We offer you Clairvoyant party options, either in a group reading party!

Or one-to-one private clairvoyance future readings, where you are all together in one room or everyone has a private reading at the party away from the main room.

Clairvoyance means “clear sight into the future” readings will be about the future.

A group party is where you and all your guests sit in one room and one of our very experienced Clairvoyants will give readings to you and your guests one at a time within the group.
We offer this service to any size of the group.This is an amazing experince to find out what the future has for you!

The group reading is great fun and you can all find out about your future!!

This is an amazing, mystical experience and an entertaining night for everyone!

The host receives a private reading free!

At a Clairvoyance private reading party, each guest will receive a private clairvoyant reading away from the group, usually in a spare room or even the kitchen.

Guests can record their readings if they want to, all readings will be confidential.
You are welcome to discuss your readings with your friends in the main room of your party.

We have many deals for different group sizes.
The host gets a reading free before your party time slot starts. 

Here are some past Clairvoyant parties with Spiritual Events around the country.

To book your Clairvoyant party, contact us

The Spiritual Events team can come to any town or city in the UK for a party.

We also offer Tarot party, Spirit party and a Psychic party

Law states that all psychic and clairvoyant readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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Thank you for your swift response, I very much appreciate it!

Best regards,


Oct 2022 . 30 mins voice clairvoyance future reading with Willow

Kate, Joe, Sammie

What a laugh we had this was a new experience for us, which we all really enjoyed.

Who knew I had a psychic gift that was a shock!!

All of us wanted to say THANKS xxxx Kate

Thanks Claire,
Please pass on my thanks as always. I love my Clairvoyance readings with your psychic readers, they're always so positive and insightful and really give me a boost. Also their suggestions and help with moving forwards is always received gratefully. 🙂
Have a lovely day



Hi Claire just to say thank you for being so helpful, and that the Halloween seance was great. I'll definitely use your company again in the future, much appreciated. Peter in Inverness, Scotland.

He had a seance with Scottish Kelpie for a private party.



The psychic told me I was pregnant with a girl and her star sign would be gemini.

She was right, I was pregnant with not one but two girls! And because they’re twins they will be gemini!

She was fantastic!


Thank you for sending the reading from Steve M this morning, and I would like to thank him for his accuracy and care over my questions. It has given me much needed hope and I really look forward now with a stronger heart.
best wishes nancy


Just wow thank you so much so spot on with things that have happened to me and around me I thank you for giving me some much needed clarity and reassurance definitely will be looking at getting some rose quartz thank you again, Kayla


Omg !!! What an amazing reading !!!! Allyson x

Thank you very much for my reading. It's very spooky but it's as if she knows me, so accurate !
Amazing, thank you both so very much, Kind regards Lorna

Please extend my gratitude to my clairvoyant as well for a very good reading. She really put time in every single question I had 🙂 Cheers! Imelda.


Thanks so much for the reading. I really enjoyed it so much that i read it over and over again!! One of the best readings I've had and would definetley recommend. I feel as if I have been guided in a time of my life where I felt lost. Racheal


Thank you for my clairvoyance reading it is accurately and to the point. Regards Helena.


WOW!!!! Thanks for my Clairvoyance reading. It made me laugh and was spot on as well as enlightening. Really appreciate your insight. Blew me away. Ros M.


I was very impressed with the clairvoyant reading.

The cards explained so much that is going on in my life right now and was very accurate. It made me take a step back and view the full picture of my current situation. Worth it. Thank you ! Sadie


I believe I have just been clarified! Some of my questions were difficult to a lot of readers to answer but she did answer all questions without hesitation and I'm glad I got some really good answers on point to what I was asking and great advice that I'm definitely taking on board. One of the best clairvoyant readings I've had. Justine


We had a group Spiritual reading at a hotel we were staying in on 27th May as part of a birthday party, and we were all pleasantly surprised at how accurate Osiris was about each of our lives.


Hi Osiris, I thought that you were very entertaining and put a different spin on the entertainment for our party. You were perceptive and helpful. Lana.