Psychics for a Hen and Bachelorette Party.
The Bride to be will get a FREE reading!

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Find out what the future has in store for you and your guests at a Psychic Hen Party!
Will I meet my true love? Will I get that promotion?

Our Psychics, Palmists, Clairvoyants, Crystal Ball, and Tarot card readers are available for your Hen party.

Book either our tarot card reader, future clairvoyance reader, or spirit medium to get messages from spirits around you.

We offer this service seven days a week day or night!

Contact us to find out more about UK Nationwide.

We can come to your “Psychic Hen Party” in any city or town!

Book our up to The “Spiritual Hearts” option.

Spiritual Events, tarot & angel card, palmistry, or crystal ball readers will come and offer private or group readings. Everyone will get a reading!
The bride to be will get a FREE private reading too.
A minimum booking of 6 people to a maximum of 9 people. We are available for a 2-6 hour booking.

Book the “Power of 10 Angels” option.

One of our Psychic team will come to your Psychic Hen Party and give everyone individual future Clairvoyance or Psychic/Tarot Card readings.
Our Spiritual Events, reader will need a table and two chairs.
(Power of 10 Angels = up to 10 people) 2.5 hour time slot, max 10 people.

Book the “15 Amazing Spirits” option.

Tarot readings for everyone!
Our tarot readers can give you an insight into your love, life, and work. Spiritual Events provides the Hen and the guests with one-to-one tarot readings within a group setting.
Invite our brilliant and accurate Tarot reader to your hen party!
(15 Amazing Spirits = up to 15 people) 3-hour booking with a maximum of 15 guests.

Book the “20 Magical Ladies” option.

Psychic Option A
First, you will start with “1 hour of psychic games” for everyone to do!
There will be 2-3 different activities to do in the hour and each of our psychic team, have different games.
After this, you can all have a “2-hour group reading” where people will be chosen at random to receive a reading within the group setting.
(20 Magical Ladies Option A = up to 20 people) 3-hour booking with a maximum of 20 guests.

Psychic Option B
You will all receive a private one to one psychic reading.
If you have a theme for your hen party we can dress up to suit it too.
(20 Magical Ladies = up to 20 people) 5 hour booking with a maximum of 20 guests with one reader or 2.5 hours with two readers.

Book the “25 Mystical Beauties” option.

Psychic Option A

You will start with a 1.5 hour “group reading” everyone will be in the same room, hotels and local pubs usually offer their function room for this option or you can have it in your local park or garden.
And end with 1.5 hours of “psychic games”.
Who wants to see if they have a psychic gift!
(25 Mystical Beauties  Option A= up to 25 people) 3 hour booking with a maximum of 25 guests.

Psychic Option B

All your guests will have a private reading there will be two genuine readers that will come to your hen party.
Each reader will offer readings for 3 hours.
Tarot, Psychic, Palmist, Clairvoyant future, Crystal Ball, Spiritual reader, Astrology, Numerology, or Graphology?
(25 Mystical Beauties Option B = up to 25 people) 3 hour booking with a maximum of 25 guests.

Book The Fantastic Psychic Hen Party!
For a group of 30 or more! This option is offered nationwide UK
Start with the whole group doing some psychic games to get you in the psychic mood!
For 1 or 2 hours.
After the psychic games, you can go to your main party room and enjoy your hen do while our psychic can be in another or outside in the garden giving people one-to-one private tarot card readings. From 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30-minute readings.
We can send you one or four readers to come for this you will need to know how many people are interested in this option before you book.
We get booked for hen parties every week all over the country. So we come to any venue no matter where it is we even come to camping sites, forests, hotels or your home.

Note: You can record your psychic readings on your phone or just write it down our psychics.

Book the “Special Psychic/Clairvoyant Group Reading” option.
psychic hen party shows

One of our experienced Spiritual Events’ Clairvoyants or Tarot card readers will come and give readings to randomly picked members of your Psychic Hen Party in the main room of the party.
Let your bride-to-be and hens get an insight into the paranormal and psychic world.
(2-hour booking)

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Extra Add on 1

Book our fun “Psychic Games” option as an add-on to any party package.

1 or 2-hour time slots are available. Everyone in the group will do some psychic activities.
See which of your friends has a psychic gift too!
It’s great bonding and entertainment for the group.

We can travel to any town in the United Kingdom without any extra travel charges!

psychic hen party cheshire

We also come to WEDDINGS!

Book our psychics for your hen party! Contact us here

Spiritual Events offers tarot readings, psychic, palmistry, crystal ball, and clairvoyant readings for hen parties in England, Wales, and Scotland.


Review of Hedvig Starhawk Psychic for hire UK

The psychic was really lovely and we had a great evening.

Location Edinburgh


Hi, I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful evening for my sisters hen party. It was great to have you there and amazing to gain your insights!

Hedvig Starhawk was booked for a hen party in Nottinghamshire


Hi Claire
We had a terrific time on Sunday with Starlight, she was absolutely brilliant and all 6 of us felt much better after seeing her.  She is worth her weight in gold.
Kind regards Sharryn
Booked a psychic hen party, in York.

Hi Claire,

Our psychic party was absolutely amazing with your fortune teller thank you, Such a fun charismatic lovely reader, Full of energy and really got involved with the 10 of us.
She really is quite a special and phenomenal person, Everyone truly loved her.
What a natural she is and has such a talent, All of our readings were spot on and some of the group were completely gobsmacked with how true to life they were.
She made the night for our group and everyone is still raving about it a week later, Having enjoyed all the games and laughs.
We would 100% book again!
Over all we are so so happy with how the hen do went and the fortune teller really just made the night for us all.
All the best

Boat Cruise, Bristol. -  Hen party on a boat, with our Psychic readers.


Psychic Hen party Near Leeds. I would just like to say how much we enjoyed our event with Danny He was so kind and everyone loved it! He traveled so far and were flexible to our large group! I've attached the photo hope you get it ok! Thanks again Maddie.


I just wanted to write and say a big thanks for coming along to Abi's hen do on Saturday! It was fantastic and everyone had a great time and commented on how accurate the psychic was and what a great idea it was to have on a hen do! Claire, Westminster.


What a fantastic time we had with your Psychic on Saturday. Very professional and a superstar considering he was there until about 11.45! Would definitely book again. Gemma, Derby - Hen party


Tarot Reading Party, Birmingham. Great entertainment and every loved my psychic themed hen party, cheers x Joe


The hen event was brilliant and I would definitely do it again for a birthday or similar event. Your psychic medium got a lot of information through for people who needed to hear it, and everyone was really pleased that I had chosen that kind of event. 🙂 Caroline, Lancashire.


We had a psychic come and visit our hen party on Saturday in Norfolk. She was extremely friendly and instantly put everyone at ease.

I must admit I didn’t now how I felt about the spiritual world has never been to a medium before but their psychic blew me away with her gift!!

My grandparents came through and everything was spot on right down to the time on a watch left to my mum, we have come away feeling greatly humbled by the experience.

You are amazing, we would highly recommend you and look forward to meeting you again xxx