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Basic Aura reading 15 minutes voice note.

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What Will Your Aura Reading Reveal About You?

What does your Future and the Universe have in store for you?

Which Names, Numbers, Dates, and places to look out for?

Love, Career, and Financial Opportunities!

Lucky and Significant Numbers!

Featured in the magazine featured in elle aura readingUK, Aura reading article.

We offer a Basic Aura reading
(Willow Tarot or Havana Psychic who will voice record your reading for 15 minutes) takes up to 48 hours.

You supply us with your first name, date of birth, and a photo so we can make a psychic connection with your aura.

Send everything to after payment.



Thank you Penelope for my aura reading, I wish I had taken a full body picture for you, but thought it was only my head that was needed, you are spot on, I will have to have another reading, especially for upcoming dates to be aware off, thank you again xx Kind regards Dawn

Aura reading in June

Hi, I would like to provide a review as follows:
Wow, this was excellent. Informative, clear, and helpful. Thank you for my reading Willow
Online Aura Reading by voice message May
I’d like to first thank Willow for my reading, it was very informative and it resonated with me deeply.
Willow spoke at a pace that was very calming and understandable which helped me follow along with ease.
This is a wonderful service and I will definitely be returning for future readings.
Thank you so much Willow
Basic Aura reading as a voice note.

Can you please pass on my thank you and gratitude to Penelope for her insightful reading. This has given me so much clarity and reaffirmed some of the areas that have been presenting as challenges in my life.

Kind regards,


Booked an Aura reading by voice note.

Groupon customer

Willow Tarot was amazing, the reading was detailed and accurate, it resonated completely with my situation to date.
She gave me the clarity, confidence and confirmation that I needed.
I now know for certain that I can look forward to my future knowing that it will be a successful and happy one and how I can ensure it remains that way.

Groupon customer

Thank you so much


Thank you so much to Penelope!
I really enjoyed listening to her audio indepth Aura reading and feel like it's already gave me the reassurance I need at this time. It was very insightful and was correct about everything I'm going thru at the moment.


K @ellemagazine

Willow Tarot also offers Aura readings. In this UK, Elle magazine article the reporter talks about how her Aura reading was by Willow Tarot for anger issues.


Aura Reader Willow Tarot

Hi Claire,
Please find below my review for Willow:

I love to do Aura readings and I was looking for a regular person that I can reach out when needed and I’m glad that Willow Tarot had been able to do my reading.

She speaks very slowly and I can understand her completely which is good for a foreigner like myself that does not have English as a native language.

The basic aura reading is little bit short but it gives enough information to work on and gives you clarity on your current situation.

Willow’s Tarot voice is also very reassuring and sweet which gives us more comfort. I love the explanations that she gave at the beginning about aura and everything she said in the reading is very helpful and very true. I will definitely book another Aura reading with her and keep her as a regular.


Have a nice evening


Hi Steve,
Thank you for the readings. Bill and Ann (my mother) were suprised at how much of the reading was fitting to their life and personality. They wanted ne to say thank you.
I have gone back to my reading and found that it is changing the way I view my life. There are parts that do need attention, especially getting out of my comfort zone.
I would love to be more in tune, and see the three colours like you. I have bought red jasper and feel that it is helping me in many ways.
I will come to you again. Many thanks and blessings, Janet
Who bought 2 Aura readings.
Dear Steve,
I thank you with all my heart ,your reading is not just words of wisdom but also comforted my heart..I will be in touch...
Online reading

, I really enjoyed my Aura reading, and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things, could you please pass on my praises to Steve :)


Thank you so much.

Please pass my thanks to the aura reader. This is such a wonderful reading and she has really pinpointed a lot of things going on in my life. It’s provided me with reassurance during what is a very traumatic time in my life.02
Thanks for sharing your gift, I’ll be in touch again.
Clairvoyance 3 question reading

Your Aura reader  has a very warm, free & friendly aura to them and I just want to say thank you for your kind words and beautiful 4 tarot card reading you did for me by email.

I hope to come back to you again. You've gained a distant friend in me. You are appreciated. Thank you. ⭐☺


4.5 stars friendly manner and most of the reading was correct.

By Willow Tarot


Oooow! I feel slightly fluffy if that makes sense after my Aura cleanse. S-J x

Thank you so much for my online aura reading

Am grateful for your advice ❤

My mom will get a reading from you in the next coming weeks!
With love,

Please pass on my thanks to Steve, this is a lovely Aura reading and describes me well.

Please pass my thanks on to my psychic for her very thorough online reading.She’s very on point with a lot of things happening in my life right now, and I look forward to seeing how things unfold. Really appreciate her doing my reading so quickly too. Thanks

Thank you so much
Absolutely amazing!
Not only did you confirm some of my thoughts but you have given me the confidence I needed!!
I will definitely be asking for your help again & be recommending you!
Thanks again!❤🙏❤
Booked our Aura Reading did an Aura reading for her.
Hi steve, thank you for a beautiful reading :) was amazed at your knowledge and information was spot personality,dates if forthcoming important events, the way he interprets your aura is beautiful and fascinating
I will have a full one next time :)
Exciting couple of years coming
Thanks kayley:)

Hi Claire, Please tell her a massive thank you to Steve from me the reading was spot on.


Dear Steve, Once again, it has been an amazing reading from you, both of my daughters had some clarity with their life situations, they have deeper understanding now.. What can we all say? You are an amazing Reader and even through your readings, we feel your profound guidance and compassion.. Thank you so much for really connecting with your heart.. You are amazing.. Blessings and Love, Belvie


A very interesting reading by Steve. he was spot on with my personaltity traits and my intuition. Thank you for the warning. xx


Please could pass on the message to Steve that it was a wonderful read for my morning. It gives me such hope and definitely clarifies some things for me that I have been worried about. I really look forward for the future now. Thank you! Rebecca 

Sending you Blessings and pure Love and Light..
It's an incredible reading and has helped me greatly in my need to find clarity in my current situation. I'm so glad I got in touch. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Steve. I will be recommending Steve and Spiritual Events UK to friends and family. R. 
Thank you so much Steve! I am so grateful to have found you. My mom sends her love and blessings to you too!❤
I had tears in my eyes when I read the first few pages. It is so accurate and it helped me gain a different perspective of my life. It brings me closer to the path I've always been aiming for. I never really believed in myself but now I do. We humans sometimes fail to appreciate every single opportunity provided by the universe and we are sometimes so blinded and caught up in a situation that we forget to look deep within ourselves and embrace the journey we actually signed up for in this lifetime.
Your words written in these pages have incredibly marked me in such a beautiful way which I will never be able to forget. It's like the "unspoken dreams" and words I've kept to myself for a long time.
You provide such great advice and it helped me so much in understanding my inner being.
You also mentioned so many things which I wasn't completely aware about. You did a great job and you always do! Feel privileged to have this marvelous reading. I am so thankful for your reading and guidance. With love, Angel

Good morning, I want to thank Steve for his reading. wow wow wow! To be honest, I was sceptical a bit cause he is a male. At the time he was doing reading I fall asleep! HE is a real treasure, honest, warm and resonate situation very well, found words which touched my heart :)I  definitely recommend  Steve, and would come back to him at the end of the year as he suggested. thank you, Best wishes, Irena C.

Hello Steve, its Audrey here. I would like to thank you personally for the beautiful reading and wonderful birthday gift!
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer all my questions and it is truly an honor to be read by you. Im sure in time I will fully understand everything that has been said there but for now, I have received the clarity that I needed.
I am sure that this will not be the last time we will be in contact and I wish you a wonderful day! Yours, Audrey