5 Question Future Clairvoyance Reading


5 Question Future Clairvoyance Reading.

Clairvoyance is a vision of the future.

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5 Question Future Clairvoyance reading

Ask up to 5 questions about your future! Our clairvoyants will look into the future for you to get your answers.

They will voice record your reading for 10 minutes and we will send you your reading by email.

Contact us now with your questions, a photo of you and we will start your reading.

I've now opened the file. Thanks for an amazing 12 months reading.
Would like to leave a review for Spiritual Events online team.
"Reading arrived fast and was very detailed. Answered all of my questions in great detail and really helped me find peace with my queries. At least I finally know where I stand, and so accurate bout patience (which I haven't got hah). I will try to be patient as think it would be worth it, now that I know that the potential for long term is there at least.
Thanks again, would definitely recommend and return".
Clairvoyance reading in March

I would say that she is brilliant and lovely !
She said everything with precision and help me a lot to have a light in my journey
Thanks so much !
She gave a clairvoyance future reading Feb

Hi! Thank you so much for this

Yes please do add a review for Willow:
'Thank you so much for your reading Willow, very good advice and reassurance for this new year. Ana'
Thank you
Kind regards.
Online voice note reading in January
Hi Claire
Review for Willow Tarot.
I opted for a future reading & Willow was incredible I cannot praise this reader enough, she has a lovely soothing voice & you can hear the sincerity.
Firstly Willow answered my 2 questions then was I happy for the rest to be what Willow wanted to bring forward. First question was work Willow picked up about changes & I am looking at improving my work, I am on a sabbatical at present. (I should be working for myself) Second question was love life & Willow picked up this really well, I think both are the same person who is on the peripheral as he is a little younger but is wise too an old soul, however, I could be wrong.
In the 2nd part of the reading Willow talked about my aura which was a lovely surprise.
Willow picked up a course & I have one booked in mid January. Self care is needed & to watch my sleep pattern totally correct it's why I'm on a sabbatical but as yet not looking after me. Willow then did a 6 month tarot reading although this is future I could understand quite a lot of this too as it touched on things I want for next year. My intuition was brought up & I agree I need to hone in on this more.
This reader is phenomenal her talents are multi functional amazing, book a reading & you will not be disappointed.
Claire seriously I took Willow's advice & listened a few times this is why feedback is late, however I am still blown away at her accuracy. I hope she stays around as I would like to buy myself another reading next year. I send in a photo that was from end of September but I will send a more current one next time.
Kindest regards

Thank you Willow for this reading, I will happily use this for guidance 🙏🏽.

Kindest Regards,

wowcher 12 months reading by Willow Tarot Dec 6th

Thank you for sending through the reading so quickly.
I have listened to the reading and would like to leave the following review on her profile page.
"I was amazed by how much the clairvoyant picked up on in her reading, especially with regards to the third question, which was deliberately left open to interpretation as to the response I was looking for, and she was spot on as to the reasons for my stress and anxiety".
Best wishes
Groupon, Clairvoyance reading with Spiritual Events
Thank you. Reading was 100%. would recommend
Kind Regards
Groupon Clairvoyance future reading  Nov
Absolutely amazing reading, definitely feel the reading was spot on and Very happy with the outcome, definitely recommend thank you!
Booked a voice-recorded clairvoyance reading online with Willow Tarot

I Have listen to my reading a couple of times and i am more than happy with my reading

 honest and i know with what she said was absolutely true and she was spot on
with every thing she said
i am going to check her out and probably have a longer reading
very grateful for this reading
i will get a reading from you again
cheers karen


Thank you so much for your readings. I have done more than ten voice recording tarot and clairvoyance readings with Spiritual Events online readers and they have all provided me with so much insight and truth.

Would definitely recommend it.


Thank you so much am very pleased with the tarot reading xxx

By Willow Tarot Online reader.

I would like to thank you for my reading and I can relate to a lot of things she discussed with me. It will also help me with decisions that I am trying sort out. I would highly recommend to family and friends
Kind regards
Booked a 30 minute voice message clairvoyance future reading
Thanks for the reading it's very accurate, this is my second reading with Willow  Tarot and she reads exactly as it is .
I'm happy that she confirmed through the reading my situation perfectly
Booked a clairvoyance future voice message reading

Could you please pass on my thanks for a fantastic 30 minute reading
It felt like listening to an old friend talk, she was honest, direct in a positive way and I was chuffed to bits with my reading
She clarified things in my life that I hadn’t told her about and some of the predictions she made have already happened!! Will definitely be back! Thank you!

Yes please, that would be great!
I can say that I was happy with the reading and I will definitely come back for a longer reading soon! Highly recommend to all.
Willow Tarot did her a voice-recorded tarot card reading May IRELAND groupon.

I would like to send a review, he is excellent, very accurate and detailed.

Voice recorded clairvoyance reading by voice note.

Willow Tarot thank you so much for been honest and very on point with everything you had to say, thank you for the directions and advice given
Definitely will be coming back to willow for another voice recorded tarot reading.
I received my online reading today today. Super impressed! She had me, my current feelings & situation in life, & perhaps what she sees in my future down to a T. So accurate! What a fabulous reader. So impressive. Can’t recommend her enough.
Many thanks!
~ Denise ❤️

Hi there,

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Willow Tarot. Really enjoyed the clairvoyance reading!
Thanks so much for sharing the recording.
I'm looking to book a longer Clairvoyance reading
Thanks so much,

Hi, I just wanted to review the reading I had. I wanted to wait until the time period that the reading was had past so I could comment on the authenticity.

Booked a clairvoyance 6 months reading voice recorded online Aug 2021.

Please see my review below sent feb

At the time I got the reading I thought a few things didn't make sense to me but reviewing the reading regularly as the time went buy everything that he said happened exactly as described to me. Its crazy how accurate the reading was. Every single part! Would highly recommend this reader as his work is clear and accurate! 
Blessings to you all! Many thanks for the service you provide. 
Kind regards, 
I would like to thank Willow Tarot and yourself for taking the time to do the reading and it's preparation.
The reading gave me a very good insight and I believe it will help me on my decisions. All the questions were answered in detail and to the fullest. The reading was very accurate.

Hi Willow Tarot. Thank you so much for my reading. You were spot on with the answers to my questions. I would love to have a longer chat with you next time. As I was very impressed with what you told me.

Thanks again

Willow has made me feel so much better with her reading and I now know that it’s not selfish and it’s actually important for me to look after myself as well. Thanks again so much and I would totally recommend a reading from willow tarot!!



Sarah L
Can I just say I absolutely balled my eyes out crying.
It was amazing. Spiritual Events psychic is absolutely unreal and unbelievable she actually knew everything to a tee
Thank you so so much.
I am in so much shock she has got everything and knew about everything!
Many thanks
Sarah L xxxxxxxx
Online voice recorded tarot card reading.

I'm literally over the moon after listening to the voice-recorded message. My heart is filled with joy, happiness, and warmth. I am so thankful for this record. I think I needed to hear it because it helped me to clarify some things :)


Thank you for the mediumship reading it was informative and right on several points.

Booked a spirit message voice recorded reading. April


Morning Claire

Thank you so much for the lovely reading....sorry for the list of questions! The first bit was spot on with how I am...my partner says I'm like a whirlwind, always doing things to help others even when I'm already juggling so much (he says he's never seen anyone multi-task like I do)...he too says it's a way of me avoiding deep emotions.

I'll take on board what you said about making time for me. My youngest daughter is struggling with depression and is at the point where she's looking at career options and is looking at doing veterinary nursing....you mentioned she should be doing something where she's on the move and with animals.

Thanks again for the great reading!



But the reading was very accurate about what’s happening in my life and has given me some guidance of when things will happen and what barriers I need to over come! Will certainly be using you again many thanks.

12 months future clairvoyance by voice recorded.


My review is for Willow Tarot
May l say how accurate Willow's email tarot reading has been. My reading was late December
So accurate. Worth having a reading.
Look forward to a second reading in a few months.
Thank you Willow


Thank you so much. I will be having more mediumship online readings in the future. It was really lovely and uplifting. Thank you again


This is amazing thankyou so much you answers everything and got me xxxx

You don't know wot this means thankyou so much.

Mediumship reading online. Dec


Thank you very much, it gave me chills thank you thank you xx Chelsea

Booked a Clairvoyance Mediumship reading online. Jan

Can you please thanks to Claire you are a Star so much for her message it is something I really needed to hear and deep down I think I knew about my energy and will definitely let you both know how I get on in the future. Thank you so much!! Xxx
Online Clairvoyance reading. Nov

I just wanted to come back and leave a review for you, 6 months after I had a clairvoyance future reading.

What you said came true all of it!! I will book another reading next month.

Thanks again James. March

Cho Cho

Please thank your clairvoyant on my behalf.  It is a very balanced future report.  I will do my best to follow it.

With best wishes.
Cho Cho

Thank you for this, that was most insightful.

Booked a spirit mediumship message voice reading. Dec


I am sat crying happy tears after listening to that. Thank you, I know exactly who they all were. x

Review from a Mediumship spirit messages voice recoded by email. June


Hi I had a reading with a tarot reader not too long ago (voice-recorded tarot reading) I'm not sure where to leave a review but would like to say how pleased I was with it!👍

I have just listened again to the reading before the new year bells toll. She seemed to tune into my very soul and my thoughts and feelings.

She gave me the answers I was looking for in regards to love and life. I would like to thank her sincerely for giving me the assurance I needed and hope for the future. Happy New Year to you.

Book a tarot reading for yourself here
Online Reading page at www.spiritualevents.co.uk


Thank you ever so much for my lovely online mediumship reading. Sending love and all the best for the new year.



I just wanted to pop a quick email back and give you some feedback 4 months after my 6 months forcaste reading, as I’ve thought about it a lot!

I wanted to let the psychic know that I was in fact pregnant when she did the reading for me (barely conceived), little did I know haha, she told me the card for August was literally saying it was all good to go! And it was !

She then randomly said at the end the month May is coming at her... baby is due 3rd May! Thought the hospital changed the EDD to 29TH  April, I still think he will be a may baby! She also told me id have a few snags and feel low sept-november.. work has been terrible.. but she said January would be much better! I hope so!

Also, like me, she believed my first child would be a boy... and he is a little boy  I knew id have a boy!

I just wanted to let her know how correct she was and again a massive thank you  Ill be purchasing another reading from her sometime next year  always love them

Many thanks and Merry Christmas!


She tells you what cards she draws.
Very most accurate 5 out of 5. No waffle. This was my favorite online reader and I have tried a few I will definitely book her again!



She offers a nice soothing voice reading and in detail.


I wish you did face-to-face readings because every time I have a clairvoyance future reading by you, I just want to say thank you to you.

Bless you! you are the real deal.



Many times I have had a reading by this lady over the years and I am always happy with my readings.

Dx May


I wanted to know about a certain situation and I got my true answer.

Thank you Andrew

Clairvoyance online reading. April


When I asked my questions i didn't think i would get so much details. You are very gifted reader.

Mediumship clairvoyance online reading. Nov


I was completely surprised by what was said in my Clairvoyance reading all so true.

Petra. September


Totally spot on reading thanks.

Jack, May


Crystals tarot reading was excellent!!! Thanks again Pete

Noor from wowcher deal

I had a reading with your company online 2 years ago and everything came true!


Please pass my thanks on to my psychic for her very thorough online reading.She’s very on point with a lot of things happening in my life right now, and I look forward to seeing how things unfold. Really appreciate her doing my reading so quickly too. Thanks


Clairvoyance reading by our online readers.

hiya claire im shocked .  100 percent correct this reading is . the part about a women in my life i do like her .

i left a duckling teddy bear on her work table friday past hahaha shes going kill me . but i can see she likes me always looks at me when im present . tries to be in the kitchen when im there .

the part about money owed is a inheritance i think from my mum and dads passing the sale of house or my brother talks about buying it himself  .

that is also were my emotions are coming from as well losing my mum and dad 11 weeks between them both . and the way a women treated me in the past .

i have moved on tbh from this women you talked about.

the other  things is spot on as well to much to talk about but ill be definitely getting another reading done again .

many thanks



Hi, I have just received my 12 month reading which I found amazing you touched on a lot of things that are spot on and even got the area I live correct.

Looking forward to seeing what happens the next few months Thank you Jenny


Hi Claire

Thank you for organising my reading my webcam reading.
I loved it!
I loved the way she sent me the recording, and enjoyed listening to her voice which felt very calming. In terms of the reading I had no expectations as I had not read any reviews but I was impressed.
I live in Ireland with connections to East Midlands via my studies and she got that spot on- this is a very specific.
Also about my new front door and lots of diy - I have just bought a new house that I will be renovating.
 I will wait to see how the rest unfolds but the reading made me feel a whole lot better about my worries. Have listened to the reading several time.
Very pleased!

Thank you for my tarot card reading by voice note.

You put me at my ease with your careful and grounded explanation of the process. I am very pleased with my reading.

It has given me hope for my relationship and patience with regard to moving.

I can now look forward to the coming year with courage and confidence.



I had a 12 month psychic and clairvoyant reading, which was a good reading and I wait to see if I meet this man you are talking about soon. Katie


Thank you very much for your reading really uplifted me and hopefully the next 12 months will be amazing :) take care. W


I was very happy with my reading, it confirmed things I have intuitively thought about certain situations, and brought me inspirational guidance. I was impressed to feel as though she knew my character and I was able to relate to certain situations that may occur in the future that I have dreamt about numerous of times before. Many thanks - highly recommended, Zara.


Thank you so much for the reading you gave me. I have listened to it many times and it was so accurate that I was blown away. It has helped me with questions I had and verified things. My sister and I really did enjoy our cocktails, Thanks again you really are a special tarot reader with an amazing gift xx Elaine


I have just listened to my reading and it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how accurately she described my situation, what a gift she has!

Everything she said really resonated with me. Therefore please let her know how delighted I am with my reading and thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction Love Sam


I would like to thank Dee for her well considered and detailed reading. I will be sure to look back on it over the next 12 months. I would definitely recommend Dee to clients. Thank you all, especially Dee. Anne


The psychic drew four tarot cards for me to answer four questions I had posed. Her interpretations of each card were extremely relevant to what I was asking and made a lot of sense.

They say the answers are inside and the reading brought these to the surface, helping me answer them myself.

They were very pertinent and helpful. In fact, that night I had a dream that provided a fuller picture in a couple of the areas I'd asked about and helped me crystallize a decision. I would definitely recommend it.

Thank you! D

Had another reading with Dee and what she said made total sense to me now. I wished I found her 3 years ago, then I wouldn't been through all the emotional pain and torment. Thanks to Dee I can now start a fresh new life. Thank you Dee, I wouldn't waste any more money on different readers.
Many thanks V. June

Thank you so much for my reading i can relate to a lot of what you have said there so thank you again. Love and light Janette


Thank you for my lovely email reading from Dee. I could tell time, thought and care had gone into it. I've found it very insightful. Many Thanks Heather x


Thank you so much Dee for the brilliant reading. It highlighted many things that are going on in my life at the moment and it was very accurate.  I feel more peaceful about things now.  Thank you once again. Tina


Hello i had a wonderful in depth reading with Saga she was mind blowing anyone needing a reading i highly recommend her.... Deborah.

This is a brief review for Steve. 
He strikes me as a kind & wise man.  Caring, nurturing & mature.  My online reading with him, was reassuring and...  inspiring.  He spent the most time, on the questions that required the most insight / guidance, and for that I'm grateful.
I'll keep coming back to the reading, as he suggested, to become better aware of things I may've missed first time around...  and he suggested having a second reading done in summer, which I might take him up on.
It's been a nice reading, from a fatherly figure. Thank you Steve...  God bless you Sir.  <3
All the best, Arjuna