Claire K founded Spiritual Events in 2010.

At school, you often get asked, “What Would You Like To Do When You Are Older?”
She said, “PROMOTE Spirituality”.

About Spiritual Events Claire she was born a Clairvoyant, Spirit Medium, and Psychic, and has been communicating with spirits since before she could speak.

Claire has been working professionally for many years both in the UK and internationally.

After setting up Spiritual Events, she has run her psychic agency full-time for over a decade. She Says She Is Always Guided By Spirit

Spirits communicate with her on a daily basis and she often helps lost souls move on into the spiritual world to find peace.

This happens wherever she may be, anywhere in the world.

Claire is well-known for her remote viewing capabilities and can connect to certain places of interest and spirits within minutes.

Claire started attending the Spiritualist church at the age 13, and she has learned that many of her ancestors were Mediums and Spiritual healers.

She grew up within an entrepreneurial family, her great-grandma and grandparents had their own businesses in Yorkshire, UK.

And her parents owned a million-pound company. So it was obvious to all that she would follow in their footsteps to be successful.

She says she is always guided by spirit.

Claire attended Arthur Findlay College over 30 years ago, completing several of their courses, and her family members gave spiritual healing in hospices.

Claire even donated some of her fish to Arthur Findlay College, where they lived in the fish tank in the entrance hall.

During the course of numerous sittings, Claire became aware that many of her clients had often had bad experiences in the past with readers.

They told her how they had been disappointed or let down by other readers, and had avoided having readings again for several years.

Claire found these stories upsetting and she sought guidance from her Spirit Guides, as to what she could do to change this and help people.

This is how Spiritual Events started. The name was given to her by her spiritual guides through meditation in 2009.

It was the first nationwide Spiritual Agency in the UK, Est 2010.

Over the years they have won many awards for Psychic Events and Spiritual Parties across the UK and in the EU!

The agency only works with genuine and reliable readers from across the country, many of whom have worked with them for many years, some even since the start in 2010!

The team has been hand-picked by Claire.

High Standards and Security

Spiritual Events set high standards for themselves and tests every reader prior to putting them on their books.

Most importantly, the company aims to spare clients from any further bad experiences.

In addition, all readers have to be insured with Public Liability Insurance, as well as being professional and considerate at all times, always respecting the client’s privacy.

The vision Claire has for Spiritual Events is to have readers all over the world helping people and providing comfort.

This is why we also offer Online Readings, as well as webcam reading parties.

Everyone at Spiritual Events hopes you have a great time with one, or more, of our amazing Spiritual Team.

Online psychic reading Spiritual Events UK

More about Claire.
Claire has a background of twenty years of teaching business English to
non-native speakers across the globe, including companies such as LG,
Samsung and Ferrero Roche, as well as members of Thai Royalty,
Zagaleta VIP residents in Marbella, and International students from all over
the world.

Claire worked for the British Council in Asia and Europe, teaching English
and organizing events for BC staff.

She is also recognized as an international realtor, selling properties in
Marbella and London, once appearing on the TV show “A Place in the

In addition, she set up education centers in Marbella and in the Italian
Riviera from scratch, operating them successfully and later selling them
when the time was right for her.

Claire has expanded her Agency, opening a European Spiritual Psychic
Agency within this website.

She has a team of brilliant professional EU readers who are legally allowed
to work in the EU.

Spiritual Events prides itself on a Professional Attitude.
We Love Everything Spiritual. 
Speak Soon!