psychic supper

Christmas Psychic Supper

Christmas Psychic Supper UK!

Our spiritual team are able to come to your Christmas psychic supper at your home or work party we are nationwide.

Offering your friends and family or customers an insight into the psychic and spiritual realm.

What happens during December? You can book our fortune tellers to come and give private readings or you can all be sat in the same room for a group reading.

A group reading is better with family and friends since everyone can hear your reading.

When you host our Christmas psychic supper you will receive a FREE psychic reading!

Just invite everyone to join you at your Christmas psychic supper.

We can come before your meal.

Or be the entertainment afterward.

Fun Christmas entertainment ideas for Hotels, Clubs or Work Parties

Psychic-themed nights for hotels, cafes, wine bars, and restaurants are available throughout the United Kingdom.

Christmas Psychic Suppers are great-themed nights for December!

You take all ticket sales with your Christmas meal offer, and we can entertain your customers afterward with the tarot/psychic card, palmistry, or future clairvoyance readings using a crystal ball.

We can walk around the tables giving readings to anyone that wants one!

Or customers can come up and get a 5-minute reading.

Our readers are available day and night so if you wanted to do a lunchtime offer we can also come then!

On this website, you can see our reviews page for the past Christmas parties and bookings we have attended over the past 13 years.

Contact us now to invite our psychics / fortune tellers!

Here are some photos from past Christmas bookings.

Spiritual Events are leaders in psychic entertainment and have won 8 awards in the industry so far!

You are in safe hands with our experienced team.

And we can keep the readings uplifting and fun for Christmas time!