Palmistry workshop online

palmistry workshop online

Spiritual Events palm readers are offering their skills to help you develop your palm reading skills in this online workshop.

In the two-hour palm reading workshop online you can learn with friends or do it just for yourself. You will decide with your LIVE tutor a date and time slot to start your online workshop.

In this two-hour session of palmistry, you will learn a lot more about yourself and find out things that, will happen in your lifetime.

If you choose to do the online palm reading workshop with friends you can read each other’s palms together.

This is great fun to do as a girl’s or friend’s night in. Or connect and have some palmistry fun with friends and family worldwide online.

Did you know there are many shapes on your palms anything from diamonds to crosses, temples, and circles? all meaning something different depending on where they are on your palm.

Have a look now to see which shape you have.

We have a free palmistry basic guide on our blog page have a look there.

palm reading workshop online