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In case you haven’t heard the great news Spiritual Events UK has been awarded 11 Psychic awards check out our reviews below.

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Excellence in Psychic Events. Awarded Best Psychic 2022/23


I am in shock at how accurate my reading was and how in tune the Spiritual Events reader is to my current situation.
I found the reading gave me further clarity and a sense of comfort.
I would highly recommend a reading them.
And thank you for my online reading !
Kind regards

Hedvig was doing tea leaf readings for a corporate events for ges.com in Birmingham.


Can you please pass on my thank you and gratitude to Penelope for her insightful reading. This has given me so much clarity and reaffirmed some of the areas that have been presenting as challenges in my life.

Kind regards,


Booked an Aura reading by voice note.


She was really good. Halloween event @LADbible, London office.


Hi Claire

Thank you for organising my reading my webcam reading.
I loved it!
I loved the way she sent me the recording, and enjoyed listening to her voice which felt very calming. In terms of the reading I had no expectations as I had not read any reviews but I was impressed.
I live in Ireland with connections to East Midlands via my studies and she got that spot on- this is a very specific.
Also about my new front door and lots of diy - I have just bought a new house that I will be renovating.
 I will wait to see how the rest unfolds but the reading made me feel a whole lot better about my worries. Have listened to the reading several time.
Very pleased!
Thank you so much for my spirit reading. Most of it was extremely spot on, and has also answered many questions that I had.
This reading has now put my mind at rest in regard to each question and I feel shes very happy in heaven!
Thank you so very much again.
Kind Regards,
Absolutely amazing reading, definitely feel the reading was spot on and Very happy with the outcome, definitely recommend thank you!
Booked a voice-recorded clairvoyance reading online with Willow Tarot
Thank you very much for the reading. It was very accurate and helpful and made me feel alot more comfortable and happy and positive heading into another week.

Thanks Claire.

Very impressed with this reading from willow tarot, she’s hit the nail on the head, and she’s given me some clear direction and insight into what I was enquiring about .
Thank you 🙂
Gorkana, Ciscion

Gorkana, Ciscion, The tarot reader was good thank you!

Corporate event with our psychic reader.

psychic reading online email


Our event was great and Penelope was very good, thank you! More than happy to leave a review.



Thank you so much I really appreciate that
wowcher clairvoyance reading by Willow Tarot

"Thank you Willow for the kind words, time and energy you have put into my reading. I could totally resonate with everything you said." Ana

email reading by Willow Tarot.


We booked a palm reader and tarot card reader from this company, to come to our Indian wedding reception. Thank you. AJ


Thanks willow and clare for having a lovely online tarot card reading.

Greatly appreciated. Have a lovely week ahead


Tarot reader booked for wedding party. United Kingdom

Thank you so much for recommending your psychic.
She was a great addition to our Halloween themed party. The guests absolutely loved her. She was genuine and extremely experienced.
She went above and beyond for many guests who experienced Tarot reading for the first time.

I enjoyed reading it and some points definitely ring true. It would be interesting to organize a face to face reading with Dee in the near future. Thank you Jane


Film Premier Jet Trash in Edinburgh, hired our Tarot reader to give readings at the event.

starring Robert Sheehan, Sofia Boutella and Osy Ikhile,


I really thought that my love life was dead to the water, but after watching my video reading. I am so surprised that I am going to meet someone who looks like that. Because I actually know who you are talking about, and I never thought they liked me like that. I will let you know asap!!



Ah it was brilliant thank you Claire, everyone loved her!

We would like to book again definitely Bruntwood.
 @ a corporate event giving readings.
psychic supper
I found The psychic to be welcoming, and friendly and nothing was too much trouble, despite going over the allocated time given, to do palm readings etc.
She ensured that everyone had their turn and their night was fulfilled.
Many thanks, Gemma, psychic party in Leeds.

I just wanted to follow back and say Osiris was the biggest hit of the night, everyone loved him and it honestly made the party so thank you so much.

Hi there,
Willow Tarot, reading was phenomenal. It was accurate, warm, and more than what I needed. I will want a reading from her in the future! Thank you.

Major Players hired a tarot/ fortune teller Penelope for our works Christmas party on December 15th,
She was incredibly accurate with a lot of the staff at the party 🙂


Morning Claire

Thank you so much for the lovely reading....sorry for the list of questions! The first bit was spot on with how I am...my partner says I'm like a whirlwind, always doing things to help others even when I'm already juggling so much (he says he's never seen anyone multi-task like I do)...he too says it's a way of me avoiding deep emotions.

I'll take on board what you said about making time for me. My youngest daughter is struggling with depression and is at the point where she's looking at career options and is looking at doing veterinary nursing....you mentioned she should be doing something where she's on the move and with animals.

Thanks again for the great reading!


@InfoTrack London.

Osiris worked out great, thank you! There was queue for him even before he arrived. Corporate event @InfoTrack London.

Ms Kertsikoff

Tarot card readings private event. @Thames Rowing Club in Putney.

The psychic night we held at WC Newcastle on Friday was brilliant! I can't thank tarot reader Hedvig Starhawk enough for her efforts, everyone had a great night. If you could pass on our Thank you to her that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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