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Psychic Reading Meanings

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By having a psychic reading our psychics will look into your past and present to give you a reading.

A psychic usually uses some kind of tool like psychic cards, oracle cards and angel cards etc.

A tarot reader uses tarot cards spreads to answer your questions about life.

When you have a clairvoyance reading it means you will receive readings, about your future and the clairvoyant will get visions and tell you what they see.

They may use a tool like a cards, crystal ball or use nothing at all.

You can also ask them questions or areas where to look into the future for you too.

Mediumship is where a person known as a Medium will connect to spirits around you and pass on any messages. Some Mediums can either see, hear, sense or touch spirit to get the messages.

You may know the spirits or not but the messages are always relevant.

A palm reader will look at your palms and tell you about your life.

A Clairvoyance Medium is a person who can pass on messages from spirits and also get visions about your future.

A psychic medium is a person who can see into your present and past plus give messages from spirit.

A Crystal Ball Reader is someone who looks into their crystal ball for visions about your life.

A fortune teller usually uses a lot of different psychic tools to give you a reading, which can be from a crystal ball, psychic cards, palms or stones and ribbons.