Do you need real help?

In layman’s terms, CPTSD is multiple traumas over a period of time / PTSD is one trauma.

Have you recalled a past situation/s that your brain has hidden away for many years?

Most people who were abused in their younger years, teens, and twenties only recall their traumas from the age of 30s to 50s years of age.

Normally when you personally feel safe in life.

Were you abused in any way when you were a younger teen or young adult?

Is it happening now?

Did you have a horrendous childhood and you have only recently recalled it?

Were you in a dramatic situation/s? That you remember now.

Do contact a professional in England, the only therapy the NHS gives to people with PTSD and CTSD is a therapy called EMDR and it’s free through the NHS.

This type of therapy can be given online and privately with payment worldwide.

At Spiritual Events, some of our team have had to do EMDR and we can safely say this is the best form of therapy for PTSD and CPTSD.

It will change your life from being scared, brain fog, shock, panic attacks, loss of appetite, and much more to get you on the way to absolute recovery fast.

There is no other method some of our psychic team have tried and tested.

And come through the storm feeling stronger and standing up for themselves.

We do not charge for our referrals.

Do not look for help from someone who’s done an online course. To give EMDR you should look at the most qualified EMDR therapist. This is who we know.


People who have trained for many years at least 4 plus years! Look for the most experienced EMDR. So you get it right!

Spiritual Events can help you.

You will be sent online to the legally registered therapists for PTSD and CPTSD.

We have gone through what you are experiencing and came out at the end to tell you about these amazing contacts.