Is My Home Haunted? Live Session Online


Help for people who feel their home or building is Haunted.

We remove the spirits via webcam. We don’t use ghost-hunting technology equipment.

We are here to remove the energy so you can live your life.

The price is for 1 session

Click 2 for 2 hours.

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Is my home or venue haunted?

Just reserve a time slot via our website and we will offer a LIVE webcam service to check out what is happening in the building.

We will first have a chat with you about what’s gone on.

Tune into your building and seek out anything paranormal via webcam.

We will let you know what we feel energy-wise and where we feel it the strongest.

You will then take us via webcam to that location and we will remove that energy.

After that, you can also take us to the room where you feel the most haunted.

We will survey the room/s and tell you what we can feel see hear via our spiritual psychic gifts as a genuine medium.

This can take up to one or two hours.

Or less it all depends on each case study.

All the other people in the building must leave, you can leave the webcam on and we as spiritual mediums can scan around for the energy held within the building and remove it.

Once that is done you are safe to return and you will notice the difference within seconds the air is clearer and what was there has now gone.