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Based in the United Kingdom. Or based in the EU.
You must have residency in that EU country to work with us and to work legally in that EU country!

(Since Brexit – British people can’t work legally in the EU without a legal work visa, you can also get deported and fined thousands if caught.)

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Spiritual Events “Psychic Mediumship Team” Requirements;

  1. You must have over 7 years of experience working with the public offering Psychic / Mediumship readings or doing platform mediumship.
  2.  All team members must have “public liability insurance” in order to offer Psychic readings / Mediumship demos for public events in the UK. Moreover, you are required to be covered for a minimum £2,000,000 for public events and readings.  Additionally, you need a minimum of £5,000,000-£10,000,000 insurance cover for doing shows or events at Theaters or large venues. You must send us copies of your insurance after you have past the Psychic / Mediumship test.
  3.  Finally, you must provide a recent professional photograph.

All our Psychics / Mediums have to do a Psychic or Mediumship test to work for us.

Send us an email via our contact page if you are interested in any Jobs at Spiritual Events.

Contact Claire at Spiritual Events to book.

Spiritual Events covers the whole of the UK and EU for events and parties.


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