The Spiritual Events psychic team is available for “Psychic Suppers”.

Nationwide UK.

You can book us for a private event at your cafe, restaurant, bar, pub, or hotel.

Additionally, Psychic Supper and Dinner Parties are fun for Halloween, a Birthday, a Christmas party, or specially-themed psychic nights.

Also, our psychic team can dress up if you want them to.

Businesses can offer tickets for your Psychic Supper!
(Psychic show & a 3-course meal)

We have three “Psychic Supper” options.

1. The first Psychic Supper option is for restaurants, cafes, hotels, or social clubs.

Let all your customers have their first course.

After that, everyone will remain at their tables. And the first psychic show of 30 mins will start with a five-minute talk about what will happen.

Then our medium will take 30 minutes for you to serve the second course.

Then we will do the second 30-minute part of the Spirit, Mediumship demonstration show.

Spiritual Events Medium/s will connect to the audience and give messages from the spirits.

Your customers will be chosen at random, and not everyone will receive a message, so this is great for people who are just curious about the paranormal.

You can then serve the dessert.
With a 15 minute break to serve.

Then the final 30-minute show will start.

We can cater to any group size no matter how big or small.

Spiritual Events has a set fee for the shows. You get all the ticket sales.

Hosts usually charge £35+ for a 2-3 course meal a show plus a card reading.

 Contact us here to book your “Psychic Supper with Spiritual Events”.

2. The second Psychic Supper option is if you are just having a private dinner party at home. Then we can come and give some private or group readings of either Psychic, Tarot, Spirit, Clairvoyance, or Palm readings for you and your guests after or before your dinner.

 Contact us here to book your “Psychic Supper with Spiritual Events”.

3. Mediumship show then Tarot readings at your table.

You can book our mediumship show for 2 x 45-minute sets. Then have our tarot reader go around the tables giving tarot card readings you can book for a minimum 2 hours up to 4 hours.
There is an option to add a longer time for the show and have less time for the tarot readings too. It’s up to you what you would like to do!

4. Psychic Supper and Buffett at your local pub or hotel.

Psychic spirit shows are available after your supper at your hotel, club, or restaurant event. Or you can split the show into two sets with a break in between. We come to every town or village in the United Kingdom. The shows are 2 sets of 45 mins with a break in the middle.

Contact us here to book your “Supper with Spiritual Events”.

Some of our past clients, read their reviews here.

Champers club

There was a good number, and the feedback was good.

Thank you

L x
Osiris did a mediumship show for Champers in Nov.
Please pass our thanks on to the tarot readers for our Halloween psychic supper party!
We raised a lot of money for charity.
Kind regards Laura for an event at the Hilton, Nr Southampton
Georgie @ corporate event Oxfordshire

Osiris was great!
Everyone wanted some time with him and he was so lovely to speak to! He was giving Tarot/psychic readings.

psychic osiris spiritualevents halloween corporate event oxford

Aaron viral ventures

Your two Tarot readers were amazing thanks so much!

Corporate event Birmingham. Viral ventures



Shirland Miners Welfare Institute