Contact Your Spirit Guide Free Meditation

If you are able to contact your spirit guide through free meditation you can learn how to communicate with the spirits around you. Also your guide can give you guidance about your life by sending messages to you within the meditation. (Contact your spirit guide free meditation video is found below).

Spirit guides can change throughout your life, they come and go. This is why in life you will always have many different influences, as your spirit guides direct you towards different situations and life choices. It is possible that you may go through many phases. A good example of this is when you love everything to do with something for a while and then later you are into something else, this is when your spirit guide will change to suit and guide you with your new direction.

Everyone has a Spirit guide, some may even have more than one. Healers use their spirit guides to heal people as they channel them to help with Reiki or any other type of Spiritual healing. Mediums can use their Spirit Guides to help them pass on messages from past loved ones.

These Guides can be someone you know who has passed over or someone you don’t know but will get to know through meeting them in this meditation. You guide could also be an animal or just something you recognize when you meditate. Some people meet their guides the first time they do the meditation but mainly it will take some time to connect by doing the meditation over and over again.

We recommend that you listen to the meditation at least twice a week, if not more. You know the saying the more you practice the better you will be, well this is the case with this meditation!

In the meditation you may start with just using one sense maybe you just hear something or see something, then the more you do it the more you will experience each time.

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and when you start communicating with your Spirit guide, or guides, they will help and advise you about your life plus you will find it very relaxing while doing the meditation so make sure you are comfortable.
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You guided meditation is by Clairvoyant Claire also a Spirit, Medium who is the owner of this website.
Enjoy Everyone! clairvoyant party London Birmingham manchester

Contact Your Spirit Guide Free Meditation

Before you listen to the meditation, make sure to switch off your mobile phone and make sure you are in a quiet location and not to be disturb for the next 35 minutes.

You can do this meditation sitting or laying down but make sure you are comfortable before you start.
Do not try and do this meditation while driving or moving about or when other people are there talking around you.
Try and find a room or space that is not occupied for best results.

I have listened to this meditation for awhile now and I’ve met my spirit guide, Thank you Claire!
Peace and Love, Chloe 🙂 

This meditation is great i just stumbled upon it from Fb what a great find. David in Camden.