How does a pet psychic work?

How does a pet psychic work by communicating with animals?

Anyone who is psychic works by connecting to other beings AURA.

In your AURA you hold on to past energies and stories and a psychic can get past images of what happened in your life.

This is also true for a pet psychic. All they have to do is touch the animal to get the feelings and flashes stored in the animal’s aura.

Being psychic is the basics of any tarot reader. Using your intuition and energy vibration, from doing a meditation to get your body into a higher state of mind.

Then you too can feel another human or animal aura.

When people daydream your energy can flow into someone next to you and you can feel their aura. Feel how they are feeling happy or sad without looking at them.

Try now go and touch someone you know hand, for a few minutes, and tell them you are going to try and read their psychic aura.

See if you can get flashes of their past in your third eye. Or get a feeling from them.

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In memory of our psychic pet Rocco 2023 @spiritualevents instagram.