Change your Life Goal

To suit your needs and wants out of life!

No matter what your age is, you have the time to change your ideas, thoughts, and goals in life.

This main photo is of a cave that used to be a shop over 900 years ago. They had a goal to sell their wares in their cave shop. They had no social media. They just had relationships with people.

They gave people what they needed or wanted.

Can you do that without social media? Have a think and see what you could achieve.

You can think I want this, that or the other and that’s me done. WRONG!

Think again YOU CAN CHANGE your Goal !


Write down your goal/s

Next, write down what you want out of life, be truthful and real, and think about what you can actually achieve in small bites of life.

Look at your life year by year or month by month. What is it you need to do to get to the goal?

One thing is for sure you will not get there doing nothing and expecting others to do it for you! You want it so you go and get it….right? Because it’s your personal goal.

No one else wants what you want, because it’s personal to you.

Others may say no, do this that and the other, but not that what you actually want to do.

So this is where you need to stay STRONG and believe in yourself.

Block the haters and keep the positives in your life.

You are You and your goals are reachable, if you want to put in the hard work.

Nothing in life comes easy, remember that. This is the case in all walks of life, rich, famous, poor or living on the streets. Everyone has goals so treat your fellow humans equally.

You are all on the same pathway to death, but at different stops. We all die in the end and so will you.
SO make your life work for YOU .

Take time to look at yourself, and ask what is it that you really want out of life.

Look at a snapshot of your life now. Then think about how you can reach your goals!

Let us know your story from this post. We love to hear about people reaching their goalposts and what they found!