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The meaning of Palmistry here is some information about certain lines and shape meanings!

What do certain things mean in Palmistry here are a few tips!

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What is the Mystic Cross in Palmistry?

In palmistry, there is a cross on either palm to show if you have got the psychic 6th sense!
I’ve got a few on both hands, but it can be on either, have you got it too?
See photos to check.
You can also have more than one cross on either hand. Most natural psychics and mediums have it.

Where is the Fate Line? And what do the symbols mean on it?

Triangles on your fate line mean the career that you choose will be associated with psychic and clairvoyance.
A star on your fate line means you will be famous.
Cross on your fate line means you will have money.
And a triangle in the center of your palm means good luck and indicates that you will have a great career, have good luck making money and become well known and possibly be a leader.
meaning of palmistry fate line and shapes triangles star and cross meaning tips of palm reading fate line

Intuition line in Palmistry. Where is it?

You can find it here. Let’s see if you have the intuition line on your palm too.
The depth of the Intuition line shows the depth of their intuitive self.
If there is a deep line it means a strong connection. This is also seen in psychics and natural mediums.
A shallow or faint intuition line means you have an on-off connection to the intuitive self, and when it is felt it is often not used by the person and ignored.

What does it mean in Palmistry when you have a diamond shape on the palm of your hands?

It means…..a Diamond shape anywhere on your palm means you are a risk taker and lucky with it!

If you have it on your fate line you are extremely LUCKY.
Palmistry says it’s quite rare to have it there.
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Where is your Sun Line in Palmistry?

Here it is. The sun line/ line of Success (it has 2 names) mainly shows your read to success.

Basically, a long sun line is better than a short one.

It can start from many major lines on your palm.

Eg from your wrist to under your ring finger or be a short line of a few cm but always heading under your ring finger.

The star shape on the sun line can mean fame at that point. Lines going up towards your little finger mean luck and money and possibly fame at short notice for your skills.

A short or absent sun line means you have an ordinary life. If you don’t have a sun line, you will not gain success ever.

A square or rectangle on your sun line means you can be lucky too!

Meaning of Palmistry told here

The meaning of Palmistry is told on this page just for you!

Have you got the Great Rectangle in the palm of your hand?

Find out where it is in these photos.

Yes! It means you will have money, wealth, and property and it’s more favorable if you have a straight Fate line too. See photos to tell if you have it!

What does the Fish sign on your palm mean in palmistry?

It means that a fish sign on your palm is rare. On a female palm, it means to travel to far countries. A very lucky person with success with money and will help their partner become wealthy.
A fish on the mount of Mercury means you can be famous most famous people have it like Jennifer Lopez.
The fish in the center of your palm means you can be connected to spirit guides in life on either palm or both! And you will succeed in life!
On the Mount of Saturn, you will become famous naturally from your interest in the occult or paranormal interest.
On the mount of Venus, the fish means you will have a successful love life, and also, you also may be obsessed with your health.
Mount of Jupiter means in life people will respect you.
A fish on a male’s palm means you can be materialistic with your wealth.
Generally speaking a fish on your palm is rare and means you will be very lucky, rich and successful in life.
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Where are the marriage lines in palmistry?

Meaning of Palmistry marriage lines

What does the mount of Luna mean?

It means…
If you have a long line on it, you will travel or live abroad.
Do you have a fish on it? It means you are very lucky to be creative.
A circle means you are intuitive.
A cross means you are not very creative.

What do the triangle, cross, and grill mean on the mount of Saturn? Have a look to see which shape you have.

Shapes meanings for the Mount of Saturn (palmistry tips)

A triangle can also be found in this Saturn mount,

The triangle means the owner may have a strong interest in Spiritualism and paranormal things.

A star found on the Saturn mount is a great sign!

The cross may mean problems in conceiving a baby. And watch out for accidents in your lifetime.

The grill found on the Saturn mount means bad luck in life in general.

Palmistry what do your fingernails say about your personality?

meaning of your fingernails palmistry free

Well the answers are Short or Small Fingernails

There are usually people who are nervous a lot of the time about everything.

You will be easily influenced by people and highly likely to lose your temper quickly if you don’t get what you want. You live on a short fuse.

Large and Broad Fingernails mean in Palmistry.

You are a calm person someone people can rely on in an emergency situation. Your inner calm can ease any stressful situation.

You will hardly get angry and are a great person to have in your work team to calm things down.

Fan-shaped Fingernails in palm readings mean.

You will be prone to anxiety, impatience, and stress.

You lack concentration but you are good at research and you can be very detailed in what you do as a job. Maybe finance or shop work.

Or Long and Narrow Fingernails mean this.

You are a neat person who loves to look perfect most of the time. You like things to be in order. You do not like mess around you.

You are a doer a person who walks the walk and gets things done.

You also appreciate beauty.

You can get really upset if someone messes up your surroundings.

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