Spiritual Events offers you and your guests palm readings for parties and events across the UK. 

We have a great team of palm readers who have been in the profession for many years so they can bring their knowledge and experience to your home or event!

Why not host a Palm reading party at your home or work place and receive a free palm reading?
Then after your palm readings you can also book a mini palmistry workshop with your group of friends to learn about what some of the lines on your hands actually mean.

Will you be successful, a millionaire or even famous? It’s all written in your hands!

Contact us to find out more!

Palm reading is also known as palmistry or chiromancy.

Our palm readers will come to your event or party and offer one-to-one palm readings. The readers can offer readings in the main room or give private readings in a spare room for your guests.

Find out what is in store in your life by letting our palm readers look at your hands. The lines on your hands can tell you everything about your life and even what type of work you may do.

Will you be famous? There is even a line and a symbol for that! Will I get married and have children? There are lines on your hand for this too. Therefore having your palm read can be an enlightening experience and all your guests will love it!

Most importantly, a palm reading party it is a great way to spend time with friends and family any day/night of the week.

Our team will let you know what your hands say about you and your future!

Finally we have a national palmistry team for any town or city from London, Brighton, Manchester, Leeds to Newcastle.

Contact us here to book your palm reader.