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Founder of Spiritual Events Claire’s Rogers, school friend Kirsty Bortoft died for 40 minutes. International Press @ Spiritual Events

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Psychic when Kirsty Bortofot died was Claire Kendal in Spain.

While Kirsty was in the hospital, no one besides her immediate family knew what was happening, but her psychic friend Claire contacted her sister to see what was going on.

“She said my spirit was in her front room, and I was asking her to write lists for my boys and dad,” Bortoft said. “My sister told her I was in the hospital fighting for my life and apparently, I was there for over two hours. I told Claire that my body was breaking down, and I didn’t think I could back get into it, but she got stern with me and told me to go back.”




Kirsty Bortoft whose heart stopped beating for forty minutes claims she is no longer frightened of ‘dying again’ after she had a spiritual awakening. 

The anxiety mind coach from North Yorkshire claimed she was encouraged to move her spirit back into her body after a psychic friend Claire contacted her while she was in a coma. 

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