A Spirit party is where one of our natural Spirit Mediums will come to your home or venue and give messages from spirits around you and your guests. These messages can be about your past or present situations. Or future if the Spirit Medium is also a Clairvoyant.

The host gets a free private reading at the start of the evening!

What will happen is you will sit in a group setting with your friends and family.

Our Spirit Medium will give a brief talk about how they will connect and then they will contact the spirits around you.

After the readings, our Spirit Medium will clear the room, so no spirits stay at your venue.
(Our Spirit team will never contact or connect with bad spirits).

Spirits are always around.

Good spirits and your spirit guides are always around you and this is how our spiritual team can give you present readings and messages about your life.

This is a very unique way to spend an evening with family and friends.

A spirit medium is a gift where you can communicate with spirits.
A Spirit clairvoyant medium can communicate with spirits see them and get future visions from spirit messages.

A Spirit party is a great way to learn about the Paranormal and Spirit world.

This is a popular booking for Halloween, parties, and events.

Spiritual Event’s spiritual team offers connections to the spirit world in a safe way, and will clear any spirits from your venue afterward so you are in a safe environment!

In addition with many years of experience working with the paranormal, spirits, and ghosts.
Our team offers you and your guests a unique experience not to be missed.

We also offer a Spiritual Mediumship experience for a group booking, for any amount of people, although not everyone will get a message, but everyone can listen in to what is said! More time can be booked for more people to get in touch with the spirits around them. Contact us to book your Spirit Party today!

Tarot, Palm, Psychic, and Spirit readers are for hire for your party or event.

Understanding Spirit messages:

We know that people want to hear messages from past loved ones or spirit guides. If you don’t know the spirit in a reading this is why…Spirits help other spirits to pass on messages to them.

Therefore the spirit, who has the most energy usually comes through in a reading to pass on messages from your past loved ones.

Why? Because some spirits have to learn how to use their energy to connect with Spirit Mediums and Clairvoyants.
However, a medium can never guarantee that a certain person will come though it doesn’t work that way.

Hire our Spirit Mediums for your Ghost hunt.
Our Spirit Medium will come to your ghost hunt and contact spirits in the venue, plus give messages from Spirit that are around the people in the group. Great entertainment for Halloween events or Ghost hunts anywhere in the UK. Minimum booking of 8 hours.

Our very experienced Spirit Mediums will contact Spirits our team are professional and have public liability insurance. Please note all psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only stated by EU law. Use this statement on any promotional material.

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