture in a couple of the areas I'd asked about and helped me crystallize a decision. I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you! D


Her reading was validation of a number of messages I've been getting recently and really hit the the nail on the head.  She made some suggestions which I'll definitely be following to develop myself further.  Thanks Dee!


"A big thank you to Osiris who gave myself and my friends very accurate readings. He is a really lovely guy who is very easy to talk to and was spot on with so many of the things he said" Liane. Mediumship and Tarot party in Portsmout