Are you Psychic or a Medium?

Are you Psychic or a Medium?

Do you know the difference?

A psychic is a person with the psychic gift this means that they can only connect to your aura or energy. They can also sometimes connect to a location or object as they also hold energy within them. This means when you go to see a psychic for a psychic reading they can not give you a reading about your future only past or present because this is in your own energy or of the venues past.

Psychics use psychic tools to connect to your energy such as tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums, rune stones and any other kind of psychic tool that you may of touched when having a reading with a psychic.

A psychic cannot give a reading to someone who is closed with their energy levels as they are on shutdown and therefore only a slight or low connection can be made about your reading.

This is why psychics say try to be as open as you can when going for a psychic reading. You can ask questions this will help open your energy levels too! Then you will get a better reading.

Now on the other hand a Medium can connect to you through spirit and their spirit guides.

This is usually how they can tell you about the future too and past and present as the medium is passing on messages from spirit that is always around you. So the spirits know what is going on in your life so they will give you messages about who they were when they were alive or can tell you about what is going on in your life now as they have been watching you!

In the spirit world they don’t work on time like us humans do so they can also pass on future messages. A medium can be psychic too but a psychic can’t be a medium they are two different gifts.

Which is why you will find that most tarot readers, can’t give messages from spirits.

A medium can connect to spirits in many different ways by through seeing which means (Clairvoyance) or hearing, or feeling them and even smelling spirit (if they smoked the medium will smell a cigar or cigarettes).

Mediumship is usually past down as a gift within a family and most mediums have got it in the female side of the family past through many generations.

So if you go for a psychic reading then you can ask questions to get a better connection within the reading and open yourself up!

To get a mediumship reading you will receive spirit messages about your life past present and future.  You can also ask spirit for guidance about any goings on in your life. You can also ask the medium to ask the spirit to give you some proof of who they were in the living life. And the spirit will try and communicate who they were to the medium.

Which are you psychic or a medium?

Contact us and let us know if you have anymore questions we run both Psychic and Mediumship workshops around the country we even come to your home or work place to give you the workshop!