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In case you haven’t heard the great news Spiritual Events UK has been awarded 11 Psychic awards check out our reviews below.

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Excellence in Psychic Events. Awarded Best Psychic 2022/23


Trusty Hogs Podcast

It was so great, Penelope is brilliant. Thank you x. Helen Bauer

Penelope gave the two comedians a tarot reading on their famous podcast!

Listen here https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/trusty-hogs/id1587488188 out in March 2022.

Groupon customer

Willow Tarot was amazing, the reading was detailed and accurate, it resonated completely with my situation to date.
She gave me the clarity, confidence and confirmation that I needed.
I now know for certain that I can look forward to my future knowing that it will be a successful and happy one and how I can ensure it remains that way.

Groupon customer

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for my online aura reading

Am grateful for your advice ❤

My mom will get a reading from you in the next coming weeks!
With love,
Thanks for the reading it's very accurate, this is my second reading with Willow  Tarot and she reads exactly as it is .
I'm happy that she confirmed through the reading my situation perfectly
Booked a clairvoyance future voice message reading
Palmistry wedding reception nationwide


I had a 12 month psychic and clairvoyant reading, which was a good reading and I wait to see if I meet this man you are talking about soon. Katie


Thank you SO much for that reading. I CANNOT believe how accurate it is. I was kind of in tears and happy too. It was just like reading about my own life right now. I CANNOT thank you enough for that reading. I just hope that what has been said comes true. I would DEFINITELY have another reading from you again. She is JUST amazing. Thank you does not cover it. Laura


Hi Claire just to say thank you for being so helpful, and that the Halloween seance was great. I'll definitely use your company again in the future, much appreciated. Peter in Inverness, Scotland.

He had a seance with Scottish Kelpie for a private party.


Starlight Psychic Medium – Wedding entertainer, Wigan England

Shirland Miners Welfare Institute

Hi I would like to leave a review for your psychic webpage please. I am literally blown away by this voice note reading and its accuracy and also the reassurance it has given me in certain areas and has prompted me to pay attention to health issues.

This is the first time in around 20 years I have had a tarot reading and will most definitely be seeking further ones from Dee. Thank you so much and also response time was brilliant Vickie.


I really enjoyed Sage's response, she was very detailed in her responses to my questions, which I was excited to read about. from S.


Thank you Penelope for my aura reading, I wish I had taken a full body picture for you, but thought it was only my head that was needed, you are spot on, I will have to have another reading, especially for upcoming dates to be aware off, thank you again xx Kind regards Dawn

Aura reading in June

Old Malton Lodge Hotel

Regular Psychic events at the hotel with Spiritual Events UK.

@Old Malton Lodge Hotel

Thank you Willow for my reading. It was timely and pleasant. We shall see what happens!
Kind regards

We just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your lovely and friendly fortune teller who came to our special day. All our wedding guests said great things about him. JX


I found and related to a few things the psychic mentioned. Obviously, I would have preferred to have spoken to her in person and may just do so in the not-too-distant future. Some notable things mentioned about my cousin and brother are definitely on the spot and quite eerily shockingly true so I would definitely give my review as a strong 8 out of 10. Thank you

K @ellemagazine

Willow Tarot also offers Aura readings. In this UK, Elle magazine article the reporter talks about how her Aura reading was by Willow Tarot for anger issues.


Aura Reader Willow Tarot


The hen event was brilliant and I would definitely do it again for a birthday or similar event. Your psychic medium got a lot of information through for people who needed to hear it, and everyone was really pleased that I had chosen that kind of event. 🙂 Caroline, Lancashire.

Thank you. This reading spot on. It almost made me cry. I am in a low place right now and this reading has given me faith and reminded me that I am a strong woman so this feeling and darkness will pass.
Thank you
booked wowcher voice reading Spiritual Events

Daniel was sold out for his Psychic art show at the casino empire!


Good afternoon Claire. Thank you to you and Havana for working together to provide me with a reading to my two questions.

Havanas reading was absolutely spot on. Her reading was clear, concise but in depth at the same time and was able to provide a potential timeline of when he could inform her.
And yes Havana could be right about me feeling more settled in March/April time as I am hoping to purchase my first apartment by then so at the moment I am in a constant state of limbo.
I will definitely be in touch again in the next few months for another reading with Havana.
Emily xx
Booked an online two-question reading with Havana psychic.
Mr & Mrs BlakestonPsychic wedding england UK
I just wanted to say a big thank you to psychic Hedvig Starhawk, my wedding guests absolutely enjoyed having their readings, I wanted to email to say thank you
Many thanks  Mr & Mrs Blakeston
Booked our psychic for their Wedding in Humberside, England. August

(Tarot/Medium) Fairly accurate 5 out of 5 stars for my reading Tx



I just wanted to pop a quick email back and give you some feedback 4 months after my 6 months forcaste reading, as I’ve thought about it a lot!

I wanted to let the psychic know that I was in fact pregnant when she did the reading for me (barely conceived), little did I know haha, she told me the card for August was literally saying it was all good to go! And it was !

She then randomly said at the end the month May is coming at her... baby is due 3rd May! Thought the hospital changed the EDD to 29TH  April, I still think he will be a may baby! She also told me id have a few snags and feel low sept-november.. work has been terrible.. but she said January would be much better! I hope so!

Also, like me, she believed my first child would be a boy... and he is a little boy  I knew id have a boy!

I just wanted to let her know how correct she was and again a massive thank you  Ill be purchasing another reading from her sometime next year  always love them

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!


I am sat crying happy tears after listening to that. Thank you, I know exactly who they all were. x

Review from a Mediumship spirit messages voice recoded by email.


Hi! Thank you so much for this

Yes please do add a review for Willow:
'Thank you so much for your reading Willow, very good advice and reassurance for this new year. Ana'
Thank you
Kind regards.
Online voice note reading in January

Hi there,

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Willow Tarot. Really enjoyed the clairvoyance reading!

thank you very much for the reading. Everything connects to where i am, I needed to hear it from an outside source. Thank you. spot on. 

Many thanks,
Ordered clairvoyance reading online Nov

Review: wow I'm blown away. I asked 3 questions and got the answers I felt were coming but needed clarity and boy did I get it. Thank you thank you thank you

voice recording tarot/psychic card reading. July

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