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Psychic party at home

Psychic party at home

Have you ever wondered what will happen, if you have a psychic party at home?

What usually happens is that a psychic person, who is called a “reader”, will come to your house and offer readings to you and your friends and family.

A “reader” is a person who has a special psychic gift and they will use a psychic tool to give you a reading.

Psychic tools are in the form of tarot cards, angel cards, oracle cards there are a lot of different types of psychic cards about these days, but they all do the same type of readings.

Card readings are about your past and present and occasionally they can guide you about any questions that you might have for the future.

Some readers also use a crystal ball.

If the reader is a clairvoyant and have the gift of clairvoyance it means they can see into the future.

Psychics generally can only use cards to give readings there is a difference between them. See our questions and answers page for more details about each type of psychic readings you can get.

Or a reader will use a pendulum if you wanted yes or no answers.

So when you’re at your psychic party in your own home, make sure you find the right reader!

Readers usually give private psychic readings away from where you are all gathered, so that people can ask the reader if they choose too, any personal questions.

All readings are confidential so it’s up to you if you wanted to share any information about your reading or not to the others.

A reader will give a better reading when a “sitter”, (which is the name of the person having a reading) asks questions, because you will get a more direct answer.

If you say I want to know about work for example that’s a very vague question, because then anything can come up about work! And it could be something you may not really care about.

But if you wanted to know about a certain thing for example, will I change jobs next year then you will get a more direct answer from the reader.

A psychic reader will read peoples energies, so the more open you are to a reading the better the experience. Having said that if you are a skeptic you can still be blown away by the psychic reading!

Group psychic party at home

Is when you all gather in the same room it can be in the lounge a kitchen or outside in the garden where ever you want.

And a reader will come and give readings to everyone in the room so each of you can hear each others readings.

Group readings usually take less time as the reader can get around the room faster as no one is having to get up and go to get their reading.

Mediumship reading is a totally different style of reading which also comes under the title psychic party at home.

A medium is a person who can connect to the spirit world.

A medium who was born seeing spirit are usually the best mediums as they have grown up with it and can handle the experience.

Some mediums can train to be a medium by doing lots of meditation but then only then get a short connection.

Most mediums are usually from a long line of generations of mediums and it’s normal that someone in the last generation of the family was a medium or spirit worker.

By being a spiritual healer for example.

So a reader who is a medium will come to your home and give mediumship readings at your psychic party.

They will connect to spirit however which way they can do it.
Which can be from seeing spirit or hearing them or even just sensing them, being there in their 3rd eye.

They will then pass on any information from spirit to the person in front of them.

You may or might not know the spirit personally, but what is said to you in that message may mean a lot to you.

No reader who is a medium can summon up a certain spirit if they say they can it’s a lie.

It again works on energy the more energy you give the reader and the more open you are, you will always get a better reading.

The spirits use this energy from you to connect to the medium. The medium also uses their own energy to link to the spirit and some energy from you also.

Most mediums can only do readings from spirit and do not need to use psychic tools to connect to you.

A psychic reader cannot connect to spirit as they are not a medium.

You can though, but very rarely get a reader who is both psychic and a medium.

After everyone has had their readings your reader will leave.

Or sometimes a reader can offer psychic games for you all to do.

So you can test each other’s psychic abilities.

Some readers let you use their tarot cards or pendulums.

Or you could all do a meditation so try and connect to spirit! Each psychic usually has different psychic games.

Be sober!
To get the best reading you should be sober, don’t be scared! All readers should open and close the room from any unwanted psychic activities before and after the party.

To get ready for a reading try and meditate for 10 minutes.

And if you want to have a mediumship reading? In your head or out loud ask the person in spirit that you want to hear from to come forward in your reading there is more chance of this happening if you do so.

Psychic parties are a great experience and one that should be tried at least once in a lifetime!

For further information about booking a psychic party you can find out more on the psychic party page here.

People are having psychic parties all over the world now and they have become more popular in recent years. As more and more people are becoming more spiritually aware.

Are you open to it all!