Mediumship Reading Online 5 minutes


Mediumship Reading Online 5 minutes

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Mediumship Reading

How does a Mediumship Reading work?

Our specialized and trained mediums can connect to spirits and pass on messages to the person who wants a Mediumship reading.

There are two kinds of mediums or spirit mediums the ones who are born seeing spirits.

And mediums who trained to connect to spirits in some way.

Which can be from seeing, hearing, or sensing them.

What to expect when I have a Mediumship Reading?

You can book a Mediumship reading online.

We just need your first name any names of people you are asking about. Photo of you and any people you asking about.

If you want a general mediumship reading you may get general answers.

(if you ask more direct questions it works out that you get more direct answers). That’s how spirit works.

Please note;

In your spirit reading we cannot summon up certain spirits no mediums can do this. So take note of what the message says.

We can only try and connect to a certain past loved one if you send in a photo and their name.
But the message might come from another spirit around you.

Spirit mediumship messages can vary from current situations to future ones. So you might have to wait and see what happens, if you get a message about the future.

Spirit messages can also come from spirits you never met, we will always try and tell you as much as we can see or hear from them, so you can ask older members of your family.

Book a Mediumship Reading

Just choose below how long you want a spirit reading for there are many options for you!

How it works.
-Send us a photo of you and any people you are asking about along with their first names. And 1 question.
-Your reading is then voice-recorded and sent to you via email within 72 hours from when we confirm your email.
-Now just choose and pay, then send us your information for our mediums to start your reading.

5 minutes Spirit Reading



It was lovely to hear from my grandma again.

Thank you X

Booked mediumship reading. June

That was an insightful, positive reading. Havana psychic was very accurate.


Thank you Claire ☺️ may I also add how much I love your online services and Havana Psychic is great  xx

Reviewed in May


Hi Havanna Psychic you did an excellent mediumship reading this morning for my Grandmother's photo her name was Jane which was very accurate!

Booked online mediumship reading by photo. Feb

Thank you so much. This was very helpful.
Kind regards,
Spiritual Message, with Havana in January
Thank you so much for my spirit reading. Most of it was extremely spot on, and has also answered many questions that I had.
This reading has now put my mind at rest in regard to each question and I feel shes very happy in heaven!
Thank you so very much again.
Kind Regards,

Oh my word. This was so spot on and accurate. Absolutely amazing reading.
Booked a voice note 1 clairvoyance reading with Havana Psychic online

Champers club

There was a good number, and the feedback was good.

Thank you

L x
Osiris did a mediumship show for Champers in Nov.

Thank you so  much Willow Tarot (My fave tree) for your reading, it was clear and concise and well read. I got the answers I needed. Looking forward to new beginnings as  you mentioned will definitely be using the service again in the near future.

Cheers Viv

Thank you so much for a super reading, so much now to look forward to!!!!!😄 x

Booked a Mediumship reading online. Jan


I'm literally over the moon after listening to the voice-recorded message. My heart is filled with joy, happiness, and warmth. I am so thankful for this record. I think I needed to hear it because it helped me to clarify some things :)


Thank you for the mediumship reading it was informative and right on several points.

Booked a spirit message voice recorded reading. April


Morning Claire

Thank you so much for the lovely reading....sorry for the list of questions! The first bit was spot on with how I partner says I'm like a whirlwind, always doing things to help others even when I'm already juggling so much (he says he's never seen anyone multi-task like I do)...he too says it's a way of me avoiding deep emotions.

I'll take on board what you said about making time for me. My youngest daughter is struggling with depression and is at the point where she's looking at career options and is looking at doing veterinary mentioned she should be doing something where she's on the move and with animals.

Thanks again for the great reading!



Thank you so much. I will be having more mediumship online readings in the future. It was really lovely and uplifting. Thank you again


This is amazing thankyou so much you answers everything and got me xxxx

You don't know wot this means thankyou so much.

Mediumship reading online. Dec


Thank you for this, that was most insightful.

Booked a spirit mediumship message voice reading. Dec


I am sat crying happy tears after listening to that. Thank you, I know exactly who they all were. x

Review from a Mediumship spirit messages voice recoded by email. June



Thank you so so so much!

Spirit Mediumship reading Voice note. Nov


Thank you ever so much for my lovely online mediumship reading. Sending love and all the best for the new year.


Totally spot on reading thanks.

Jack, May