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Have thought about doing something spiritual for your hen party?

YES, then look no further!

Choose from the list below to what can happen at your Hen party.

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Spiritual Meditation

One or two hours of relaxation listening to a deeply spiritual guided meditation with your friends & family.

Feel the “amazing energy” in the room together.

Meet Your Spirit Guide. At Your Hen Party

Everyone will have a private session with our Spiritual Medium who will connect to everyone’s spirit guide.

Each session will last 15 minutes per person.
This is a very rare experience!

Everyone has a spirit guide and some have more than one.
A spirit guide can be a spiritual person, spirit animal, or spiritual creature.

Spiritual activities for the whole group!

This is a great way for everyone to get to know each other at your hen party. Each activity is for everyone to do or you will be put into pairs or smaller groups.

Our “Spiritual Teachers”, will teach you all one of their amazing gifts and you can then practice on each other.
These games are basic psychic or spiritual themes.

And will vary what will happen with each of our team.

We offer this for a minimum of 2 hours up to an all-day experience.

Our “Spiritual Hen Party” is for any group size in any town in the United Kingdom.

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