6 Months Clairvoyance Reading Online


6 Months Clairvoyance Reading Online

Our clairvoyant will look into each month just for you!

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Why not get a 6-months future reading, by our genuine clairvoyants?

In your 6 months future reading our clairvoyants will focus on all areas of your life.
And predict the things that lie ahead for you.

All readings are voice-recorded for 45 minutes and sent to you.

Our clairvoyant will go through each month for you!

These can include Love, Family, Work, Education, and any other areas you wish to know about.

Listen again and again

Most importantly your reading will be recorded and sent to you via email on an MP3/4 format so that you can listen to it. (45 minutes).

In order to do your reading all we need is a recent photo of you and any questions you would like answers to.

Once you have paid simply send this information to our email

Normally future readings can take from 12 hours up to 72 hours and will be sent directly to the email address with which you paid, unless you say otherwise.

You can ask any questions you like to know about, as long as it’s not about health issues, we leave that for your doctor.

The more direct your questions are, the better we can see into the future for the answers.

Online 6-month future Clairvoyance reading voice recorded message.


Hi Havanna Psychic you did an excellent mediumship reading this morning for my Grandmother's photo her name was Jane which was very accurate!

Booked online mediumship reading by photo. Feb


What can I say about Penelope's reading but wow! she had my ex to a "t". Absolutely bang on. Would recommend and buy again.

4 questions tarot reading online, Frances.  Feb

Thanks for such a quick turnaround.

Booked 1 question reading here, with Havana Psychic in Feb.


Good afternoon Claire. Thank you to you and Havana for working together to provide me with a reading to my two questions.

Havanas reading was absolutely spot on. Her reading was clear, concise but in depth at the same time and was able to provide a potential timeline of when he could inform her.
And yes Havana could be right about me feeling more settled in March/April time as I am hoping to purchase my first apartment by then so at the moment I am in a constant state of limbo.
I will definitely be in touch again in the next few months for another reading with Havana.
Emily xx
Booked an online two-question reading with Havana psychic.
Thank you very much!
Please could you pass on to Havanna that she is amazing
There are so many things she picks up that are right,  on the current situation and my focus etc, she is truly fabulous!
Thank you

Lovely, adore it! Thanks so much!

Adriana, bought an online tarot reading with Havana Psychic.
Please thank Penelope for the reading. It has given me a lot to think about and has also given me a sense of peace in my direction.
Jennifer booked an online clairvoyance reading.
Thank you Penelope,
I can feel that you understand my heart...
Thank you for the clarity and recognizing my sensitivity... Mentioning my attributes
Once again, I truly appreciate your reading to me.
Dear Penelope,
This reading is exactly how I do feel, the answer to the questions is exactly how I do feel about his energy. And yes that is all true.
Thank you so so much,
Alexandra booked voice clairvoyance reading online.
Thank you so much. This was very helpful.
Kind regards,
Spiritual Message, with Havana in January
Thank you so much for my spirit reading. Most of it was extremely spot on, and has also answered many questions that I had.
This reading has now put my mind at rest in regard to each question and I feel shes very happy in heaven!
Thank you so very much again.
Kind Regards,

Major Players hired a tarot/ fortune teller Penelope for our works Christmas party on December 15th,
She was incredibly accurate with a lot of the staff at the party :)


Wardour Street event for Millennium Christmas Party said the reader was great!
Very popular, great news! Please pass on the good feedback and many thanks
Christmas work party fortune teller london

tarot reader christmas party reviews london

Oh my word. This was so spot on and accurate. Absolutely amazing reading.
Booked a voice note 1 clairvoyance reading with Havana Psychic online

I've now opened the file. Thanks for an amazing 12 months reading.
My review for Willow Tarot is as follows:
"I have been using Willow Tarot recently for my tarot card readings voice note and I can highly recommend her.
Absolutely brilliant service and highly accurate for each reading I have received so far.
I will definitely be using Willow Tarot again in future.
Thank you to Willow Tarot and Spiritual Events!
Thank you willow, I think you are spot on with the reading, I will certainly try and listen to myself more.
Kind regards
2 tarot monthly subscription voice message reading. Nov
That's great, thank you very much. And I hope you have a fabulous day also.
Your voice is very easy to understand I almost left connected. Stay safe and thanks once more.
Tarot voice note reading with Willow Tarot.
Champers club

There was a good number, and the feedback was good.

Thank you

L x
Osiris did a mediumship show for Champers in Nov.
Sophie Louise
Thank you for my voice note reading, things you said feel so spot on, ill be back for a second lol thank you again for your time xx
My review:
Sage Rivers was a lovely addition to my birthday celebration. He delighted all the guests with his unique gift. I was very impressed with his flexibility, as well when the number of people changed unexpectedly.
He read the room and adjusted his format accordingly. He also went above and beyond to make sure everyone received some time with him.
The guests found the experience fascinating and some were able to connect with departed loved ones, which made it really special. It was a happy event overall and we would wholeheartedly recommend Sage for any type of event!
Thank you,

“We had Osiris doing spiritual readings at a small party for about 30 guests.

Osiris was highly professional, punctual and incredibly accurate with his readings.

All of our guests were very impressed.

We have had of fortune tellers in the past but Osiris had exceeded all of our expectations by far.

Given our experience, we would absolutely recommend Osiris to others, including family and friends”.

Sage was a lovely addition to my birthday celebration. He delighted all the guests with his unique gift. I was very impressed with his flexibility, as well when the number of people changed unexpectedly. He read the room and adjusted his format accordingly. He also went above and beyond to make sure everyone received some time with him. The guests found the experience fascinating and some were able to connect with departed loved ones, which made it really special. It was a happy event overall and we would wholeheartedly recommend Sage for any type of events!
Thank you,
Hi Claire,
Hedvig was very good and very popular. I only got one picture which you can find attached. Thanks for everything!
Kind regards,


Student Glasgow Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road, Glasgow, G4 0BA, Scotland, United Kingdom



Hi Claire,

I hope you're well.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising yesterday. Psychic Penelope was absolutely incredible and we had such wonderful feedback from our attendees.
Hopefully we can work together again soon!
Booked our psychic for a team-building wellness day in August.


Absolutely fantastic reading for me and I would say everything is spot on. Thank you
4 tarot card reading voice note online.
Hire fortune teller – Wedding United Kingdom

Palmistry wedding reception nationwide

Gay wedding ideas hire fortune teller

Wedding entertainer Psychic Penelope

Fawsley Hall Hotel – Wedding psychic entertainment

Tarot reader booked for wedding party. United Kingdom

Starlight Psychic Medium – Wedding entertainer, Wigan England


Guest at a wedding Hull, England. For Hedvig Starhawk

Crystal Ball psychic – Wedding entertainment

Fortune teller for hire weddings england scotland wales london marbella belfast

Fortune telling wedding reception UK

Fortune teller – Newcastle Wedding entertainment

fortune teller wedding newcastle

Wedding Entertainment Palm Readings

Palm reader weddings united kingdom london wales england scotland

Mr & Mrs BlakestonPsychic wedding england UK
I just wanted to say a big thank you to psychic Hedvig Starhawk, my wedding guests absolutely enjoyed having their readings, I wanted to email to say thank you
Many thanks  Mr & Mrs Blakeston
Booked our psychic for their Wedding in Humberside, England. August
This was an amazing reading it really helped clear what I thought and she really got the situation spot on thank you so much!
Kind regards
Booked a 6 months clairvoyance reading, August.
Event Planner London

Hi Claire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday - all the entertainers were amazing and got really great feedback.

The tarot reader in particular was incredible - had a queue of over 100 people disappointed not to see her as she was the talk of the party!

Looking forward to working with Spiritual Events again soon.

Booked Tarot reader for a corporate event in London with over 600 people there.
Spiritual Events UK

“ I loved how the tarot reader explained everything so well, in detail and also gave an idea of when I can expect these events. I can honestly say her reading was quite accurate with what’s going on in my life right now. I will definitely be doing more readings with her. “ - Rkaur
Thanks so much Ramya
Booked a tarot voice note reading. July



Thank you Penelope for my aura reading, I wish I had taken a full body picture for you, but thought it was only my head that was needed, you are spot on, I will have to have another reading, especially for upcoming dates to be aware off, thank you again xx Kind regards Dawn

Aura reading in June

Thank you so much Spiritual Events and Thanks to Willow Tarot as well.
I have listed to her reading and it makes sense.
Thank you for arranging this reading
Love and Light
Groupon Tarot voice message reading. June
Review -
Amazing! Spot on reading. I’ve already referred one friend and there will be more!
Tarot Reading by a voice note. June


Thank you,
It has been a very insightful reading and had given me a lot to think about. A lot of things Havana mentioned resonate with me and it has helped me to have a much more positive outlook on the future. I will very likely recommend her to my friends.
Kind regards,
Online Clairvoyance reading voice note. May

I had a tarot reading online reading and I wasn't sure what to expect,  I was blown away by how accurate it was even though she had no information whatsoever. Then I gave her the information and I booked a longer reading,  it's amazing how much this is helping me to get the answers I much need. I definitely recommend her. I will come back for more. Thank you

Online Tarot reading by voice message in May.

I’m very happy with my clairvoyance voice reading and I will like to leave a review of 5 stars
Thanking you
Booked in May
Psychic Party Review
Review of Hedvig Starhawk Psychic for hire UK
Hi, I would like to provide a review as follows:
Wow, this was excellent. Informative, clear, and helpful. Thank you for my reading Willow
Online Aura Reading by voice message May
I’d like to first thank Willow for my reading, it was very informative and it resonated with me deeply.
Willow spoke at a pace that was very calming and understandable which helped me follow along with ease.
This is a wonderful service and I will definitely be returning for future readings.
Thank you so much Willow
Basic Aura reading as a voice note.
Thank you so much! I’d love to leave a review.
Willow Tarot spoke with such kindness and knowledge about my tarot cards and how they applied to my questions. I was blown away but her guidance and offerings and didn’t want the audio file to end!
I’m so thankful for her reading and will most likely be coming back to her skills as my life enters into different chapters of frustration.
Online tarot reading April

Hello Spiritual Events,

Thank you very much for the reading. It was direct and had many useful advices on how should I direct my mind towards things I desire. I do appreciate your time and would definitely come back for more. Thank you very much.
Groupon Tarot voice note April

I would love to leave a review:

I received my psychic reading online and it has blown me away how it accurate it is to many things in my life. It has also given me hope from the questions I asked and frankly brightened my day. The psychic delivered the message in a light and humorous way which has suited my personality to a tee. Amazing how it touch it has felt to my life and everything going on right now!
Thank you so much for the words and guidance 💫

Thank you all,


Groupon deal clairvoyance voice message reading April



That was great information thanks for the reading it really resonated with me
Thanks to Spiritual Events,
An online tarot reading April


Hi ,
Thank you so much for my reading!! 💖 I am in a Learning and Development role and I love it. I hope I will be made permanent soon. My boyfriend has his theory test done and is starting his lessons in the next two weeks. I hope he will find a job that suits him and that he will like. I am so glad to hear that we will find an affordable house in Galway.
Thanks again for the reading,
Voice note tarot  reading online April
Would like to leave a review for Spiritual Events online team.
"Reading arrived fast and was very detailed. Answered all of my questions in great detail and really helped me find peace with my queries. At least I finally know where I stand, and so accurate bout patience (which I haven't got hah). I will try to be patient as think it would be worth it, now that I know that the potential for long term is there at least.
Thanks again, would definitely recommend and return".
Clairvoyance reading in March


Thank you so much for reading my future in the really clear way. And I felt what you told me everything made sense to me and exactly that happen to me. I wish that what I desire in the future really come true as you say 🙏🙏. I would definitely come back in the future for another reading.  Blessing to you.
Voice recorded clairvoyance reading, March

Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the taort reader. Again, she has picked up on me, my issues and told me things that I needed to hear to help me make the correct decisions and choices going forward.
I look forward to having future readings from you guys

Wowcher 8 tarot questions on voice note, March

Psychic party

I would say that she is brilliant and lovely !
She said everything with precision and help me a lot to have a light in my journey
Thanks so much !
She gave a clairvoyance future reading Feb
Thank you Willow Tarot for your reading. I feel like what she had to say really resonated with me in many ways. She takes her time and speaks clearly and explains things in good depth. I would definitely come back in the future for another reading.
Wowcher voice recorded 6 months of clairvoyance reading in Feb
She has a true inspirational special gift.
Her reading picked up on all the things going on in my life to the tea.
I would truly recommend a reading from the Spiritual Events online team, an enlightenment to the future.
Kind Regards
 Voice message reading


Thank you so much - that makes complete sense and really resonates with me!
Much appreciated
Booked our wowcher deal, 4 tarot reading voice recorded Jan

Thank you for my reading, very insightful and although some of the responses from spirit may of seemed cryptic, I totally understood what they were saying. Blessings to you!

Wowcher January 4 tarot voice note

Dear Spiritual Events
I have no words to express my gratitude for your reading. You were very spot on, helping me to see the situation in a different light.
All the best,
Tarot reading voice message Groupon January

Thank you willow tarot for my voice-recorded clairvoyance reading, it was scarily accurate, I will definitely be having more readings.



Just wanted to send a review for Spiritual Events
16th Birthday Party
Thier tarot reader came to my daughter’s 16th birthday party & did tarot readings for all our guests. My daughter was especially pleased with her reading & it really made the day special. Thank you.

Many Thanks



Hi! Thank you so much for this

Yes please do add a review for Willow:
'Thank you so much for your reading Willow, very good advice and reassurance for this new year. Ana'
Thank you
Kind regards.
Online voice note reading in January
Hi Spiritual Events team!
I’m soooo impressed with my reading!  What voice!!!  How accurate!  What about the amount of detail was given on the simple questions I submitted?  I highly recommend it and already want a deeper read, for sure!!!
Thank you so much!
Groupon Tarot card reading by voice note, Jan 2023.
I have just recieved my e mail reading from Willow Tarot. 4th Jan 2023
It is superb, she answered my questions fully and gave good insight into the next 12 months. It has put my mind at rest and has given me a year to look forward to.
Thank you so much Willow for an awesome reading.
Best wishes
Groupon Offer



Can you please pass on my thank you and gratitude to Penelope for her insightful reading. This has given me so much clarity and reaffirmed some of the areas that have been presenting as challenges in my life.

Kind regards,


Booked an Aura reading by voice note.

WC Newcastle

Halloween events ideas

Emmas Wedding

Hedvig Starhawk booked for a wedding Dec 2022 in Scotland

Athena Leicester Xmas Events

Osiris was giving fortune telling for 12 nights of Christmas at the Athena

Athena Events Fortune teller for hire UK

Slug and Lettuce Nationwide booking 2022

See some of the photos from many of the bookings from across the UK.

@ Slug and Lettuce



thank you for my online readings
she has been spot-on in every reading I have had with her.


Thank you, I really am blown away by what Willow Tarot told me and in only 10 minutes. I have a quiet confidence now that I’m on the right path. Thank you Willow 💕 Adele

wowcher Dec 2022

Hi Spiritual Events,
Thank you so much for my voice note reading. Very accurate with my relationship we need to work on balancing our relationship
Dionne Dec

I've recently received the 3 questions reading from Spiritual Events.

I have to say how impressed I am at how accurate she is, despite receiving minimal information prior.

As she points out, it's a futuristic reading and I'm excited to await events, in the hope the predictions are correct.

Thank you for your time and due attention. Dec

Hi Claire
Review for Willow Tarot.
I opted for a future reading & Willow was incredible I cannot praise this reader enough, she has a lovely soothing voice & you can hear the sincerity.
Firstly Willow answered my 2 questions then was I happy for the rest to be what Willow wanted to bring forward. First question was work Willow picked up about changes & I am looking at improving my work, I am on a sabbatical at present. (I should be working for myself) Second question was love life & Willow picked up this really well, I think both are the same person who is on the peripheral as he is a little younger but is wise too an old soul, however, I could be wrong.
In the 2nd part of the reading Willow talked about my aura which was a lovely surprise.
Willow picked up a course & I have one booked in mid January. Self care is needed & to watch my sleep pattern totally correct it's why I'm on a sabbatical but as yet not looking after me. Willow then did a 6 month tarot reading although this is future I could understand quite a lot of this too as it touched on things I want for next year. My intuition was brought up & I agree I need to hone in on this more.
This reader is phenomenal her talents are multi functional amazing, book a reading & you will not be disappointed.
Claire seriously I took Willow's advice & listened a few times this is why feedback is late, however I am still blown away at her accuracy. I hope she stays around as I would like to buy myself another reading next year. I send in a photo that was from end of September but I will send a more current one next time.
Kindest regards

Thank you Willow for this reading, I will happily use this for guidance 🙏🏽.

Kindest Regards,

wowcher 12 months reading by Willow Tarot Dec 6th

I just listened to the recording. I am SO impressed by how I recognized myself in this reading. I really hope the « dramatic end of a relationship » won’t be my boyfriend aha! But she said it herself, I am in control & I decide I’ll do everything it takes not to be about him.
Thanks a lot for the reading, I’m so pleased & impressed by all of it! I totally recommend Spiritual Events online team to everyone!
Have a good day,
Booked a groupon tarot card reading Dec
Thank you for sending through the reading so quickly.
I have listened to the reading and would like to leave the following review on her profile page.
"I was amazed by how much the clairvoyant picked up on in her reading, especially with regards to the third question, which was deliberately left open to interpretation as to the response I was looking for, and she was spot on as to the reasons for my stress and anxiety".
Best wishes
Groupon, Clairvoyance reading with Spiritual Events
Thank you. This reading spot on. It almost made me cry. I am in a low place right now and this reading has given me faith and reminded me that I am a strong woman so this feeling and darkness will pass.
Thank you
booked wowcher voice reading Spiritual Events

Thank you Willow Tarot for your clairvoyance voice recorded reading it does make sense all the best . V

Groupon customer

Willow Tarot was amazing, the reading was detailed and accurate, it resonated completely with my situation to date.
She gave me the clarity, confidence and confirmation that I needed.
I now know for certain that I can look forward to my future knowing that it will be a successful and happy one and how I can ensure it remains that way.

Groupon customer

Thank you so much


Thank you so much to Penelope!
I really enjoyed listening to her audio indepth Aura reading and feel like it's already gave me the reassurance I need at this time. It was very insightful and was correct about everything I'm going thru at the moment.


Thank you. Reading was 100%. would recommend
Kind Regards
Groupon Clairvoyance future reading  Nov


you were spot on with this reading
and every thing you said about caitlin is excactly whats going on with her
she is hanging around with not good friends that are leading her astray
caitlin has got a lot of anger in her,  caitlins dad died about 3 years ago of heart discease he was only in his 40s
Caitlin takes her anger out on her mum  a lot of the time.
very much appreciate this reading thankyou
cheers karen
booked tarot reading voice recorded message.

Wow that was really amazing. I said little in my questions and she answered them accurately! I asked about more children and will I have any she told me that I will need to plan this more and it’ll be harder than the last one which is right because I am currently waiting for fertility. She also said about my partner being good for me which he is but I was just curious as you never really know and mentioned about my other question that the work I’ve been doing will be recognised and be a positive for me and I’ve made a massive change in my life recently!

Thank you so much. Will be using again.

Jess booked our wowcher deal for online reading

The psychic night we held at WC Newcastle on Friday was brilliant! I can't thank tarot reader Hedvig Starhawk enough for her efforts, everyone had a great night. If you could pass on our Thank you to her that would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

Our event was great and Penelope was very good, thank you! More than happy to leave a review.



Absolutely amazing reading, definitely feel the reading was spot on and Very happy with the outcome, definitely recommend thank you!
Booked a voice-recorded clairvoyance reading online with Willow Tarot

Phoenix was amazing!

We had the best evening with her and all absolutely loved our readings.

She had a great energy and made us all feel comfortable and able to open up.

We would 100% recommend her and will definitely look at booking her again in the future.

Janette clairvoyance review online

Hi Willow Tarot,
I just listened to the readings you've done for me. I am very happy with my voice recorded clairvoyance readings!

It's straightforward.

All my questions were answered right. Some of it happened already.

You're real deal, genuine..I am looking forward for my future.

Thank you very much. You have a very lovely voice too. I will definitely have readings from you soon and I will recommend you to all my friends. Please keep safe always.

Kindest regards,

Max Spielmann SE branch mgr

Osiris interacted with all the guests in a positive way, which meant everyone walked away very pleased with their readings. Would use again

He was booked for fortune telling at an office work party at one of the Max Spielmann offices.


I Have listen to my reading a couple of times and i am more than happy with my reading

 honest and i know with what she said was absolutely true and she was spot on
with every thing she said
i am going to check her out and probably have a longer reading
very grateful for this reading
i will get a reading from you again
cheers karen


Thank you so much for your readings. I have done more than ten voice recording tarot and clairvoyance readings with Spiritual Events online readers and they have all provided me with so much insight and truth.

Would definitely recommend it.

Osiris is wonderful and was a great addition to our wedding. Our guests loved visiting him for a reading and he was very professional and friendly. I'd highly recommend him for your wedding event.
Best wishes
fortune teller wedding UK tarot psychic

Thank you for your swift response, I very much appreciate it!

Best regards,


Oct 2022 . 30 mins voice clairvoyance future reading with Willow

Thank you to Willow for the reading, it made a lot of sense and was very interesting

Susan booked one of our Wowcher deals 6 minute reading.
Thank you so much I really appreciate that
wowcher clairvoyance reading by Willow Tarot
Thank you Willow for my reading. It was timely and pleasant. We shall see what happens!
Kind regards

Willow taror did a voice recorded reading for me on wowcher and she was very accurate. Thank you


The reading was very good, things I didn't aspect to here.  One question was what, I wanted to here.  I would highly recommend a reading.

Tarot reading on groupon


I just wanted to follow back and say Osiris was the biggest hit of the night, everyone loved him and it honestly made the party so thank you so much.


Thanks willow and clare for having a lovely online tarot card reading.

Greatly appreciated. Have a lovely week ahead



The psychic was really lovely and we had a great evening.

Location Edinburgh


Thank you so much am very pleased with the tarot reading xxx

By Willow Tarot Online reader.


From the first card, scarily accurate.

Tarot reading by voice recorded with Willow Tarot

I have waited for the time period to pass on this reading and yes there was a significant family birthday and I was invited and did go to the gathering but there wasn't a guy there I met, so the rest of this reading will be wrong, as it's all to do with meeting a guy during June, July early August. There aren't any other family events or birthdays now. I really wanted to believe and hope she would be right but unfortunately not in this case.
Absolutely brilliant reading from Willow Tarot, so clear and precise... I now know where I am going in life !! Thank you so much, I have fantastic things to look forward to... you are a STAR!!!!
Osiris came to our wedding party as my partner and friends enjoy spiritual readings. Tarot and palmistry were offered and Osiris was wonderful, even being able to perform dual readings. Osiris went above and beyond to cater for many guests with kindness and without skipping on detail; he made our event both exciting and more introspective. Thank you!
Thank you so much for my reading.  I could relate to everything you said.   You really were spot on about my ex and what’s happened in my life.  You’ve given me optimism and I’m looking forward to planning my future.

Highly recommend having a reading with the Spiritual Events online readers.

Kind Regards


Booked a voice message reading of tarot. Nov
I would like to thank you for my reading and I can relate to a lot of things she discussed with me. It will also help me with decisions that I am trying sort out. I would highly recommend to family and friends
Kind regards
Booked a 30 minute voice message clairvoyance future reading
I am in shock at how accurate my reading was and how in tune the Spiritual Events reader is to my current situation.
I found the reading gave me further clarity and a sense of comfort.
I would highly recommend a reading them.
And thank you for my online reading !
Kind regards

Review for Willow Tarot- received a lovely, precise and to the point tarot voice message reading from Willow tarot. She seems a very pleasant girl. Thank you !


Thank you for the reading, it made a lot of sense. It was an interesting read. Thank you very much, is very helpful.

Booked a voice message reading with Willow Tarot July 2022


Hi, I thought this was an excellent reading, great clarity and very true to where I am right now, highly recommended.

Kind regards and best wishes.

Booked a tarot voice message reading.

Thanks for the reading it's very accurate, this is my second reading with Willow  Tarot and she reads exactly as it is .
I'm happy that she confirmed through the reading my situation perfectly
Booked a clairvoyance future voice message reading
I love Willows accent, hopefully everything she says will come true. In any way she was a booster for my self esteem! Much ❤️


Thank you for my reading!! It all made so much sense,I done an interview today for an L&D role, when I send the email above, I didn't have the interview scheduled. My boyfriend and I are saving up to move in next year, and he got a part time job just until he finds something proper. The reading was so relatable!! thanks a mil!!

Booked a voice-recorded tarot card reading

Thank you so much.
That was great.


Booked a wowcher 4 tarot card voice message reading with Willow Tarot


Could you please pass on my thanks for a fantastic 30 minute reading
It felt like listening to an old friend talk, she was honest, direct in a positive way and I was chuffed to bits with my reading
She clarified things in my life that I hadn’t told her about and some of the predictions she made have already happened!! Will definitely be back! Thank you!

Thanks so much for that willow tarot is excellent and I enjoyed hearing my tarot voice recorded reading. 
Your company is very prompt and efficient and I’m very impressed by that. 
Kind regards 

Here is the review:

The reading was super fantastic, everything the reader said made sense and it was relatable to me. Would highly recommend it!! Thank you for the amazing reading.
Willow Tarot


Just to say I heard the voice recorded tarot reading by Willow Tarot.
It was fantastic.
I felt she has a lovely energy and spirit.
She was so accurate regarding a few things.
Thank you very much.
Yes please, that would be great!
I can say that I was happy with the reading and I will definitely come back for a longer reading soon! Highly recommend to all.
Willow Tarot did her a voice-recorded tarot card reading May IRELAND groupon.

I would like to send a review, he is excellent, very accurate and detailed.

Voice recorded clairvoyance reading by voice note.

Thank you for the reading.
Your voice is very calming and relaxing I loved listening to you.
You've truly given me everything I needed to hear. Thank you SO MUCH.
I've applied for college & got accepted for this coming September. It's happening.
As for my ex-boyfriend, everything you've said is spot on and he will not continue on in my life onto me and my daughters next chapter.
He will of course always be there for her life has her Dad but not as my second half. I feel so confidant and ready for my next move. Thank you again,
Have a great weekend,
Bless and wishes,
Amy x
Willow Tarot thank you so much for been honest and very on point with everything you had to say, thank you for the directions and advice given
Definitely will be coming back to willow for another voice recorded tarot reading.

Thank you Willow Tarot for the online psychic reading. It definitely made sense to me. I would love a longer reading and will book again. Thank you Deirdre


I just wanted to say thank you so much to Willow Tarot, that was a lovely voice message reading and all my questions were answered x May 2022

I received my online reading today today. Super impressed! She had me, my current feelings & situation in life, & perhaps what she sees in my future down to a T. So accurate! What a fabulous reader. So impressive. Can’t recommend her enough.
Many thanks!
~ Denise ❤️

My tarot reader was very good, she said things things that resonated with me and that were very accurate to my life right now.
I would definitely get another tarot card reading from her.


Hi there,

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Willow Tarot. Really enjoyed the clairvoyance reading!

Hi, I wanted to say thanks for a wonderful evening for my sisters hen party. It was great to have you there and amazing to gain your insights!

Hedvig Starhawk was booked for a hen party in Nottinghamshire


Thanks so much for sharing the recording.
I'm looking to book a longer Clairvoyance reading
Thanks so much,
K @ellemagazine

Willow Tarot also offers Aura readings. In this UK, Elle magazine article the reporter talks about how her Aura reading was by Willow Tarot for anger issues.


Aura Reader Willow Tarot


thank you very much for the reading. Everything connects to where i am, I needed to hear it from an outside source. Thank you. spot on. 

Many thanks,
Ordered clairvoyance reading online Nov

She was great and I want her to do some more reading for me.


She did a 4 tarot card reading on groupon Ireland. Where we have 5 stars reviews!


Thank you Claire.

Very accurate reading.  Will be back for more 😊
clairvoyance reading IRELAND
Trusty Hogs Podcast

It was so great, Penelope is brilliant. Thank you x. Helen Bauer

Penelope gave the two comedians a tarot reading on their famous podcast!

Listen here https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/trusty-hogs/id1587488188 out in March 2022.


It’s always a pleasure to have a reading from Willow Tarot. No matter the type of reading we chose, it’s always very detailed and accurate. We can tell that Willow Tarot has a lot of knowledge and that she has an inner gift. Thank you again for this fast reading. Which was very helpful.

Booked Fast Tarot reading by voice recorded. (only available Mon to Thursday)


Hello Claire, Thank you for sending across. I appreciate the reading.

Please find my review of Willow Tarot below:
Willow’s reading anchors on my life situation right now. It insightful and definitely helpful. Though I haven’t spoken with her face to face, I feel the friendliness while she is performing the voice recorded tarot reading.

Thank you! It makes a lot sense. Very happy reading. Thanks to you all ♥️Adriana

Booked 10 tarot question reading by voice recorded.


Thank you for the reading Willow Tarot,

I can't wait for the changes to be happen....just counting the days...
Once again for a voice recorded psychic reading
Kind regards,
Thanks so much to Willow Tarot for a great reading.  It was so accurate and to the point. It was nice to have a vocal tarot reading,  because it sounds more personal than getting a reading on an email.
I will do it again another time.

Thanks so much ❤️

Hi Claire,
Please find below my review for Willow:

I love to do Aura readings and I was looking for a regular person that I can reach out when needed and I’m glad that Willow Tarot had been able to do my reading.

She speaks very slowly and I can understand her completely which is good for a foreigner like myself that does not have English as a native language.

The basic aura reading is little bit short but it gives enough information to work on and gives you clarity on your current situation.

Willow’s Tarot voice is also very reassuring and sweet which gives us more comfort. I love the explanations that she gave at the beginning about aura and everything she said in the reading is very helpful and very true. I will definitely book another Aura reading with her and keep her as a regular.


Have a nice evening


Hedvig Starhawk Tarot psychic reader, was brilliant thank you! Everyone really enjoyed having her there, there was a busy queue to see her from start to finish!
Best wishes,
L Durhum University
University Event UK tarot reader

Hi, I just wanted to review the reading I had. I wanted to wait until the time period that the reading was had past so I could comment on the authenticity.

Booked a clairvoyance 6 months reading voice recorded online Aug 2021.

Please see my review below sent feb

At the time I got the reading I thought a few things didn't make sense to me but reviewing the reading regularly as the time went buy everything that he said happened exactly as described to me. Its crazy how accurate the reading was. Every single part! Would highly recommend this reader as his work is clear and accurate! 
Blessings to you all! Many thanks for the service you provide. 
Kind regards, 
I would like to thank Willow Tarot and yourself for taking the time to do the reading and it's preparation.
The reading gave me a very good insight and I believe it will help me on my decisions. All the questions were answered in detail and to the fullest. The reading was very accurate.

Thank you so much willow tarot,

It made a lot of sense and without sounding weird your voice makes me more at ease, so I'm hopeful for the future.
Thank you so much
You're truly amazing...
Lots of love from Ireland
booked a clairvoyance voice recorded reading via email.

We just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your lovely and friendly fortune teller who came to our special day. All our wedding guests said great things about him. JX

Thank you Willow Tarot for the lovely tarot voice recorded reading. It resonated with me and I found it really helpful. I will definitely seek your guidance again the future.
Blessings to you all ❤

Thanks Claire.

Very impressed with this reading from willow tarot, she’s hit the nail on the head, and she’s given me some clear direction and insight into what I was enquiring about .
Thank you :)
Thank you so much  for your time and energy that you put into my 4  voice tarot question reading
I was very pleased I could resonate with everything you said and will take it all on board as I move forward
Thank you
Yes, I would like to leave a review following my reading.
I was really surprised by how much she picked up on in her clairvoyance reading from the limited amount of information provided in my questions. There was a lot to consider from her reading, but none of it was a surprise, it simply confirmed what I needed to know for the next couple of months.
I will definitely book another appointment to follow up on this reading.
 I would like to leave a review, please!

The voice recorded tarot reading which arrived less than 24 hours after I had sent her the information. I was really surprised at how accurate her reading was from the small bit of information she had been given.

Amazingly she told me information about my relationship that I had only just figured out myself in the last month. It makes me wish I had contacted her sooner and saved myself the confusion.
I will definitely book some more time with Spiritual Events online readers.
Thank you for your clarity!

I just had a really accurate 6 months voice reading from Willow Tarot I was blown away!

Excellent Thank you again C

That's brilliant, thanks for the quick response and the great voice reading from Willow Tarot!
Many thanks,


Thanks so very much.
Here's my review:
Thanks very much for your reading. It's a quick one but so accurate and really confirms what I kinda thought. It also gives me a better insight and what to and not to expect. Yes, I will just go as it is and have Fun and enjoy it.
Also very accurate with my last question.
Definitely will book a longer reading. Thanks again.
Booked a voice tarot card reading online.

Thank you so much for the reading.

I understood everything that was said and it all made sense  to me.


booked a 4 tarot card email reading by voice recording


Thank you willow Tarot, That has helped me have a more positive perspective on my future.

Thanks so much, Samantha

Please send a BIG thank you! This has given me hope and I hope she’s feeling better. Merry Christmas xxx

Booked a 6 months clairvoyance reading..

Really accurate & direct voice clairvoyance future reading, I was blown away by the details & would of thought similar myself in relation to my questions, I really enjoyed it & I've recommended Spiritual Events to all my friends and family.
I would just like to leave a review.
I found the reading was very thorough and I really felt the psychic spent time considering my questions with thought and sensitivity to each.
The reading put my mind at ease a great deal and I would definitely consider another by the psychic down the line. Thanks for taking the time to do my reading.
Thank you for this reading! It makes a lot of sense and has given me a lot of comfort and peace of mind.
Kind regards,
Booked Clairvoyance reading

Hey there,

She was excellent and I'm actually going to book with her again. Highly recommended xx
Booked 10 question reading by tarot voice recorded

Hi Claire

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the speed with which your clairvoyant turned this around.
I really enjoyed my reading. Your clairvoyant certainly seemed to understand where I am at with my career and what she has advised certainly seems to make sense in the circumstances. Am looking forward to seeing how it all works out and will be in touch with any further feedback! Thanks again.
Booked a 30 minute clairvoyance voice recorded reading.
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to yourselves and Psychic Medium.
He came to my wedding 30/10/21 to read tarot cards at my wedding. Everyone really enjoyed it and said it was a lovely touch. Psychic Medium was lovely too and it really made our wedding so thank you all once again.
Kind Regards,

Thank you so  much Willow Tarot (My fave tree) for your reading, it was clear and concise and well read. I got the answers I needed. Looking forward to new beginnings as  you mentioned will definitely be using the service again in the near future.

Cheers Viv

I'd love to leave a review for Willow Tarot. She immediately picked up on key aspects of my situation without knowing many details. She read answers that were direct but still very graceful. It helped me navigate through difficult feelings and brought relief. I'm yet to see what happens in the future but thank you so much already, you are truly gifted x

Booked 30 minute voice reading by email.

I have had really good feedback from everyone so far. Thank you for all your hard work.
Bookedour palmistry online reader for 3 days of Virtual Plamistry Workshop for their worldwide staff at UNiDAYS
Oxford Uni Ball

Everyone loved their experience with Osiris, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

For hire fortune-telling at the annual Oxford Uni Ball.

Hi Claire
We had a terrific time on Sunday with Starlight, she was absolutely brilliant and all 6 of us felt much better after seeing her.  She is worth her weight in gold.
Kind regards Sharryn
Booked a psychic hen party, in York.
Our Fortune Teller booked 02 Halloween London

Halloween O2 London Fortiune teller for hire spiritualevents.co.uk

Memory Box London

The psychic event at the Memory Box, Crystal Palace London. Amazing!

Club Manchester

Mediumship Spiritual Show booked at a private

Club Manchester with one of our Spirit Mediums.

Psychic event spiritualevents.co.uk Manchester


Good afternoon,

Thank you, someone never made so happy for sometime. I was so upset for the past weeks and you made me to be positive with your accurate readings. Love always Bhavii
Booked an online voice recorded tarot card reading.
Hi Claire,
This is my review:
Honestly I wasn't expecting much but the tarot reader was spot on. I asked 4 separate questions about 4 different areas of my life and she told me things that only someone with a true talent would know. She confirmed a lot of things that I had wondered about and I felt much happier after the reading.
I would highly recommend this service.
Booked 4 tarot questions by voice recorded.
My reading was very good I got a lot from it, willow tarot mentioned mental health and I didn’t expect her to know about that. I feel more positive about the future now. Thank you.

Hi, i would like to leave a review.

I am very pleased with the reading. I believed it straight away without having any doubts.  Thank you very much! I'll come back for more! Julia
Booked a clairvoyance future reading voice recodred woth Willow Tarot.
My review for Willow Tarot :
The 6 minute clairvoyant recording covered quite a bit. I felt Willow had an accurate sense of me and it was well worth it.
Best wishes.

Hi Willow Tarot. Thank you so much for my reading. You were spot on with the answers to my questions. I would love to have a longer chat with you next time. As I was very impressed with what you told me.

Thanks again

Thank you so much for my lovely tarot reading online it was lovely to hear and so true to life I would definitely love another reading sometime and thank you again ❤️


Again absolutely right about everything, you gave a good insight and a bit of strength fo face things, im so happy I had a chance to get a reading from you, thank you so much. Filomena.

Booked tarot card reading online


Hi that is by far the most accurate reading I ever had, amazing really im out of words, I'd love to talk to you again sometime, thank you so much Filomena

Booked a online reading

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the readings. Bill and Ann (my mother) were suprised at how much of the reading was fitting to their life and personality. They wanted ne to say thank you.
I have gone back to my reading and found that it is changing the way I view my life. There are parts that do need attention, especially getting out of my comfort zone.
I would love to be more in tune, and see the three colours like you. I have bought red jasper and feel that it is helping me in many ways.
I will come to you again. Many thanks and blessings, Janet
Who bought 2 Aura readings.

Thank you so much for that reading, it was very accurate, especially with my career as I have been studying for the last two months (to do with my career) and will hopefully be entering a traineeship within the next two years. Also, I have been told before about locking away a gift since I was a child. I would defo book another reading from the Spiritual Events team xx 

She was very accurate about my job and other questions I asked.
Spoke very well and easy to listen to.
Thank you
Online tarot reading

Review: wow I'm blown away. I asked 3 questions and got the answers I felt were coming but needed clarity and boy did I get it. Thank you thank you thank you

voice recording tarot/psychic card reading. July


Willow has made me feel so much better with her reading and I now know that it’s not selfish and it’s actually important for me to look after myself as well. Thanks again so much and I would totally recommend a reading from willow tarot!!



Dear Steve,
I thank you with all my heart ,your reading is not just words of wisdom but also comforted my heart..I will be in touch...
Online reading
Thank you Claire and thank you Willow Tarot.
I can say that everything is exactly how Willow Tarot has described. Beautiful reading and straight to the point.Thank you so much
Clairvoyance future reading by voice recording.
Thank you for my reading your clairvoyant is very accurate and positive wow
Clairvoyance future reading by voice recording. Feb
I enjoyed the reading and felt what I was already thinking so it confirmed for me which gives me hope.
I will certainly look to request a further more general reading and will look on the website.

Thank you so much for a super reading, so much now to look forward to!!!!!😄 x

Booked a Mediumship reading online. Jan


Thank you for my reading. It was very encouraging and inspiring. Willow has a lovely, sincere voice which is very calming and has healing qualities. Thank you again.

Booked a online clairvoyance reading


Thank you for the reading it was a welcome boost just want what I need, thanks P

Tarot reading online

Sarah L
Can I just say I absolutely balled my eyes out crying.
It was amazing. Spiritual Events psychic is absolutely unreal and unbelievable she actually knew everything to a tee
Thank you so so much.
I am in so much shock she has got everything and knew about everything!
Many thanks
Sarah L xxxxxxxx
Online voice recorded tarot card reading.

I'm literally over the moon after listening to the voice-recorded message. My heart is filled with joy, happiness, and warmth. I am so thankful for this record. I think I needed to hear it because it helped me to clarify some things :)

Please pass on my thanks to Penelope for reading for me. What an insight!! Certainly helped give me some steps and options to move forwards. A joy to listen to :)
Thank you
Booked a 2 hour voice recorded reading

, I really enjoyed my Aura reading, and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things, could you please pass on my praises to Steve :)


Thank you for the reading it was informative and right on several points.

Booked a spirit message voice recorded reading with Medium Star. April


Hi Claire , thank you for 4 tarot card reading it was a welcome boost just want what I need, thanks.

Booked an online voice recorded 4 questions by a tarot reading.


Thank you so much for this. I really enjoyed this reading and she really answered my questions well. It's as if she knew me and the cards that came up with so relevant. Thank you again

Online tarot card reading, Nov


Morning Star

Thank you so much for the lovely reading....sorry for the list of questions! First bit was spot on with how I am...my partner says I'm like a whirlwind, always doing things to help others even when I'm already juggling so much (he says he's never seen anyone multi-task like I do)...he too says it's a way of me avoiding deep emotions.

I'll take on board what you said about making time for me. My youngest daughter is struggling with depression and is at the point where she's looking at career options and is looking at doing veterinary nursing....you mentioned she should be doing something where she's on the move and with animals.

Thanks again for the great reading!


Thank you so much for your reading. It was so good and what I was hoping to hear .
I would love to have longer reading with you another time if possible .
kindest regards

Thank You willow for the reading it really helps me to see I am on the right path and life journey at the moment in spite of the heartache I had over the last year.


Thank you so much Willow, this reading was lovely and really sat right with me.

Lisa 💕


That was superb, thank you very much

All the best


He got a 6 months future clairvoyance reading online.


The psychic tarot reader was absolutely great. Despite the fact that I wasn't sure what to expect and I gave her very little information she was very accurate, things made so much sense that she told me. I would definitely recommend her as well I'd like another reading.

Booked an Online Tarot card reading


I am very satisfied with the reading which was accurate and served the purpose. I can now live with my conscience clear.

clairvoyance future reading online.

"I had a lovely reading done  this week.  She was prompt, kind, understanding and compassionate.  The reading made sense, and was very plausible.  She answered all my questions, thoroughly, and in a way that was not rushed.  I think she is very wise, and very good...  Thank you,  <3  <3  <3  xxx"
Arjuna (Manchester)
booked a tarot card reading online.
Thank you Steve 😊 and I am not disappointed that you answered my question. You will hear soon from me 😊
 With love, Angelica
1 clairvoyance question by email reading
I’d love to leave a review.
Very accurate, things made so much sense that she told me. Would definitely recommend this website.
Many thanks,
Booked a Psychic reading by voice recorded.

Thank you so much Claire for making this reading worth taking. Im so happy with my readings. I will definitely book for another reading soon.  Keep safe.. 🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼

Booked a 4 tarot question recorded by voice sent via email by willow Tarot.


Amazing thank you ever so much everything was spot on wow! X

Clairvoyance future reading voice recorded sent by email with Willow Tarot.

Hello Claire
Many thanks for this, this was spot on and great. Thank you. Would definitely recommend.
Willow Tarot did a voice recorded clairvoyance reading by email.

But the reading was very accurate about what’s happening in my life and has given me some guidance of when things will happen and what barriers I need to over come! Will certainly be using you again many thanks.

12 months future clairvoyance by voice recorded.


Wow! I am going to have to listen through this again and again. Willow was so very, very accurate.

I really am very impressed. Thank you so much Willow 💓

6 months clairvoyance future reading by email.

 I loved the reading and it was helpful and accurate. I definitely recommend for anyone needing a guidance in some life aspects, go for it.
Thank you, Inta x
Hi there,
Willow Tarot, reading was phenomenal. It was accurate, warm, and more than what I needed. I will want a reading from her in the future! Thank you.

My review is for Willow Tarot
May l say how accurate Willow's email tarot reading has been. My reading was late December
So accurate. Worth having a reading.
Look forward to a second reading in a few months.
Thank you Willow


Hi Claire,

I've just finished listening to my voice recorded tarot reading and it resonated more than I expected it would - every word made sense and has given me a good shift in perspective!
Thank you both so much for all your help!

Have a great weekend!

Kind regards,

Many thanks for this.
It was really true to form.
Thank you
4 question tarot reading by email by Willow Tarot


Just received my tarot card reading and I have to say for such a short reading with only 4 questions to answer (as I did a Groupon deal) she was so spot on, and delighted with it, I'm planning on booking a full reading from her now, highly recommend her.
Thank you so much
Siobhain 😊

Thank you so much. I will be having more mediumship online readings from Star in the future. It was really lovely and uplifting. Thank you again

Thank you very much for the reading. It was very accurate and helpful and made me feel alot more comfortable and happy and positive heading into another week.
I will be definitely getting a full reading the advice willow gave me also resonated with me.
Thank you so much
Willow Tarot gave her a voice clairvoyance reading by email.

"Thank you Willow for the kind words, time and energy you have put into my reading. I could totally resonate with everything you said." Ana

email reading by Willow Tarot.


This is amazing thankyou so much you answers everything and got me xxxx

You don't know wot this means thankyou so much.

Mediumship reading online. Dec


I found her excellent she was very straightforward and love a longer tarot card reading with her by email.


I found and related to a few things the psychic mentioned. Obviously, I would have preferred to have spoken to her in person and may just do so in the not-too-distant future. Some notable things mentioned about my cousin and brother are definitely on the spot and quite eerily shockingly true so I would definitely give my review as a strong 8 out of 10. Thank you

" After my first reading, i was so impressed with accuracy that i booked a 10-question reading from Spiritual Events UK. Likewise in the second reading, he has answered my questions. It has given me great comfort. I like his soothing voice, i feel if we met we would like one another and get on also. I certainly will be coming back. Once again thank you. "


Here is my review:
Amazing reading. I can fully recommend the tarot reading.
100% accurate. Thank you

Thank you very much, Star it gave me chills thank you thank you xx Chelsea

Booked a Clairvoyance Mediumship reading online.


Hi Claire,

Can you please thank Star so much for her message it is something I really needed to hear and deep down I think I knew about my energy and will definitely let you both know how I get on in the future. Thank you so much!! Xxx
Online Clairvoyance reading. Nov

I felt her reading was very accurate and when she touched on my life purpose I left me in awe as to how exactly she described all my passions although I didn't mention them in my questions! Her advice was loving and made a lot of sense to me. It made me feel lighter, inspired and hopeful and ready for a positive action!

Thank you Willow Tarot.

Hi Claire,
It was fantastic thanks, Osiris tarot card reader was incredible!! We've had several of the ladies book him for individual readings now.
Thanks for your help arranging such a fun social, our best social in years!

Review for Willow Tarot:

Thank you very much for my 4 question tarot reading by email, which was very accurate and made perfect sense to me. Kate


I just wanted to come back and leave a review for Star, 6 months after I had a clairvoyance future reading.

What you said came true all of it!! I will book another reading next month.

Thanks again James. March

Cho Cho

Please thank your clairvoyant on my behalf.  It is a very balanced future report.  I will do my best to follow it.

With best wishes.
Cho Cho

Thank you for this, that was most insightful.

Booked a spirit mediumship message voice reading. Dec


I am sat crying happy tears after listening to that. Thank you, I know exactly who they all were. x

Review from a Mediumship spirit messages voice recoded by email.


Review for Willow Tarot

I was very pleased with my recorded reading sent via email I Will be recommending her to my friends and I will use her in the future. Thanks again.



Just go my tarot card reading just now and I am surprised at how accurate it is.

A bit scary actually. Dec


Great reading by willow tarot today she explained a lot in a short time. Thank you L


Hi Star

Thank you so so so much!

Spirit reading Voice note. Nov

Virtual Tarot party by skype

tarot webcam virtual party spiritualevents.co.uk hexa

Tarot webcam party with Osiris

webcam tarot party online virtual spiritualevents.co.uk

Webcam Tarot party with Hexa

hexa tarot party virtual webcam spiritualevents.co.uk


Thank you Hexa for coming to our virtual tarot party last night we all had the best time and we all enjoyed our readings.


Thank you so much.

Please pass my thanks to the aura reader. This is such a wonderful reading and she has really pinpointed a lot of things going on in my life. It’s provided me with reassurance during what is a very traumatic time in my life.02
Thanks for sharing your gift, I’ll be in touch again.
Clairvoyance 3 question reading

Hi I had a reading with a tarot reader not too long ago (voice-recorded tarot reading) I'm not sure where to leave a review but would like to say how pleased I was with it!👍

I have just listened again to the reading before the new year bells toll. She seemed to tune into my very soul and my thoughts and feelings.

She gave me the answers I was looking for in regards to love and life. I would like to thank her sincerely for giving me the assurance I needed and hope for the future. Happy New Year to you.

Book a tarot reading for yourself here
Online Reading page at www.spiritualevents.co.uk


Thank you ever so much for my lovely reading. Sending love and all the best for 2024.


Your Aura reader  has a very warm, free & friendly aura to them and I just want to say thank you for your kind words and beautiful 4 tarot card reading you did for me by email.

I hope to come back to you again. You've gained a distant friend in me. You are appreciated. Thank you. ⭐☺



I just wanted to pop a quick email back and give you some feedback 4 months after my 6 months forcaste reading, as I’ve thought about it a lot!

I wanted to let the psychic know that I was in fact pregnant when she did the reading for me (barely conceived), little did I know haha, she told me the card for August was literally saying it was all good to go! And it was !

She then randomly said at the end the month May is coming at her... baby is due 3rd May! Thought the hospital changed the EDD to 29TH  April, I still think he will be a may baby! She also told me id have a few snags and feel low sept-november.. work has been terrible.. but she said January would be much better! I hope so!

Also, like me, she believed my first child would be a boy... and he is a little boy  I knew id have a boy!

I just wanted to let her know how correct she was and again a massive thank you  Ill be purchasing another reading from her sometime next year  always love them

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!



She is to the point no messing about when giving you a voice tarot card reading. And I will book her again.


She tells you what cards she draws.
Very most accurate 5 out of 5. No waffle. This was my favorite online reader and I have tried a few I will definitely book her again!



She offers a nice soothing voice reading and in detail.


She tells you what cards she has drawn and what they mean.
Very thorough and easy to understand also quite accurate.
4 out of 5. Doesn’t waffle either!



Great voice recorded reading very spot on with most of the card reading.


4.5 stars friendly manner and most of the reading was correct.

By Willow Tarot


Excellent mp3 tarot card reading and to the point.


(Tarot/Medium) Fairly accurate 5 out of 5 stars for my reading Tx


Steve is an intuitive reader who picked up on my energy to give guidance on my situation, he read my personality & he was completely spot on.
Steve mentioned black obsidian for grounding & I can confirm I bought a grounding crystal on 2/11/20 so this was brilliant.
He gave clarity regarding what I asked, hit the nail on the head, went beyond too by telling me that in 2021 an event would unfold & I believe this too.
Looking forward to getting another reading when what he told me unfolds. It's made my day.

Thanks Diane


I wish you did face to face readings because every time I have a clairvoyance future reading by you, I just want to say thank you to you.

Bless you Star you are the real deal.



Many times I have had a reading by Star over the years and I am always happy with my readings.

Dx May


I wanted to know about a certain situation and I got my true answer.

Thank you Andrew

Clairvoyance online reading. April


When I asked my questions i didn't think i would get so much details. You are very gifted reader Star.

Future clairvoyance online reading. Nov


I was completely surprised by what was said in my Clairvoyance reading all so true.

Petra. Sep


Totally spot on reading thanks NSMS.

Jack, May


Thank you so much Steve for my 3 questions clairvoyancence reading 🙏😊


me and my mates just book a webcam sess with crystal she told us many things that had happened and some things that have not yet come about.. So I am definitely looking forward to meeting this girl you were on about.


Crystals tarot reading was excellent!!! Thanks again Pete


Wow, that was a new experience well past one really! I booked a past life session with crystal for 1 hour and I found out a bit about my past life. I was a boy!!! It was relaxing not what I thought it would be.

Thank you for this new experience. SX


“Luna joined our work telecon for a night of psychic readings.  She easily coped with our technology, dressed the part of a fortune teller and was exceptionally friendly and approachable.

Our audience got the right balance of fun and more serious insights into their future.  I’d consider hiring Luna again for another event. 

Thanks to Claire at Spiritual Events who made organizing and paying very easy.”

virtual psychic webcam corporate


After starting the Mediumship course, I started seeing spirits in my mind's eye. I am halfway through the course and I can tell that the images and senses are getting stronger. Just wanted to send in this quick mid term review since I am really enjoying the course. Thanks Claire


Oooow! I feel slightly fluffy if that makes sense after my Aura cleanse. S-J x


I really thought that my love life was dead to the water, but after watching my video reading. I am so surprised that I am going to meet someone who looks like that. Because I actually know who you are talking about, and I never thought they liked me like that. I will let you know asap!!



Please thank Pixie for giving us all such hope for the future with her positive tarot readings today.

My work colleagues really had a lot of fun at our virtual corporate event.
We will be back to book her again!

corporate virtual events online psychic webcam fortune teller spiritualevents.co.uk hen party virtual webcam online spiritualevents.co.uk tarot fortune teller psychic medium clairvoyance now

Noor from wowcher deal

I had a reading with your company online 2 years ago and everything came true!


Thank you so much for my online aura reading

Am grateful for your advice ❤

My mom will get a reading from you in the next coming weeks!
With love,

Please pass on my thanks to Steve, this is a lovely Aura reading and describes me well.

Kate, Joe, Sammie

What a laugh we had this was a new experience for us, which we all really enjoyed.

Who knew I had a psychic gift that was a shock!!

All of us wanted to say THANKS xxxx Kate

Sally & Jenny

We both wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU :-)

They booked a couple's psychic spa day.


This is my review for the Psychic Spa day.
What an incredible experience.

I feel lighter and totally calm which is good because I was so anxious before this spa.

I was a bit skeptical at first but it really did work and I've told all my friends about it.

A few said they are going to book in.

Thank you I really appreciated this experience. Chloe XX


Good Morning Clare,

Just wanted to let you know Luna was amazing definitely would recommend and evermore thought she was great.

Many thanks again for all your help.

Take care
Palmistry Party in Bexleyheath.
5* feedback all round for Osiris, thank you again for helping to organize a great night!
Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos. But would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.
Best wishes,
Tarot Party in New Eltham
Please pass my thanks on to my psychic for her very thorough online reading.She’s very on point with a lot of things happening in my life right now, and I look forward to seeing how things unfold. Really appreciate her doing my reading so quickly too. Thanks
Ceri ITV staff party

Your Psychic was amazing!

We probably could have done with two psychics are there were people queuing for her but the feedback from everyone was that she was great.

In Liverpool.












18th Birthday Party, Mum

Hi Claire

The girls said they had a great time with your tarot reader on the webcam!

Thank you again.


Clairvoyance reading by our online readers.

hiya claire im shocked .  100 percent correct this reading is . the part about a women in my life i do like her .

i left a duckling teddy bear on her work table friday past hahaha shes going kill me . but i can see she likes me always looks at me when im present . tries to be in the kitchen when im there .

the part about money owed is a inheritance i think from my mum and dads passing the sale of house or my brother talks about buying it himself  .

that is also were my emotions are coming from as well losing my mum and dad 11 weeks between them both . and the way a women treated me in the past .

i have moved on tbh from this women you talked about.

the other  things is spot on as well to much to talk about but ill be definitely getting another reading done again .

many thanks



We booked 4 hours so each person in our family could have a 1 hour reading.

Thanks Claire for organizing this for us it was a treat!
And all my family agree it was a fascinating experience to have today. It gave us all something new to speak about during lockdown.
And what was said is already true and we all are looking forward to later in the year. Especially my husband with the start of a new job, the psychic even said what it will be!


Hi Claire

I just wanted to write and thank you for organising my tarot reader for my hen party.

It was what we needed right now and the fact it's via webcam was most convenient. Ellie x

Evelyn in the Lowlands, Scotland

I thought what an ideal way to spend sometime, stuck at home during this coronavirus time.
My husband and I both had a lovely reading with the psychic medium here on our webcam today, I can thoroughly recommend it.

Thank you


Fabio Roma

Grazie, cosa divertente da fare quando si sta a casa!

Our family have just had 30 minute readings each by webcam, it was very interesting!

London Business School Student Association
Hi Claire,
All went well and demand was high for them. We would always consider booking again with you.
Thank you and kind regards
Simon London Business School Student Association
Thanks Claire,
Please pass on my thanks as always. I love my Clairvoyance readings with your psychic readers, they're always so positive and insightful and really give me a boost. Also their suggestions and help with moving forwards is always received gratefully. :)
Have a lovely day



Daniel was sold out for his Psychic art show at the casino empire!


Danny was great entertainment at our Christmas party, Frame, Gym, London.

psychic artist london tarot reader spiritualevents.co.uk

Amy University of Bristol

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Danny our tarot reader for our recent event. Everyone loved it!! 
Amy, University of Bristol.


There are many areas where you were spot on Danny, so thank you very much.  You were definitely right in what I want out of relationships as well as dodgy past ones. S

ending you lots of love, Casca

Psychic party Brighton.

Tarot party spiritualevents.co.uk hire a tarot psychic palm reader cruise boats and river parties uk spiritualevents.co.uk


Thanks Danny for the reading I think you were spot on. I just need clarification that I wasn't going mad or paranoid. Thanks again Jane.


Hi, I have just received my 12 month reading which I found amazing you touched on a lot of things that are spot on and even got the area I live correct.

Looking forward to seeing what happens the next few months Thank you Jenny

I found The psychic to be welcoming, and friendly and nothing was too much trouble, despite going over the allocated time given, to do palm readings etc.
She ensured that everyone had their turn and their night was fulfilled.
Many thanks, Gemma, psychic party in Leeds.
Thank you so much
Absolutely amazing!
Not only did you confirm some of my thoughts but you have given me the confidence I needed!!
I will definitely be asking for your help again & be recommending you!
Thanks again!❤🙏❤
Booked our Aura Reading did an Aura reading for her.
Can you please pass on my thanks for the video reading from Hedvig, she was so spot on with how my life has been going and gave me great hope and reassurance for the future...

Hi Claire

Thank you for organising my reading my webcam reading.
I loved it!
I loved the way she sent me the recording, and enjoyed listening to her voice which felt very calming. In terms of the reading I had no expectations as I had not read any reviews but I was impressed.
I live in Ireland with connections to East Midlands via my studies and she got that spot on- this is a very specific.
Also about my new front door and lots of diy - I have just bought a new house that I will be renovating.
 I will wait to see how the rest unfolds but the reading made me feel a whole lot better about my worries. Have listened to the reading several time.
Very pleased!

Hi, the party went really well, your tarot reader was brilliant.

Everyone really liked her and gained something positive from the readings.

Tarot Party in London 2022


Thank you for my tarot card reading by voice note.

You put me at my ease with your careful and grounded explanation of the process. I am very pleased with my reading.

It has given me hope for my relationship and patience with regard to moving.

I can now look forward to the coming year with courage and confidence.



Can you please pass on our sincere thanks to your Psychic for all his psychic readings last Friday.

Everyone who took part was thoroughly impressed and really found the opportunity to have a reading beneficial.

Thank you so much.
Best wishes - Louise, Psychic Event in London.

Encompass PA

The palm reading was fantastic. All the non-believers walked away with their jaws on the floor. It really got everyone talking and comparing.

Our genuine palm reader Osiris was in London, at a Corporate Christmas party.


Hi Claire

Can you please pass on my thanks for the reading, she was so spot on with how my life has been going and gave me great hope and reassurance for the future...
Thanks Sam
Hedvig did a video recorded tarot reading for Sam today!
Matt, events mgr in London
Hi Claire,
Osiris was great! Went down so well! All the guests loved him
Will definitely recommend your services for clients and future parties and events
Many thanks Matt.
Osiris was giving tarot card readings on a boat on the Thames River! Our psychics get everywhere for any psychic themed event in London. 

Hi Claire just to say thank you for being so helpful, and that the Halloween seance was great. I'll definitely use your company again in the future, much appreciated. Peter in Inverness, Scotland.

He had a seance with Scottish Kelpie for a private party.



Hi Claire

Just wanted to say thank you for our booking on Wednesday last week, she went down a storm at the party. There was a queue all night.

Best Andrea @Tribal Worldwide London

Psychic Penelope was giving tarot card readings all night at their Psychic night in London.


Hedvig was great last night and everyone was really interested to sit with her and have the experience.

@zendesk xmas palmistry themed party.

She was very friendly, helpful and looked amazing in the gold dress!

Thank you so much


Wine bar London

Just a big THANK YOU from everyone we got amazing feedback from our busy psychic event last night.

Psychic Evening in London.

Harvey Nichols

Hi Spiritual Events

Thank you for the lovely evening with your tarot reader.  I heard that it was absolutely amazing and you did a fabulous job.

Tarot and Crystal ball readings. At Harvey Nichols.

We work corporate event

Hi Claire,

Just wanted to pop a note across to say what a wonderful addition to our Halloween party Hedwig Starhawk was!

It was a great atmosphere, Hedwig arrived promptly and looked great so people were intrigued as soon as she got here!
Loved the addition of the table cloth too just to help set the vibe. I believe she was busy for the duration of her time and our members reported back that they enjoyed their readings, so thank you!
The Northumbrian Piper pub in Newcastle upon Tyne

Hi Claire, Our medium was fantastic Scottish Kelpie Medium. Everyone who attended our psychic event in Newcastle received a message!

And they were all very impressed with him.
We will definitely be looking to book again next year.


Hi steve, thank you for a beautiful reading :) was amazed at your knowledge and information was spot on....my personality,dates if forthcoming important events, the way he interprets your aura is beautiful and fascinating
I will have a full one next time :)
Exciting couple of years coming
Thanks kayley:)
Thank you so much for recommending your psychic.
She was a great addition to our Halloween themed party. The guests absolutely loved her. She was genuine and extremely experienced.
She went above and beyond for many guests who experienced Tarot reading for the first time.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the psychic party and had come with open minds.
The psychic was a good host and engaged with all of us.
We had a mix result in readings but that's to be expected with group energy.
I think my only recommendation would be to inform the group of how best to interact with the reader as we all had mixed experiences prior to the evening.
My cat was certainly aware of spiritual goings on which was very spooky.
Thank you for the experience
Jennifer Bar in London
Just a big THANK YOU from us - the tarot card reader Penelope went down well and everyone kept her very busy!
Best, Jen
 psychic penelope for hire spiritualevents.co.uk

Morning Claire, Big thank you to psychic Luna who has been fantastic on Saturday.

Have a nice day.
She was booked for a 30th Birthday party London, Soho.
Please pass our thanks on to the tarot readers for our Halloween psychic supper party!
We raised a lot of money for charity.
Kind regards Laura for an event at the Hilton, Nr Southampton
Ms L

The clairvoyant reader was great – very personable and everyone was impressed with the fortune teller readings.

Psychic booked for a corporate psychic event.

Georgie @ corporate event Oxfordshire

Osiris was great!
Everyone wanted some time with him and he was so lovely to speak to! He was giving Tarot/psychic readings.

psychic osiris spiritualevents halloween corporate event oxford


The psychic told me I was pregnant with a girl and her star sign would be gemini.

She was right, I was pregnant with not one but two girls! And because they’re twins they will be gemini!

She was fantastic!

Roxanna – @PR event London Bridge, London.

Hi Claire,

Thanks for your email, she was absolutely amazing, nothing but good feedback.

Luna was at a @PR event at London Bridge, London for Halloween.




Hi Claire,

Our psychic party was absolutely amazing with your fortune teller thank you, Such a fun charismatic lovely reader, Full of energy and really got involved with the 10 of us.
She really is quite a special and phenomenal person, Everyone truly loved her.
What a natural she is and has such a talent, All of our readings were spot on and some of the group were completely gobsmacked with how true to life they were.
She made the night for our group and everyone is still raving about it a week later, Having enjoyed all the games and laughs.
We would 100% book again!
Over all we are so so happy with how the hen do went and the fortune teller really just made the night for us all.
All the best

Osiris was very approachable and all my friends were very impressed with his accuracy and gentle approach. He has a very good sense of humour and has the ability to communicate at all levels with different type of people.

Psychic Party
osiris tarot reader brighton

Aaron viral ventures

Your two Tarot readers were amazing thanks so much!

Corporate event Birmingham. Viral ventures



Shirland Miners Welfare Institute
Club 3000 Bingo, Old Trafford

What a fabulous evening. @ Club 3000 Bingo, Old Trafford

We had a lot of people stay back and the feedback from the customers is lovely.
I will also be passing your information on to our other clubs should they wish to hold a similar event.

Lovely Psychic Medium, very friendly, professional, and an asset to your team. Thanks again

Hoxton Howl
Everything went great over the weekend!! Hedgvig Starhawk was absolutely awesome!
Thanks again and we'll probably be in contact when we have another event.

The fortune teller was great entertainment at a drinks reception at Aynhoe Park.

She was in her own psychic tipi


Ah it was brilliant thank you Claire, everyone loved her!

We would like to book again definitely Bruntwood.
 @ a corporate event giving readings.
psychic supper

Thank you for sending the reading from Steve M this morning, and I would like to thank him for his accuracy and care over my questions. It has given me much needed hope and I really look forward now with a stronger heart.
best wishes nancy

Wedding in a cave

Thank you for coming to my wedding in the cave with your tarot card reader. Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall.


We booked a palm reader and tarot card reader from this company, to come to our Indian wedding reception. Thank you. AJ


We invited psychic Luna to come to our Bollywood wedding to give fortune telling readings. My wedding guests said she was amazing.


@Laura C

Wedding review – Tarot reader – Really great. Everyone loved it. They Understood it was for entertainment only and everyone entered into the spirit of it. @Laura C, Wedding, Surrey.

Wedding Entertainment spiritualevents.co.uk lake district Wedding Entertainment spiritualevents.co.uk lake district england


Our top tarot reader was booked to give tarot card readings at one of the ITV staff parties this year.


Thank you!!! I wanted to leave a review.
My friends and I were really amazed at how much we learnt in just one day at our private psychic workshop at home.

Some of us thought we have the gift but this confirmed we do... Must try some of the activities again, it was such fun we all agreed.

Huddersfield college

Huddersfield college Thank you for the two psychics today!

They booked our Medium and Tarot card reader to do workshops about their psychic skills to 3 groups of collage students in groups of 30 for the afternoon.



We did have good feedback from the guests and those that had Astrology readings seemed engaged and interested in what she was saying so that's good. She was at a corporate event for staff. @swarovski

 The tarot reader was brilliant last night at my psychic party - thanks so much, Carrie, Nottingham.
Fantastic reading with great in-depth advice given.
The whole experience has been A.
Psychic party in York, North Yorkshire.
Film studio London

Private Halloween psychic event

Film studio London,

Review, The Psychic act was a great addition to the night.



Press Day 2 Day booking for new clothing ranges launch. Our tarot card reader was giving readings to influencers.

6 months future reading online

Mess, Aldershot

Officers Mess, Aldershot. Booked our tarot card reader for their party.

Review, Great feedback from all the guests Thank you!


Baby shower St Johns Wood, London. with our Tarot reader.

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU and a huge thanks to your reader!
She was on time, super professional, fun and extremely good!!!!!
The ladies loved her and we had a great time.
She is fantastic, thanks for sending her along.
Cheers, Lila
Lincoln University

Lincoln University Psychic-themed event with our psychic and tarot readers.

Review they were fully booked up all night it was mega busy!

Thanks for sending them over.

psychic party scotland wales spiritualevents.co.uk tarot card reader for hire corporate event

Cambridge University

Cambridge University annual ball with our psychics and palm readers.

Gonville and Caius College May Ball

Jesus College May Ball

We have been going to many of their college Balls for the past 13 years!

psychic penelope tea leaf reader london



Aberdeen University

Aberdeen University annual ball with our crystal ball and tarot reader.

Thank you ever so much people said they were impressed with what was said to them. Kate

London University

London University annual ball with our tarot readers.

From the SU team we would like to express our gratitude your psychics were totally professional at all times during our Ball.


Film Premier Jet Trash in Edinburgh, hired our Tarot reader to give readings at the event.

starring Robert Sheehan, Sofia Boutella and Osy Ikhile,


Catterick summer party, with our tarot and psychic reader.

What a fab addition your tarot card reader was a hit with everyone. @ Marne Barracks Officers' Mess in Catterick Village.


Wedding in Windermere with our Tarot readers.

Gullands Solicitors

Gullands Solicitors, booked our Tarot reader for their Christmas Party.

Brilliant entertainment with your tarot reader thank you.

London rocks jewellery

London rocks jewellery launch, crystal readings for everyone with our Clairvoyant.

Your crystal reader was so accurate and knowledgeable about all the crystals she was a dream at my launch party.


crystal psychic reader www.spiritualevets.co.uk

Durham University

Durham University charity Ball, they hired our Tarot reader for the night.

Thank you again for the Tarot reader who was on time and very professional.

The Square Club

I wasn't at the party myself, but I've had the initial photos back from our photographer and it looked great, including the fortune-telling setup

Psychic Penelope spiritualevents.co.uk

Steampunk fair

Steampunk fair, Yorkshire, with our tarot and psychic readers who also dressed up for the theme!



Boat Cruise, Bristol. -  Hen party on a boat, with our Psychic readers.

Lincoln University

Lincoln University Psychic and tarot readings at their New Orleans Jazz Age event.

Thanks for sending over your 2 readers I heard they were rushed off their feet. Next time we will book longer than 5 hours.

Edinburgh University

Edinburgh University Ball Tarot & Psychic readings at the Surgeon's Hall Museum.

Excellent readings everyone told us the two readers we're so spot on.

We shall book you guys again next time.

Oxford University

Oxford University annual ball two tarot readers.
Oxford University summer Ball, Tarot readings.

Spiritual Events has been doing readings for Oxford University houses for over 13 years!


Gorkana, Ciscion

Gorkana, Ciscion, The tarot reader was good thank you!

Corporate event with our psychic reader.

psychic reading online email


Thank you for all your help in arranging this psychic tarot card reader so last minute! Corporate event Sheffield @Rank.com


Grosvenor Casino

Amazing full, Spiritual show thank you. And your Tarot reader was really busy with our guests all night.

Grosvenor Casino, Bristol.



Warner/Chappell Production Music UK, Album Launch, with our Fortune Teller.


TransPerfect, Yes all went well! Thank you for your Tarot reader.

Halloween Psychic Spirit Ghost london spiritualevents.co.uk south london



Moet, London, Tarot card reader for an event with @moethennessy.com

InterContinental Geneva

InterContinental Geneva, Switzerland, Corporate event with, two Graphologists from Spiritual Events.

Solihull BID

Our tarot card reader was giving readings all day at the festival @Solihull BID festival.

psychic london spiritualevents.co.uk


Old Malton Lodge Hotel

Regular Psychic events at the hotel with Spiritual Events UK.

@Old Malton Lodge Hotel


I had a 12 month psychic and clairvoyant reading, which was a good reading and I wait to see if I meet this man you are talking about soon. Katie


Thank you very much for your reading really uplifted me and hopefully the next 12 months will be amazing :) take care. W

Thistle hotel

Barbarian, London, Mediumship show, Thistle hotel corporate event, We had a medium-ship demonstration show everyone really enjoyed themselves.


Psychic Night,  Kent, I run a pub and we held a Clairvoyant Psychic show. Thank you it was a really amazing night. Ruth.

Vix Adams

Our psychic night on the 14th was amazing!!! Your fortune teller was so friendly and put us all at ease... a very happy bunch of ladies, with fabulous tarot, spiritualism, and healing....lovely relaxing time for all and everyone has been raving about it, I am already being asked to do another soon....

I would genuinely recommend this to anyone....

Thanks for making this happen and see you again soon Vix Adams.

Frankland Arms

Clairvoyant show, Frankland Arms, Thirsk. It was brilliant thank you - will have another one sometime :) Janice.

Buzz Bingo

Mediumship Psychic show Buzz Bingo Borehamwood, United Kingdom

Hi Claire, it was brilliant, all customers loved it, we will definitely run one again may be at a different time, I will let you know the dates when after our promo meeting next month.
The Pack Horse pub, Bury.

Halloween Mediumship Show + Plus private Tarot readings. The Pack Horse. Review Carol, Both excellent and the card reader stayed later to read the last few.

psychic halloween event spiritualevents.co.uk

Camp hill estate

Psychic Mediumships show - Halloween medium night @camp hill estate , kirklington, bedale.

the dreamcatcher spiritualevents.co.uk Halloween event party spiritualevents.co.uk psychic tarot reading

Stanmer House

Mediumships show and tarot card reader for the Halloween event @ Stanmer House

Halloween Psychic Spirit Ghost london spiritualevents.co.uk cambridge

Northampton Inn

Northampton Inn, Mediumship show, A review from the Landlord it was a huge success can we book another one!

Talgarth festival

Mediumship Show at Talgarth festival, Thank you for everything David was fab! Catherine.

Smart Aston Court Hotel

Smart Aston Court Hotel, Derby, Spiritual, Mediumship Show & Psychic Supper. Sold out!

Silverdale Athletic FC

Spiritual Event Mediumship Show. Sold out!

Silverdale Athletic Football Club, 6RQ, 9 Scot Hay Rd, Silverdale, Newcastle ST5 6RJ, United Kingdom


The Warehouse Grimbsy

The Warehouse Grimbsy, Psychic night, Spiritual & Mediumship Show.
Review event mgr, Saturday night went very well!! The Medium was absolutely excellent and we will be looking to book him again another time this year we think!

Samuel Brooks

Mediumship Show Samuel Brooks, Sale, United Kingdom A great night, we will book another one this year!

The Granary Hotel

Mediumship Show - Many thanks – all who attended had a fabulous evening. The Granary Hotel & Restaurant, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

Bram Stoker Film Festival

Headline act at the festival"Bram Stoker Film Festival". Psychic Show, Bram Stoker Film Festival, Whitby North Yorkshire. Mr Meyers was fantastic!


Spiritual Events was very professional very easy to book the psychic party. The psychic did our readings and he was really accurate, I will highly recommend them to even more friends.

Thanks for coming to my home. Sarah, Kent.


A great reading from you guys as always. She is positive and insightful. Thank you Nicola


I was very happy with my reading, it confirmed things I have intuitively thought about certain situations, and brought me inspirational guidance. I was impressed to feel as though she knew my character and I was able to relate to certain situations that may occur in the future that I have dreamt about numerous of times before. Many thanks - highly recommended, Zara.


Hi, I would just like to say that I absolutely loved my reading and some things were really spot on! It definitely brought tears and gave me the reassurance I needed to hear. Thank you so much! Lauren x


Thank you so much for the reading you gave me. I have listened to it many times and it was so accurate that I was blown away. It has helped me with questions I had and verified things. My sister and I really did enjoy our cocktails, Thanks again you really are a special tarot reader with an amazing gift xx Elaine


Just wow thank you so much so spot on with things that have happened to me and around me I thank you for giving me some much needed clarity and reassurance definitely will be looking at getting some rose quartz thank you again, Kayla


I have just listened to my reading and it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how accurately she described my situation, what a gift she has!

Everything she said really resonated with me. Therefore please let her know how delighted I am with my reading and thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction Love Sam


“I’m delighted with my email reading, she answered all my questions honestly and insightful. In addition I'm  very pleased with the information given surrounding my loved ones in spirit; put my mind at ease and lifted my spirits”.  I’ll definitely take another look at the website Claire and possibly purchase a more in-depth reading when I next get paid! Best wishes, Vanessa.


You have a true gift Claire, when I read your reading I knew you were right and I will take action. Thank you, Lucy :-)


There are many areas where you were spot on, so thank you very much.  You were definitely right in what I want out of relationships as well as dodgy past ones. Sending you lots of love, Casca


Thank you for my reading it was amazing how accurate you were , it helped a lot I could see a lot of truth in what you said things that only I would know, with many thanks again, regards Betsy.


The Clairvoyance reading was stop on, i have just lost my young cousin, so there is grief . I'm also gifted but I do nothing . I'm  pleased  with my reading.  Thank you.  Naomi


The reading is very detailed and I am happy to get the results back so quickly. I am quite pleased with the overall experience. I also liked that the clairvoyant was very direct and not inclined to giving me hope when there was none. Appreciate it. Would definitely use your services in future and recommend to others :) With warm wishes, Reggie


Very quick in getting back to me as I had expected to wait. Reading was good and was quite accurate in some respects in what I was looking for. Shall wait and see what happens. Kerri


Brilliant service :same day reading . Relevant information , very kind and caring approach 10/10 Joe.


Omg !!! What an amazing reading !!!! Allyson x


Thank you SO much for that reading. I CANNOT believe how accurate it is. I was kind of in tears and happy too. It was just like reading about my own life right now. I CANNOT thank you enough for that reading. I just hope that what has been said comes true. I would DEFINITELY have another reading from you again. She is JUST amazing. Thank you does not cover it. Laura


Very great full for the reading. Very good. Super quick response. I would definitely recommend it . Thank you so much for your time Best wishes Ekaterina.


Hi I have just read my reading, thankyou it has given me hope to stick a difficult situation out at this  time which I'm going through, and I do have to say at this point my clairvoyant does seem to have tapped quite accurately into my personal situation and the behavior I'm experiencing from a closed loved one, and how their mindset is at the moment! Thankyou . I will await further time but the reading has helped a lot Thanks Cath x

Thank you very much for my reading. It's very spooky but it's as if she knows me, so accurate !
Amazing, thank you both so very much, Kind regards Lorna

Please extend my gratitude to my clairvoyant as well for a very good reading. She really put time in every single question I had :) Cheers! Imelda.


Thanks so much for the reading. I really enjoyed it so much that i read it over and over again!! One of the best readings I've had and would definetley recommend. I feel as if I have been guided in a time of my life where I felt lost. Racheal


Amazing my questions were answered quickly and the answers were so accurate it was spooky! J


Thank you this reading makes a lot of sense for me and I am glad I have found this site as will recommend & use again myself. Thank you Wendy x


Psychic Hen party Near Leeds. I would just like to say how much we enjoyed our event with Danny He was so kind and everyone loved it! He traveled so far and were flexible to our large group! I've attached the photo hope you get it ok! Thanks again Maddie.


I just wanted to write and say a big thanks for coming along to Abi's hen do on Saturday! It was fantastic and everyone had a great time and commented on how accurate the psychic was and what a great idea it was to have on a hen do! Claire, Westminster.


What a fantastic time we had with your Psychic on Saturday. Very professional and a superstar considering he was there until about 11.45! Would definitely book again. Gemma, Derby - Hen party


Tarot Reading Party, Birmingham. Great entertainment and every loved my psychic themed hen party, cheers x Joe


The hen event was brilliant and I would definitely do it again for a birthday or similar event. Your psychic medium got a lot of information through for people who needed to hear it, and everyone was really pleased that I had chosen that kind of event. :) Caroline, Lancashire.


Amazing and insightful runes and palm reading thank you all my friends enjoyed their readings at my birthday party too! Thank you, Lucy.


Hello thanks for the psychic tarot email reading.. was fab.. put my mind at ease and look forward to my future. Already recommended it to my friend Amanda x 


Hedvig was doing tea leaf readings for a corporate events for ges.com in Birmingham.

Golden lion Hotel Northallerton

Peaky Blinders night with Hedvig Starhawk giving crystal ball and palm psychic cards readings all night.psychic london spiritualevents.co.uk


The Light, The Headrow, Leeds

It went brilliantly thanks – we loved the tarot reader! We even managed to get our cards read by her at the end The Light, The Headrow, Leeds,

Birmingham City University

Peaky Blinders party doing tarot and palm readings.


I really enjoyed my email reading, it was very accurate and reassuring. Thank you very much! Best, Tina


Thank you for my clairvoyance reading it is accurately and to the point. Regards Helena.


WOW!!!! Thanks for my Clairvoyance reading. It made me laugh and was spot on as well as enlightening. Really appreciate your insight. Blew me away. Ros M.


Hi Claire, Please tell her a massive thank you to Steve from me the reading was spot on.


Blown away to be honest!.. Things have been on my mind for a while and I know some hard decisions have to made. This reading has given me the peace of mind that I know things will work out. :-). Loved the Mr & Mrs link ;-).
Will definitely recommend and will use again.


I was very impressed with the clairvoyant reading.

The cards explained so much that is going on in my life right now and was very accurate. It made me take a step back and view the full picture of my current situation. Worth it. Thank you ! Sadie


I just wanted to say thank you so much to willow who just gave me a very in depth reading that has helped me to move on from this chapter of my life. Her reading was eloquent and accurate and I enjoyed her humor that accompanied it too!! Kath.


"I went through Dee's reading, at first with a touch of skepticism as to what would be revealed, which soon grew into abject wonder as it appeared that Dee was speaking directly to/about me, with all my individual traits and quirkiness. I was left with a feeling of real optimism for the future and was reminded to keep on keeping on, and to never give up. Thank you, Dee, your reading at this time is much appreciated." Kind regards, Chi.


I would like to thank Dee for her well considered and detailed reading. I will be sure to look back on it over the next 12 months. I would definitely recommend Dee to clients. Thank you all, especially Dee. Anne


The psychic drew four tarot cards for me to answer four questions I had posed. Her interpretations of each card were extremely relevant to what I was asking and made a lot of sense.

They say the answers are inside and the reading brought these to the surface, helping me answer them myself.

They were very pertinent and helpful. In fact, that night I had a dream that provided a fuller picture in a couple of the areas I'd asked about and helped me crystallize a decision. I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you! D

Had another reading with Dee and what she said made total sense to me now. I wished I found her 3 years ago, then I wouldn't been through all the emotional pain and torment. Thanks to Dee I can now start a fresh new life. Thank you Dee, I wouldn't waste any more money on different readers.
Many thanks V. June

I have had few amazing readings done by DEE, such a lovely, deep and wonderful person. All my readings were spot on. Thank you Anita.


Please tell Dee thank you so so much for that. It is definitely something I needed to hear!! Thank you again, Hollie.


Thank you very much for that, It relates so well to my life and is 100% true, I look forward to what my future will hold now, thanks psychic Dee x


Thank you so much for my reading i can relate to a lot of what you have said there so thank you again. Love and light Janette


Very interesting reading by Dee which has actually reinforced my own instincts on the matter of my relationship with my son.  This has made  me focus better and probably helped to stop me from taking  the wrong sort of action.  Many thanks. Shirley


Dees reading was good, and really just confirmed what I was already thinking ,which is reassuring. Some of dees comments have made me think about planning more and taking control, so all very helpful. Steve


Thank you for my lovely email reading from Dee. I could tell time, thought and care had gone into it. I've found it very insightful. Many Thanks Heather x


I enjoyed reading it and some points definitely ring true. It would be interesting to organize a face to face reading with Dee in the near future. Thank you Jane


"Thank you Dee for the email reading, the really quick response was ideal and it's helped give me clarity on a few situations that have been causing me stress!! The cards were very accurate and I would recommend and will return :)!" Thanks Katy


Thank you so much for the reading-strangely it's brought me some peace of mind and I can place everything Dee has said. Thank you! Laren


Thank you so much Dee for the brilliant reading. It highlighted many things that are going on in my life at the moment and it was very accurate.  I feel more peaceful about things now.  Thank you once again. Tina


Hi I would like to leave a review for your psychic webpage please. I am literally blown away by this voice note reading and its accuracy and also the reassurance it has given me in certain areas and has prompted me to pay attention to health issues.

This is the first time in around 20 years I have had a tarot reading and will most definitely be seeking further ones from Dee. Thank you so much and also response time was brilliant Vickie.

I loved my reading!!!! I am so happy and thankful. This reading by Dee has given me a lot to think about 😁
Dee is an intuitive reader, the messages and advice she gave were helpful and made sense. I enjoyed the reading and have a lot to take in and changes to make. Thank you Dee for your lovely reading.

I believe I have just been clarified! Some of my questions were difficult to a lot of readers to answer but she did answer all questions without hesitation and I'm glad I got some really good answers on point to what I was asking and great advice that I'm definitely taking on board. One of the best clairvoyant readings I've had. Justine


Her reading was validation of a number of messages I've been getting recently and really hit the the nail on the head.  She made some suggestions which I'll definitely be following to develop myself further.  Thanks Dee!


"Dee picked up on my situation even though I was a little cryptic with my questions. The question on family with the in laws could have been misconstrued by an inexperienced psychic but Dee nailed it. She told me things i knew already but how could she have known and put my mind at ease in a positive and helpful way for the future which is something that has been worrying me. I a excited to see what the future holds but I can tell that Dee is experienced, compassionate and has a real talent for reading people. All this was done on email without speaking to Dee. I highly recommend Dee and I think I have now found someone who I will be consulting on a regular basis. Thanks Dee I am a fan now - Nicola, London"

Jesus May Ball

Spiritual Events tarot reader was giving Tarot readings at the Jesus May Ball. They loved it!


It has changed my life in terms of not worrying about things that I cannot control, and also gave myself and my Cousins a sense of peace. Thank you very much to Osiris who was very pleasant, kind and positive. Paula.


We had a group Spiritual reading at a hotel we were staying in on 27th May as part of a birthday party, and we were all pleasantly surprised at how accurate Osiris was about each of our lives.


Hi Osiris, I thought that you were very entertaining and put a different spin on the entertainment for our party. You were perceptive and helpful. Lana.


Hi thank you for my email psychic card reading you were spot on, with a few of the things you said very good Jo XX


Thank you for the wonderful spot on reading from Osiris. Can you please let him know that he was right especially at the party and him getting stressed out it was the second to last time I saw him as people always got in the way. The last time i saw him in person we couldn't speak because we were at an event but I found him staring at me a lot. I do hope the gift is true. Katy


"A big thank you to Osiris who gave myself and my friends very accurate readings. He is a really lovely guy who is very easy to talk to and was spot on with so many of the things he said" Liane. Mediumship and Tarot party in Portsmout


I just wanted to thank Osiris for such a lovely tarot reading. It made a lot of sense to me and gave me some comfort that things will improve. I will recommend Spiritual events to my friends and family.  Thank you Kind regards Sue

 I want to thank your clairvoyant for a helpful and clear reading, delivered with real care, warmth and positivity! The depth she went to and her sensitivity in addressing my questions was very much appreciated. Thank you. Suzanne.
Thank you very much for your beautiful reading. You choked me up but in a very beautiful way. Claire xxx

I really enjoyed Sage's response, she was very detailed in her responses to my questions, which I was excited to read about. from S.


Hello i had a wonderful in depth reading with Saga she was mind blowing anyone needing a reading i highly recommend her.... Deborah.


Thank you Saga this reading makes a lot of sense for me and I am glad I have found this site as will recommend & use again myself. Thank you Wendy x


Dear Steve, Once again, it has been an amazing reading from you, both of my daughters had some clarity with their life situations, they have deeper understanding now.. What can we all say? You are an amazing Reader and even through your readings, we feel your profound guidance and compassion.. Thank you so much for really connecting with your heart.. You are amazing.. Blessings and Love, Belvie

This is a brief review for Steve. 
He strikes me as a kind & wise man.  Caring, nurturing & mature.  My online reading with him, was reassuring and...  inspiring.  He spent the most time, on the questions that required the most insight / guidance, and for that I'm grateful.
I'll keep coming back to the reading, as he suggested, to become better aware of things I may've missed first time around...  and he suggested having a second reading done in summer, which I might take him up on.
It's been a nice reading, from a fatherly figure. Thank you Steve...  God bless you Sir.  <3
All the best, Arjuna
Paula J
I had received the email reading this morning but never had the chance to look at it. I have just been reading it and I lay here and wondered how does he know me so well. So many things made sense to me. 
Steve...your brilliant!! It is difficult to find someone to tune in and give a reading that you can identify with and even though it is early on in it has given me a lot to think about.
If there was one thing I would change it would be that I wished that it was a complete full reading that I had. Thank you so much and may you continue to be blessed. Love, light & gratitude. Paula J

A very interesting reading by Steve. he was spot on with my personaltity traits and my intuition. Thank you for the warning. xx

Will you thank Steve for my reading, he’s described me to a T and definitely helped to clarify a few answers. 
I’m definitely looking forward to what’s in store with the future. Thank you so much Nicola xx

Please could pass on the message to Steve that it was a wonderful read for my morning. It gives me such hope and definitely clarifies some things for me that I have been worried about. I really look forward for the future now. Thank you! Rebecca 

Sending you Blessings and pure Love and Light..
It's an incredible reading and has helped me greatly in my need to find clarity in my current situation. I'm so glad I got in touch. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Steve. I will be recommending Steve and Spiritual Events UK to friends and family. R. 

Dear Steve, Thank you so much for this amazing reading, I am in so much awe that I had to read it twice.. Everything that was said are in such accuracy that thus by far is the most profound reading that I have had in years. I would definitely let you know if I dream of something in the next days.. And would definitely book another reading in the near future.. I am so glad that I followed my Inner guidance when I was led into your website, I even asked my own Higherself and my inner guides about getting this reading from you, and they were right, I was told that I would be happy and surprised with your reading.. It did answered many questions to the puzzles that I have been trying to connect.. I'm so thankful to have this experience, your reading is the most genuine I ever had.. It's really indeed seldom to find genuine gifted readers nowadays.. It's such a privilege.. Balena.

Thank you so much Steve! I am so grateful to have found you. My mom sends her love and blessings to you too!❤
I had tears in my eyes when I read the first few pages. It is so accurate and it helped me gain a different perspective of my life. It brings me closer to the path I've always been aiming for. I never really believed in myself but now I do. We humans sometimes fail to appreciate every single opportunity provided by the universe and we are sometimes so blinded and caught up in a situation that we forget to look deep within ourselves and embrace the journey we actually signed up for in this lifetime.
Your words written in these pages have incredibly marked me in such a beautiful way which I will never be able to forget. It's like the "unspoken dreams" and words I've kept to myself for a long time.
You provide such great advice and it helped me so much in understanding my inner being.
You also mentioned so many things which I wasn't completely aware about. You did a great job and you always do! Feel privileged to have this marvelous reading. I am so thankful for your reading and guidance. With love, Angel

Good morning, I want to thank Steve for his reading. wow wow wow! To be honest, I was sceptical a bit cause he is a male. At the time he was doing reading I fall asleep! HE is a real treasure, honest, warm and resonate situation very well, found words which touched my heart :)I  definitely recommend  Steve, and would come back to him at the end of the year as he suggested. thank you, Best wishes, Irena C.

Hello Steve, its Audrey here. I would like to thank you personally for the beautiful reading and wonderful birthday gift!
Thank you so much for taking your time to answer all my questions and it is truly an honor to be read by you. Im sure in time I will fully understand everything that has been said there but for now, I have received the clarity that I needed.
I am sure that this will not be the last time we will be in contact and I wish you a wonderful day! Yours, Audrey
@InfoTrack London.

Osiris worked out great, thank you! There was queue for him even before he arrived. Corporate event @InfoTrack London.

Booking.com Ltd

Osiris was giving tarot readings for a staff Halloween party at Booking.com Ltd.


Pixie Wilde Tarot reader at event in Carnaby Street, London for Halloween. Yes all good thanks! She was fab. K

welcome to spiritual events

Eleri @boohoo.com

Spiritual Events psychic was brilliant, she arrived early and stayed a bit later as she was in high demand! Very professional and easy to talk to. She brought great props and was dressed perfectly to fit in with our carnival theme. We would definitely use her again and recommend to anyone for this sort of event! Eleri @boohoo.com


The night went so well it was amazing! Your tarot reader was a hit.

@Social Secretary for Exeter Riding.

Dax Matthews

Yes, ahh The Psychic was lovely , and provided a great service for Halloween and was a great success !! Thanks a lot. Kind Regards Dax Matthews Peaches and Cream LTD.


PA for Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, Tarot reader, Halloween staff party.

Tarot card reading party

PANDORA Jewellery UK Ltd

A big thank you to Katarina and you from everyone here at PANDORA. We really enjoyed working with Spiritual Events. Katarina was so popular on the day of the event. PANDORA Jewellery UK Ltd, London.

Corporate filming booking, Glasgow.
We had a great day and  Hedvig Starhawk was really enthusiastic and professional. We were all impressed with how accurate her readings were! She was willing to give others on set a reading too which was above and beyond what we could have asked for. I’d definitely hire her services again. kesselskramer.com

Tickets sold out fast for our Psychic event with Hedvig Starhawk, she was giving private palmistry, rune stone and tarot readings at Hotel Competa, Costa Del Sol in Spain this summer. :-) M

Suzanne, @Birmigham city football club

We all had a great time and enjoyed Hedvig Starhawk and her tarot readings.  All very positive comments and would recommend her to friends.  Please thank her again for me. Suzanne, @ Birmigham city football club, Staff party


Hi Claire, Thank you so much for your help in organsing the psychics. Of course I’d love to give a review, please see below.

The tarot card readers were fantastic – so lovely to work with and a great addition to our event! I know everyone really enjoyed having their readings done. event held at the Radisson Blu hotel.


Leeds event with our Tarot reader who was booked. It went brilliantly thanks – we loved her! Ellie @prohibitionpr

Global Radio

Psychic and Tarot readings outside Debenhams at Eldon Square shopping, center in Newcastle. This is Global radio for our Halloween event.

The We Plan Group

The We Plan Group Christmas party is a big event each year. Our staff love the end of year party and what a better way of seeing the year out with a reading looking back on the past and seeing what is to come for the future. The perfect touch to an end of year business party. It was well received by all of our staff. We wished our night was longer to have had more of it.
We will definitely be using the service again and one of our managers is looking at booking for her wedding.
Thanks for a great night.


Peaky Blinders corporate event with two tarot card readers from Spiritual Events, Thanks guys, Birmingham @Hippodrome, Hurst Street, B5 4TB


The Clairvoyant was a hit and everyone anyone who got the chance to have a reading really enjoyed it. @motherlondon

Elisha, PlayMOB

We had a great time. Thank you so much for sending such a inspiring tarot card reader! I'll definitely be recommending your services to lots of people. Elisha, PlayMOB, London:)


I would like to express my sincere thanks to your psychic She did a marvelous job I would recommend her to anyone! From a professional element she certainly was very much on top of her game and most people said she read them between 70/90 % Thank her again and thank you for your organisation.
K@ OpenText corporate event, London.


Review from purplepr.com West Thirty Six, Notting Hill, London, with VIP guests in attendance including Ellie Goulding and her boyfriend. Booked our Tarot reader “Flower from Spiritual Events who delivered an insightful reading to our guests which both shocked and excited. A great addition for any party.” Thanks P.

The Friary Guildford Shopping Center

We hired both a psychic, tarot readers for the day. Thank you @The Friary Guildford Shopping, Guildford, Surrey

Ms Kertsikoff

Tarot card readings private event. @Thames Rowing Club in Putney.


Everything went amazing! with your Clairvoyant reader. Thank you so much! @G, Nickelodeon 

RAF Marham

I would like to thank everyone who assisted in a great evening at RAF Marham. Please could you pass on my thanks to your tarot reader for their assistance. Regards, J. Christmas party.


We hired Luna for a private cocktail party, Luna was incredible - she provided not only some fun and most interesting and informative readings to the guests, but also was extremely professional and a good energy to have around.
It was very easy to arrange via Spiritual Events, and it was also great that Luna reached out personally to me beforehand to talk about the event in detail. On the night Luna was extremely punctual and flexible and really adapted so well to the party and the environment. I wouldn’t hesitate to book Luna again for any type of event and I would most definitely recommend her to all. Thank you! Natasha, London.

Broker Network

Psychic Luna was giving Fortune telling readings at a corporate event in Harrogate. @Broker Network


She was really good. Halloween event @LADbible, London office.

MVF, Imperial Works

Luna doing a Psychic Workshop for a team building day. @ MVF, Imperial Works, Kentish Town


Luna gave Tarot card readings for a launch event for @awaytravel.com


Luna was brilliant and the guests were so impressed. It added such a new element to the evening.

@Beverley Racecourse

Tarot card readings all day at goneby race day. Hi Claire, thank you very much for hooking us up with Luna, she was excellent, a real professional despite the awful weather conditions and an unusual and engaging addition to our event. We would certainly ask for her again when we have a suitable event. Thank you

@River Island, press launch.

The event went well thank you, Luna was so so great and everyone who had a tarot and palm reading with her was astounded by her ability. She was also just so lovely to be around and have her support, very humble and super relaxing. Thank you so much for putting us in touch with her.


We had a psychic come and visit our hen party on Saturday in Norfolk. She was extremely friendly and instantly put everyone at ease.

I must admit I didn’t now how I felt about the spiritual world has never been to a medium before but their psychic blew me away with her gift!!

My grandparents came through and everything was spot on right down to the time on a watch left to my mum, we have come away feeling greatly humbled by the experience.

You are amazing, we would highly recommend you and look forward to meeting you again xxx

Hello lovely people, Thank you so much for your wonderful services!
Thank you for this beautiful reading, for messages and for the lovely tools you shared with me! This is so helpful and full of love!
Thank you! I wish you all the best, blessings and a bright evolution!

Hi  thank you so much for last night, thank you for having the time to talk to me, for the first time in a long time I got up this morning and felt good. It was so nice to hear from my mum and dad, all the best @ Spiritual Events Mediumship Show.


Hi, you did me a reading by email some months ago. You were very good as you got Cornwall, which is where I live. Also favorite songs linking to my mother and that she died of cancer. I am Psychic Medium having spent over 20 years giving live readings on radio etc so it was a treat for me to have someone give me a good reading for a change. Be lucky.

Hatfield Peverel Pub

He was a lovely psychic and we thoroughly enjoyed his visit in September. Mediumship show at the pub.

RAF Brise Norton

I would like to pass my thanks to your Tarot reader for her psychic work.

She was extremely popular with all who attended, she received lots of praise from everyone who had a reading.

She worked extremely well with individuals and even kept everyone captive when the hoards of regiment surrounded her table. It was a welcome change to the normal routine parties and we will definitely be keeping you in mind for future events.

RAF Brise Norton.

Tye Brown

Psychic Penelope is the biz!